Justice Department Abandons Plan to Award Migrants Families Thousands

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas is greeted by U.S. Border Patrol RGV Chief Brian S. Hastings as they prepare to lead a delegation of Congressional representatives on a tour of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Donna Processing Facility in Donna, Texas, May 7, 2021.

President Biden’s Justice Department is abandoning its plan to award migrants families separated at the border with hundreds of thousands. A lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union confirmed that the Justice Department has opted not to go ahead with the plan.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The government will instead move to litigate the hundreds of claims filed by families seeking monetary damages for the lasting psychological trauma they say the prolonged separations caused, according to Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the ACLU’s immigrant-rights project and a lead negotiator in the talks.

The Wall Street Journal in October reported that the government and lawyers for the families had been in talks to pay up to $450,000 in damages to each person affected by those Trump administration actions. The lawsuits allege some of the affected children suffered from a range of ailments, including heat exhaustion and malnutrition, and were kept in cold rooms and provided little medical attention.

Amid political outcry from Republican lawmakers, after the settlement talks were reported, the government told outside negotiators the number would need to be lowered. This week, the lawyers say, the Justice Department pulled out of negotiations entirely.

“We are hardly naive that politics sometimes plays a role in Justice Department decisions but it is shameful that it happened when the lives of little children are at stake,” Mr. Gelernt said. “History will not look kindly on the Biden administration’s decision not to stand up for these small children.”

Last month, 11 Republican senators wrote to Biden urging him to not follow through with the idea.

“[R]ewarding illegal immigration with financial payments runs counter to our laws and would only serve to encourage more lawlessness at our border,” Sen. Chuck Grassley and 10 other Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee wrote.

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  1. joe biden the orignal Christmas scrooge, NOT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, only prsident of the red states, his title must be changed this prat public farter should be impeched in 2022. Biden the baby killer needs to be thrown out of office. The only thing real joe biden will win in 2022 is formal impeachment, for his abuse of power, corruption, violation of his oath of office, lack of national security on our borders, federal and State law violations, lack of proper protection for our natural energy resources, failure to protect the public, with run away national crime, self created national shortages, mismanagement ofr economy causing inflation. Mismanagement of tax payor money, Afghanistan losses of our military equipment along with the unnecessary waist of loss of life. Accepting gifts from adversarial countries with pay to play violations. Turning your back on the Cuban people, promoting electric vehicles use by attacking our current sources when what your seeking won’t be available till 2050 so says your own energy secretary. biden is not the only one looking towards 2022.

  2. Don’t worry illegal immigrants. Joe will find a way to line your pockets, make you a citizen and put your “on the dole”. Just vote for Joe. The working slobs will pay to support you (for a time) and than the sleeping giants will awaken and things will hit the fan. The big question is when will the Liberal media grasp the concept that US citizens believe “America First”.

  3. Please don’t stop there, just continue abandoning “The Presidency” like you abandoned those Americans and their Allies that helped them in Afghanistan, They’re still there, Sleepy!

  4. this is not different than the government encouraging more lawlessness by their inaction and stupid policies. This alone would cause more people to illegally cross our border and claim damages.

  5. So frickin easy when the money is not coming from the proposer pocket. How did this concept even arise in the first place?

  6. That’s just an extremely small win against an incredibly deft administration,hell bent on giving away everything that should be helping the legitimate citizens of the united states,to people who only want to come here for the giveaways.
    I’ve always said,& truly believe,if you don’t get yourself healthy,you can’t help anyone else.
    The United States is still a long way from being healthy, after the 8 obama years of the same rediculous policies biden is attempting to continue.
    The unscrupulous left tried to stop Trump at everything he attempted to do,to make this country healthy again,& he did a lot in spite of them!
    The left needs to be restrained from doing more damage!
    We need Trump back in office,& a republican congress that can truly make the changes that will truly straighten out the wrongs of the past administrations.

