Ex-Trump Lawyer Sues Phone Company and Jan. 6 Panel to Protect Phone Data

White House Flickr

A former lawyer for President Trump is suing Verizon Wireless phone company to prevent them from searching his phone records. John Eastman is also the House Jan. 6 panel to prevent them from investigating his phone records, Eastman previously worked to help former President Trump overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Jan. 6 committee “is unconstitutionally pursuing law enforcement rather than legislative ends,” argues Eastman in a lawsuit filed on Tuesday in the D.C. District Court. “Congress’s investigative powers are ancillary to its legislative authority and are limited to that extent.”

The lawsuit argues that the Jan. 6 committee’s subpoena to Verizon is invalid for several reasons. First is the allegation that the Jan. 6 committee is attempting to perform a “law enforcement function, rather than genuine legislative activity.”

The former Chapman University professor also alleges that the subpoena violates House rules, as well as his First and Fourth Amendment rights. Finally, Eastman argues that the subpoena “infringes attorney-client privilege.”

Eastman’s lawsuit hopes to have the court declare the subpoena invalid and issue a temporary restraining order that would stop Verizon from complying with Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson’s subpoena.

Verizon is also being sued by four organizers for the Jan. 6 rally to prevent the company from sharing their phone data with the House committee.

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        1. Hey Vlady, you forgot to include Roger “rabbit “ Stone, Paul Manafort, Cohen “the fixer” and soon to be Trump “the crotch grabber”. Don’t forget “build the wall “Bannon

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  1. Anyone associated with DJT apparently is fair game for Pitiful Pelosi and her gang of D.C. thieves! Pelosi is so intimidated by Trump and “deathly” afraid he will be back in the White House, that she is on a vendetta to file suits against as many of his associates as possible to damage his reputation!

    Hey Pignosi: Back Off Witchee Poo!!

    1. Can’t wait until we get Trump back. Then we can finally give Mexico the bill for the wall! And get rid of Obamacare forever and replace it “ with the greatest health care plan the world has ever seen “. And then we can get that infrastructure plan and finally put Hillary in jail. Of course he will have to pardon all the proud Boys and the rest of my patriots and finally cure Covid, that was supposed to go away last spring and really wasn’t bad until I got caught on the phone saying how bad it is. But I can get away with it just like when I grab women between their legs. Let’s burn down the capital and make the My Pillow Guy VP!

        1. That’s right, that’s what Fox told you. Meanwhile they’re calling the lunatic in the White House begging him to call off his “patriots” . Don’t believe your eyes just listen to Sean, Laura and Hunter ‘s good friend Tucker. Down the rabbit hole we go!🐇🐇🐇

  2. Glad to see the President – Donald J. Trump’s lawyers using the sleazy tactics that the Democrat Political Party always uses to stall and cancel investigations.

  3. They pull phone records for Trump Allies, they subpoena Piglousies as well…
    The GOP was HANDED the investigation from the get go and FAILED to pick it up. Should there even be one, NO. But they had a chance to OUT the perpetrators in ADVANCE and could have OUTTED the FBI plants, and the inside DNC set up!!

  4. Democrats fear a Trump presidency more than a 10 point earthquake. He’s obviously a force they cannot contain without a Kangaroo Court.

    1. Trump is the first president that globalists and their puppets $oro$ and demonrats and rinos could not bribe or control .

      1. Trump will be the first president to be a 2 time LOSER! He wanted to be on Mt Rushmore instead he will always be on MT NO MORE 😂

    2. They are really scared especially since Trump is responsible for giving the democrats the senate. Stuck his fat ass in the Georgia race and made them losers like him.

  5. No decent freedom loving American should support the Democrat Crime Organization. And that is what they are a massive Criminal Organization posing as a political party. They have never, ever done a single thing for the Nation or We the People. Every scam they pass through Congress is a money laundering scam to put money in their pockets, those of their family and associates, and to expand their power base. When the Republicans regain Congress Jim Jordan should be the Speaker and Ted Cruz should be the Senate Majority Leader. They should then launch a ethics and fraud investigation into the Democrat Crime Organization using the RICO Statutes. This whole January 6 lash up was engineered by the Dems to set the stage for this Kangaroo Court they are running. It was their Reichstag Fire Plot to take down President Trump and his followers. What they forget is the door swings both ways.

    1. Right on the ball Gideon. The dems engineered Jan 6! They fooled me. Sure looked like Proud Boys to me. But you’re right because Laura and Fox told you. Keep getting the “truth “ from them and the My Pillow Guy. Down the rabbit hole we go🐇🐇🐇

    1. globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and demonrats and rinos and fbi CRIMINAL organization etc always need to waste money and investigate Trump so that republicans don’t have any time or money to investigate globalists and their puppets .

  6. The Jan 6th Committee is sounding more and more like the good KGB. Or the East German Stasi. Or Hitler’;s Gestapo. Get the picture?


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