U.S. Military Officials Won’t Be Punished Over Drone Strike That Killed Civilians

David B. Gleason from Chicago, IL, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The Pentagon won’t be handing down any punishments to the military officials who ordered a drone strike that killed seven Afghan children in a “tragic mistake.”

Just days after 13 U.S. service members were killed by a suicide bomber outside of the Kabul airport during the scramble to evacuate Afghanistan in August, military officials surveilled a man making stops around the airport that they believed to be carrying a car bomb. 

They ordered a drone strike and blew the vehicle up in the courtyard of the man’s home, but he wasn’t a terrorist, he was an aid worker that had been delivering water near the airport. The blast killed the man, along with two other adults and seven children in the home. 

Investigations by U.S. Central Command and Special Operations Command resulted in recommendations for procedural changes and process improvements, but nobody was found to be criminally negligent.

“What we saw here was a breakdown in process and execution and procedural events. Not the result of negligence, not the result of misconduct, not the result of poor leadership,” Defense Department spokesperson John Kirby said.  

He reported that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III did not include any disciplinary action for military service members involved in the drone strike. 

“The secretary’s not approving or calling for additional accountability measures,” Kirby commented. “I do not anticipate there being issues of personal accountability to be had with respect to the August 29th airstrike.”

“What we saw here was a breakdown in process and execution and procedural events. Not the result of negligence, not the result of misconduct, not the result of poor leadership,” he continued.

Kirby noted that the Pentagon was not “turning a blind eye” to civilian casualties, but that the “time and space” the strike took place in should be taken into consideration. 

“You have to look at this particular strike and not draw broader, wider conclusions about accountability and high standards of conduct based on this one outcome,” Kirby stated.

  1. Gut wrenching immorality and injustice. Because of the Commander-in-chief’s ignorant, knee-jerk decision, so many innocent lives were lost, many of them children. The heart-of-stone Commander-in-chief should be imprisoned for malicious incompetence.

    1. I also notice that a gas station near me has gas for $3.07.
      That the station recently sold for $267,000 more than it did a year ago.
      Both of my sons are making 20% more than they were when the Trump fecal matter smearers were storming the Bastille.
      My daughter just flipped rental condo she held for less than 6 months for a $166,000 smile.
      Life is good.
      Let’s go Brandon indeed.
      Now go get unvaccinated and die.

      1. Hey VERMIN hess, we WILL fumigate YOU and all of your ILK, start counting your days cause there are NOT many left for you!

  2. Does this indicate the military has mastered the art of “passing the buck” in a more refined manner? Who are they kidding? This was never the case during my active duty years. “You can fool some of the people some of the time but………”

  3. Biden should be held responsible because it happened on his Watch! Did he ever apologize or offer any help to those that were affected by that strike? like his ridiculous boffer of millions to Illegal aliens that were separated from Families(By Law) Children could not be placed in Jail with Parents! Another case when he turned his back on an Issue! When is he going to reprimand Kamala for ignoring her Job as Border Czar? or for Failing so badly for her “saying no” for Breakfast to all her tasks? Quite a pair, those two!

  4. Top brass in our military are now ALL VERMIN, and we need to FUMIGATE soon, or we lose our country to these IDIOTS!

  5. Kirby is an asshole…period! To not give punishment to those service personnel who blatantly blew up AN AFGHANI INNOCENT FAMILY shows he is as IRRESPONSIBLE AS THE DIK IN THE OVAL OFFICE! Two of a kind!

    AGAIN, I REPEAT: Dimwit Democrat’s Creed: “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO!”


    2022: Time for them ALL to be replaced with live breathing intelligent humans and toss those fraudulent stuffed dummies in the ocean for shark chum!

  6. Dear Lord, please let Your perfect Will and Justice be harshly upon this illegitimate admin, and very evil people that have stolen my country, in the mighty, loving name of Jesus!

  7. Why should they be prosecuted? It’s a War! God only knows how lucky these soldiers are – under President Trump there would have been swift retribution and Levenworth. Remember WWII and mass bombings. It was ended in 3 years! Afghanistan 21 years? What was the problem here?
    How can one fight a war when the enemy can operate with impunity.
    Just like how can one fight crime when the criminals and wannabes know the cops can’t fight back.
    We’ve morphed into some insane world.
    However, all the senior military officals and DOD members who were responsible for the devistating retreat form Afganistan should be tried for treason for giving our sworn enimies all the sophisticated weapons they gave to the Teliban


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