  7. That’s because he isn’t the President of the United States. He is only president of Washington DC which is foreign land. Nothing Biden says or does is legal. He cannot enforce any of his orders. The EO’s are shelved. No one else can enforce those orders without committing treason! Many of you don’t even now that the real Joseph Biden died before the inauguration and actors and clones have been portraying him. He wasn’t allowed to use the White House in DC or Air Force 1 or 2 nor Marine 1 or 2. They have been using a movie set white house located in Atlanta Georgia.some America we are in huh?

  8. Finally the Potato in Chief does something remotely approaching correct and the leftist mobs pile on. However, if the demented old crook hadn’t opened the border and rang the dinner bell to start with he wouldn’t have created this problem for himself. It sucks to be a leftist. They are always wrong on some level. Morons.

  9. Hidenbiden and his corrupt administration,will give the illegals, everything they need, that real Americans can’t even get, this traitor, hates and is the enemy of the american people. Why else would he be letting people from around the world,invade our borders, so they have new voters, because american citizens will no longer vote dumbocrap.So they need someone new to cheat the vote to win.

  10. Biden is a complete and certifiable idiot. He should not be allowed to do anything. He belongs in an INSANE ASYLUM. Not only for his own good but for the good of the American people.

  11. Finally, some Republicans standing up for our Nation — NOT handing it over to illegals?!? What are those lousy Dems/president thinking? Obviously, they aren’t thinking at all or know what they are doing!!

    The only name that describes biddyboy and his gang of Clowns 🤡 is S T U P I D!! We do not need these frauds running our federal govt !!! They are destroying America economically, Spiritually (Biden is no true Catholic), Mentally (liberal teachers have taught political ideologies, not successful skills for their students, dumbing down our general public), emotionally (Covid mandates with poisonous gene bending shots that aren’t even vaxxes)!!

    How much more is it going to take before the REAL AMERICANS STAND UP TO THIS IGNORANT FRAUD GOVT? If something doesn’t happen soon, we won’t have a Country but a fragmented mega divided Third World disaster!

    None of those Dems in D.C. love our Nation. They are the most “UNAMERICAN PEOPLE” IN THE U.S. They want to tear our Country apart from the inside out and Biden is the pawn to do this. Thank God some Repubs finally spoke up against “paying” illegals — are you friggin kidding me? Paying them because they suffered during their stay in detention??? Hey, someone with a BRAIN
    needs to tell those illegals THEY BROKE OUR LAWS BY SNEAKING INTO OUR COUNTRY!! They are “C R I M I N A L S”!

    FYI: Coyotes know how emotionally retarded the present leadership is so they chose the one thing most people love and worry about — children — as tools to invade our Nation illegally!! THE COYOTES ARE MUCH MUCH SMARTER THAN BIDEN OR ANY Of HIS ADMINISTRATION FOOLS!

    The present leaders of our country do NOT LEAD, but make all decisions emotionally!! That is why our Country is such a horrible mess — DEMOCRATS ARE BY FAR THE WORST LEADERS TO EVER BE IN D.C. and years ago, they were decent! What happened to these present day emotionally driven ignoramuses? SOMETHING IS VERY VERY WRONG WITH THEIR THINKING!

  12. As long as Brandon Biden is in office – there’s no way to trust anything the demorats will break the laws as long as they want — no ones going to stop them

  13. If they recieve any money then subtract that for all the cost it was to house and support them. I think it will end up that they owe the US citizens.

  14. Are they crazy? Rewarding those who come to our country while forcing their way in illegally, only to demand services that they don’t have is ludicrous. And, for this administration to even consider paying these people for breaking our laws of immigration is crazier.

  15. And how many of these ILLEGALS will be CHARGED with a Crime ??? They ALL entered our country ILLEGALLY and should be charged with at least Trespassing…..

  16. Keep going Morons!… it will all come back at ya in November! Why don’t you just commit Seppuku now and get it over with?


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