Chicago Mayor Begs For Federal Help Amid Violent Crime Wave

MacLean Center / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is finally admitting defeat.

During a speech, Mayor Lightfoot pleaded for Attorney General Merrick Garland to send Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents to address illegal firearms and for more prosecutors to bring criminal cases in the Windy City.

The Hill reports:

“Keeping you safe is my priority — not one of, but the first and primary priority,” Lightfoot said to the citizens of Chicago. “I wake every morning with this as my first concern and I push myself and all involved to step up and do more and better because we cannot continue to endure the level of violence that we are now experiencing.”

The mayor also requested that judges in Cook County stop releasing people charged with violent crimes including murder, aggravated gun possession, sex crimes, illegal gun possession and kidnapping on electric monitoring, the Tribune noted.

The solutions proposed by Lightfoot, none of which are new strategies, were reportedly criticized as “regressive” and “clearly unconstitutional.”

Cook County Public Defender Sharone Mitchell told the Tribune the mayor “diagnosed the very real root causes of violence, the solutions were textbook policymaking based on fear.”

Major cities across the country, especially Democrat-led cities, have experienced alarming upticks in violent crime. Some Democrats have failed to address the spike in crime across communities, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even speculated that there is not actual uptick and tried to claim right-wing media outlets were simply causing panic for nothing.

    1. globalists and their globalist puppet $oro$ and their globalist puppet lightfoot and their globalist puppet CRIMINAL judges . . . . .

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth.
      But, the most puzzling thing is that the residents of Chicago keep voting for this garbage.
      Soooooo, I say. You get exactly what you deserve.
      End of story! Deal with it!

    2. But + funding to globalists, planned parenthood criminal agency is a good start, the world does not need 1 more libby snow flake sheep .

  1. Seems the black beetlejuice is coming up for re election and now trying to get on the correct side but I have a feeling its to late as people will remember what a clown you are.

    1. And…no print media should publish what she says. No TV show’s should give her time on their stations. No radio interviews. Ignore her and give some sanity back to us.

  2. What??? We’re going to stop claiming its all Indiana’s fault?… Like the guns floated over to Chicago all by themself. What a novel concept!

  3. So how many people have needlessly died in Chicago since Trump offered help and Mayor Lightfoot rejected that offer? If someone wanted to point out the criminal negligence involved in her politically motivated decisions as an example of how liberalism kills people they would be perfectly justified.

  4. And yet, the left continues to try to make the independents and conservatives As the unreasonable ones – and many “in between “ tend to believe them in their dysfunctional beliefs and behavior

  5. Theitger concern would be that IF this action is successful, will it become a springboard for future federal involvement/control at the state level?

  6. Who would have ever imagined!!!! Don’t trust her to keep this position past the next pol or admit she ever said it if something goes wrong or her woke constituency challenges her. Personally, I’d tell her this was clear gross negligence on her part and it’s hers to fix now.

  7. They could start by arresting Lightfoot and never letting her out of prison! She really needs to be burned at the stake!

  8. It’s a little too late, don’t you think the damage is done. When you have district attorneys like Chicago’s Kim Foxx, who releases violent criminals after the police arrest them for their crimes back on society or gives into the liberal logic of “zero or low bail” for violent career criminals.  Because of DA’s like Kim Foxx will end up causing more violence like what happened in Waukesha, Wisconsin. They don’t care who gets hurt, including children and the elderly, the more bloodshed the better. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. This is who the people in Chicago voted for and now they are going to live with the chaos, the cries for defund the police and corruption. And this incompetent, corrupt and racist Mayor is suddenly concerned about the violence and death. This is how Lightweight thinks… it’s the stores on Michigan Avenue fault for the smash and grab for selling nice things. Seriously? Are you f’ing kidding me? These are the two people you voted for, which means this is what you wanted all along. They just keep voting for the same “types” of politicians and district attorneys. When are the voters going to grow a brain? And the voters are scratching their heads wondering why this keeps happening to our fair city. File that under “DUH.” Lightweight and Foxx are both sociopaths, so to the voters in Chicago this means these two women DON’T HAVE A CONSCIENCE, REGRET, GUILT OR REMORSE. So, live with your decision. Stop voting based on the politician’s skin melanin or what political party they are associated with, and vote by the content of their character, whether they are competent as a leader, who’ll put the residents and their safety first, things might turn around. So, live with your regret.

  9. Such a sincere statement concerning her most priority being the safety of Chicagoans. Hmmmmm!!! Is my memory failing me????? I wasn’t THAT long ago that she led a Dismantle the Police for her citizens while assigning additional police to protect HER residence.
    Just more demoncrap BS!!!!!

    1. You are spot on!
      It is high time that the police take their sweet time when called to these neighborhoods infested with crime. Many of these people always crying the police is out to get them, I say defend yourselves from your thugs.

  10. Lightfoot will never be given the credit for the carnage in Chicago. She’s a protected class. Garland’s FBI is too busy with suppressing parents at school board meetings and finding the diary of Biden’s niece.


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