Bongino Says He’s ‘Not Optimistic’ Over Vaccine Mandate Battle Against Cumulus Media

Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia Commons

Conservative personality Dan Bongino isn’t stepping down from his fight against authoritarian vaccine mandates but he says the future isn’t looking bright.

In October, Bongino announced he was hitting Cumulus Media with an ultimatum over the company’s vaccine mandate for employees. The company could repeal the vaccine mandate or Bongino would not be filming more content for the popular Dan Bongino Show.

Mediaite reports:

The Washington Post reported that Bongino said on his show in November that he spoke to Cumulus’ top brass, and got “some concessions” out of them — though he didn’t provide much in the way of detail.

“We’re at a stalemate here,” Bongino said at the time. “We basically got guns to each other’s heads.”

Bongino gave The Post an update on his fight with Cumulus.

[Bongino] suggested he wants to protect the job security of his workers. “I have numerous employees who work on my show too. I have to protect them,” he said.

He said he was in “an ongoing fight” with Cumulus — “there are conversations happening, but I’m not optimistic.” Asked how long these conversations could take, and how long he would wait before parting ways with Cumulus, he said, “I can’t speak to their timeline.”

As Bongino fight against Cumulus, his other employer Fox News recently announced it is putting its own vaccine mandate into effect for 2022 and ending the option for employees to show regular negative Covid-19 tests in lieu of getting the shot.

  1. Bye Bye FOX in 2022. I will not patronize and business that is demanding that their employees take the Jab! Communist Bastards!

      1. You obviously didn’t read the article. If you had, you would have seen that FOX is mandating the Jab for 2022. So, as I said earlier, I will not patronize any business that requires the Jab.

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  2. This should tell you none of these media companies cares about you or your rights They are cowards that will tow the Democrat line and enforce unconstitutional mandates wake up we are being played!! The vaccine does not work out does not stop or prevent like they promised boosters do nothing as it is the same vaccine masks do nothing Fauci even stated that this is about control& Tyranny nothing more The question is what is next after this??? You know they will not stop

  3. Why is everybody so fixated on vaccines, and not allowing exceptions for those who have recovered from a COVID-19 infection? The science shows that except for immune-compromised individuals (who aren’t helped much by vaccines anyway) the latter have a much stronger immune response to subsequent attacks by the various SARS-COV2 viruses, and do not pose as much danger of contagion as “fully vaccinated and boosted” persons.

    1. These “mandates” are not really about our health, they are about CONTROL !! If these work, what will be next ??

    2. Fully vaxed are not immune boosted or with a natural or unnatural immunity. It’s a ruse and a lie. Where’s the proof? Oh, Fauci said it, so it’s true? Who has the most to gain in a mandated world of vaxed? Big Pharma and Big Government. One hand washing the other.

      1. Pretty sure mr falsey is gaining, too. Guarantee he is heavily invested in the vaccine and mask industries — maybe using a “proxy,” but am certain he’s lining his pockets somehow!!

  4. The commie dick taters want to control you on the”vaccine”(which it is not) so you will comply on guns, sterilization and forced work. It’s coming.

  5. We have entered a season of tyranny. It is a subterfuge that either the government is concerned about the health and welfare of its citizens or employees. They had one small accommodation of extra testing now that is being withdrawn. No religious exemptions. No exemptions for a stronger natural immunity. No, its not science or the nations health care that is driving this vaccination agenda. It is the grooming and subjugation of the will of all
    people from the weak and compliant, the self absorbed and duped and finally the intransigent who will be forces by loss of job and position unless they relent, yet they will not relent because their freedom is too valuable to throw at the feet of tyrants.

  6. these are clearly left leaning hacks, there is massive amounts of evidence that show vaccines do not work on multiple levels.. what I would like to know is WHY,,,, Why are they forcing these on people.. what will happen if people who are forced to take the vaccine end up dying or getting long term effects.. what happens then…

    1. Maybe it has something to do with mr falsey predicting on video in 2017 or 18, that President Trump was going to face the greatest pandemic during his presidency that the world had ever seen! I saw that video myself, as did many others. So perhaps it is adding up!

  7. It sad to see fox become become 2nd rate,like the rest of these commie chanels, I quit watching,a while back,Oan and newsmax are great,real news.

  8. What a crock. Looks like they’re all afraid of Dementia Joe. No matter what their beliefs, they’re afraid of the final decisions by the courts may allow these mandates and the fines associated with breaking them. WE need to start to FINE this administration for much of what they’ve done in 2021. Oh I forgot. THEY don’t technically pay for anything unless it’s with our money anyway. Merry Christmas 🎅


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