Former Mob Boss Slams Cuomo Over Nursing Home Scandal

Delta News Hub via Wikimedia Commons

Disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was slammed by former boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano during a podcast. Throughout the podcast, with former Colombo caporegime Michael Franzese the two notorious mobsters seemed to find some common ground in their disdain for the Cuomo family.

Throughout the podcast, the two mobsters noted their specific anger towards Cuomo for his decision to put positive Covid-19 patients in nursing homes even when data clearly showed the virus is especially detrimental to the elderly.

According to Fox News:

“I hate to get into Governor Cuomo. I will a little bit because he’s Italian and I can’t stand it,” Gravano said in the clip obtained by Fox News, confirming his disdain for the then-governor when pressed by host and moderator Patrick Bet-David.

“One, because he’s Italian and I’m embarrassed to have someone do what he did as an Italian,” The Bull continued. “He killed 15,000 people by putting people with the coronavirus in [nursing homes] with old people.”

“I don’t give a f— who tells me to do that, whether it’s [former President] Trump, the president, the vice president, you, him, I would never do it,” Gravano said, gesturing to Bet-David and Franzese. “And I’m a badass. I’d never do it.”

Gravano also said that when an individual does something like the former governor’s scandal and has “no concern,” he thinks about his family, including his “great-grandchildren who aren’t even born” that are “going to deal with s— like this.”

The two crime bosses also agreed they were no fans of disgraced CNN host Chris Cuomo, noting the two “basically got away with murder.”

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  2. I’ve said it for years, our politicians are far worse than the mob, at least the mob is honest when they tell you what they are going to do to you !

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  4. Another mass murder committed by a politician and nothing will be done about it. We have no DOJ who works for the people and we have no one in the exec branch who cares.

  5. Man if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black!!! Gravano confirmed he killed more than 18 people. Never spent much time in jail. But then, he was a rat! Can’t stand the Cuomo’s but this is pretty outlandish!

    1. Eddie Price, I think that Cuomo’s body-count chop rate of over 15,000 far surpasses Gravano’s, so maybe it is only mob jealousy?


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