Larry Elder Makes Decision on Second California Gubernatorial Campaign

Sgt. Jacob Harrer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Conservative talk show host, Larry Elder has decided not to launch another gubernatorial campaign to challenge the state’s liberal governor Gavin Newsom.

According to The Hill:

“I ran for governor because I wanted to make a difference,” Elder said in his announcement, NBC Los Angeles reported.

“While I may not know what the future holds for me politically, our campaign’s ability to attract millions of votes and millions of dollars in a very short time demonstrates we have a message that resonates with Americans, and I believe we can put that to good use,” Elder added.

Elder, who was the top challenger against Gov. Gavin Newsom in the 2021 recall effort, is instead creating a new Political Action Committee (PAC) Elder for America.

The group “will engage in public education campaigns, direct voter contact, and fundraising to help Republicans win key seats in the House and Senate, and effect public policy on the local level.”

So far, it’s unclear who will become the Republican frontrunner in the 2022 election.

  1. California is a diseased race of people sprinkled with self-reliant, conservative people who wish for a return to free enterprise and prosperity. The communist mentality that grips the state now affects the whole nation and endangers everyone. The state collapsed several years ago but went unreported by big media that share its politics.

  2. We need to question the first election Gruesome Newsom ran, and the recall, he won by basically the same percentage, I SPELL VOTER FRAUD. there is no way there was only 27 – 30 % voted for the recall. no way.

    1. When Jerry Brown signed a bill allowing ballot harvesting, it was all over for California. Please people, don’t let Democrats get total control of your state. They will run roughshod over your rights and freedoms. We now have mail-in voting and ballot harvesting. No hope here. Complete corruption.

  3. CA is like most states, Conservatives & moderates in the majority of the State, with the Progressive Left occupying the large Metro areas. As such, the State political power rests in those areas, and the Dem lawyers keep creating laws that protect that imbalance. But remember, when the true war started, it was the ragtag rural non-traditional individuals that beat the institutional armies into retreat. It’s the key reason the Dems want to kill the 2nd Amendment! Elder knows he can’t beat Pelosi! Gavin doesn’t take a pee without clearing it with the lady that put him in the Governor’s seat.

  4. Larry would be great for the State of CA, but I think CA Voters R just to Stupid & would Vote for Newsome again. U Can’t FIX Stupid!!!

    Dem’s in CA stop moving to other States, FIX your Own State, get rid of the Liberals.


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