Polls Reveal Biden’s Dismal Standing With Latino Voters Is Not Improving

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As Democrats keep trying to urge Latino voters over to the left their efforts seem to be falling flat. New polls reveal that Latino voters in Texas overwhelmingly align with Republicans despite the Democrat party’s years-long effort to flip the Lone Star State blue.

According to Townhall:

A new national PBS/Marist poll found Latino approval for Biden sits at a paltry 33 percent. His disapproval among Latinos was found to be at 65 percent. Overall, the poll found Biden’s approval rating among registered voters to be at 42 percent with disapproval at 55 percent.

A Dallas Morning News/University of Texas-Tyler poll from September found Latinos in the state only had a 35 percent approval for Biden’s job performance, with over 50 percent saying they disapprove.

It’s easy to point to the ongoing southern border crisis the Biden administration kick-started shortly after taking off this year as a primary reason why Latino support is going down the drain, especially with those Tejanos, but it goes beyond that. Latinos, like any other voting bloc, want a good economy, want to put COVID-19 behind us, and a stable future for their children, which is why it is unsurprising they don’t view Biden as being able to deliver on those hopes.

While it is easy to make fun of Democrats, progressives, and corporations who try to push the made-up, woke term “Latinx” on the community, I don’t think that would be considered a primary reason for the lack of support. It’s more the cherry on top of everything else. Now polls are a finicky thing to make definitive conclusions (remember 2016), but it is very telling when poll after poll shows one demographic Democrats were hoping to see push them to election victory is saying “¡Basta ya!” A Red Wave in 2022 could be even higher with Latinos leading the charge — as they say, it all comes down to turnout.

The odds for Democrats to hang on to their majority in the House are just getting worse and worse as next year’s midterm elections creep closer.

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  2. What all people are beginning to realize is that “ism” doesn’t work. We are a Democratic Republic and it’s the main reason want to come here.
    The Democrats are ignoring our immigration laws and it’s killing our Democracy. Federal Laws should be enforced not ignored.

    1. USA is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democommie Republic.
      Please read our Constitution FOR the USA [not of the USA], and start with the Unanimous Declaration that explains why we are independent from King of England, et.al.
      It is wonderful, God Inspired, and we are closer to losing it than ever before, because of 2020 Election fraud, and widespread corruption in our three branches of government agencies plus the major media controlled by Democrat-communists.

  3. I think everyone can see that hidenbiden, could care less about anyone,all he cares about is himself. He is a pathetic, failed,embarrassment to all of America and our allies.He has proven that he is the enemy of the American citizen, whether your hispanic,african-american,asian,or caucasion,he plans to put everyone into poverty with his idiotic policies, one crisis after another,he has no clue how to fix anything. The middle class and poor should remember that when 2022 mid=terms roll around, he doesn’t care about u, and every thing that comes out of his pie hole is a pathtic lie,he wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked him in the face. He is going to find out very soon, most of america hates his guts, his karma is about come back to haunt him, in a tsunami of red very soon.

      1. “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”– Joe Biden, October 24, 2020
        In Joe Biden’s America, individual liberty is the enemy, and tyranny is the goal. A plague shall fall upon the world. After a feeble man shall rule the Western World with a jezebel. The people will be damaged and subjugated by a fool ruler. The great eagle shall suffer and fall. NOSTRADAMUS

    1. My sentiments exactly!! Thankyou for making it loud & clear for any morons who may have the audacity to disagree!! GodBless our American Republic & Constitution..(i miss Trump bigtime!!)

    2. LOOK AGAIN AT Xi-Biden and you can see from is actions that Biden is worse than selfish, he is EVIL Enemy of our Constitutional Republic, while hiding behind the mask of an old UNCLEJOE who expects sympathy and compliance from American Citizens who he demands are his Subjects.

  4. JOE MR GLOOM AND DOOM SHOULD NOT BE MAKING ANY DECISIONS,”NOT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, only president of Blue States and Illegals.The only thing real joe biden will win in 2022 is the formal impeachment process, for his abuse of power, corruption, violations of his oath of office, lack of national security on our borders, federal and State law violations, lack of proper protection and correct use of our natural energy resources which all States and citizens have say in, failure to protect the National public, with run away national democrat allowed organized crime, created national shortages, mismanagement of our economy causing highest inflation in 40 years.Total mismanagement of tax payor monies in too many areas, lets not forget to mention the real tragedy in Afghanistan losses of our military equipment, along with the unnecessary of loss of life. His family accepting large financial gifts of money from adversarial countries for personal gain for his pay to play violations. Turning our back on the Cuban people after they asked for help, promoting electric battery vehicles and it’s over use in attacking our current resources, when what your seeking, won’t be available till 2050 so says your own energy secretary. biden is not the only one looking towards 2022. Obama said it best of all if biden is involved he will Fxxx in up. Look over his decisions and results for the last 11 months total cluster fxxx for the United States.

      1. Biden is not the elected POTUS, he is the Fraudster in Chief!
        “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”– Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

  5. Joe Biden has been a LOSER his entire life. That makes him the perfect Democrat. All those losers “identify” with creepy Joe.

    1. YES! But EXILED so far byway of massive election fraud2020 and media collusion.
      Hang on, the 2020Election fraud evidence is finally being proven with hard evidence exposed by the audits in those six states. President Trump and TruthSocial will prevail.

  6. The best thing that Americans could do for themselves would be to remove Joe Biden! He has outlived his presidency and if Americans want to see the Presidency come back to life they’ll haveto get a new person as leader!

  7. What did democrats ever do for Hispanics and blacks? Jim Crow, segregation, voting against every civil rights act in history. Other than that, nothing. It’s about time they started coming to their senses.


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