These Are The Major Issues Voters Care About

Every classroom is equipped with a Smart Board / Photo by Oregon State University via Flickr

When we discuss politics and examine the current political climate it is easy to let those issues that are the most important to us cloud our judgment on what issues are important to others. 

A nationwide poll that was sponsored by the Wall Street Journal, ALG Research, and Fabrizio Lee looked into just what issues mattered to US voters the most. The poll found a variety of things that are very interesting and political figures from every which way are weighing in. 

Here are the issues that the American people care the most about: 

  1. someone forgot the article we’re suppose to read…..just a blackboard in what looks like a classroom….(12-08-21/355pm EST)

    1. These surveys almost always favor the opposite side of the isle. More than likely taken in a blue state. You’re right, no 2nd amendment talk.
      One always gets the government they deserve.
      Look at both coasts….nuff said

  2. Where are the poll results, all I got was the information leading up to the poll results and a bunch of advertisements.

  3. I wonder why all the percentages are so small. I mean did the total all of them have to add up to a certain amount? You would think most people don’t really care much about anything.


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