Biden Admin. Withholding Annual Deportation Report Amid Border Crisis

As the Biden administration hopes to distract Americans from its ongoing string of disasters by attacking Republicans and lack of transparency its also withholding an annual report on deportations. Over the year, the country was rocked by President Biden’s relaxed border policies and how quickly illegal migrants flooded the border and overwhelmed officers and resources.

Now, Biden is refusing to reveal a report from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on how many illegal migrants were expelled from the country.

According to Townhall:

The Washington Free Beacon reported ICE has published its deportation report before the end year every year since 2011, with the most recent report being released on Dec. 23, 2020 during the Trump administration. A spokeswoman for ICE told the Washington Free Beacon a release date for the report has not been determined.

“The report has not been released yet because they are trying to spin the report so it’s not so embarrassing. An accurate report will clearly show that the reprioritizing of ICE’s mission really isn’t about concentrating on the worse criminals, it’s about shutting down interior enforcement altogether,” former ICE Director Thomas Homan told Townhall.

“The number of criminals arrested and removed by ICE will show a decline from previous years. This report will show that even though they did not abolish ICE as they talked about last year, they abolished their mission. In the same year where we have historic illegal immigration on the border, ICE will have the lowest numbers of arrests and removals in the history of the agency. That in itself, tells the story,” he added.

While Border Patrol was overwhelmed with families and children who willingly gave themselves up so they can have their asylum claims processed in 2021, hundreds of thousands of other illegal immigrants were able to evade Border Patrol, who would then fall under ICE’s jurisdiction.

Will Biden come clean on his failed border policies or hope Americans simply forget?

  1. ” F J B ” he was not elected to anything … he was handed our White House on a Platter of FRAUD !    It was Biden himself that bragged about the FRAUD just a few days before the 2020 Election !    Here are his exact words …“We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”– Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

    1. You speak the truth, Thomas. I saw that posted on Facebook. Like the rest of the unwary, I failed to take it seriously. I thought he was just making a foolish brag. I didn’t think it could be done. Is there some way we can bring that to the attention of the Supreme Court. and anyone else who is a position to take action?

      1. I believe the quote was taken out of context. Still, there was I believe MASSIVE fraud that stole the election from President Trump.

      2. Kelli, the Supreme Court, the state courts, Vice President Pence, and all the states where the legislators were asked to just look at the evidence, none would. We are in the grips of pure evil and cowards, IMO, but beginning with the swing states legislators, and their Secretarys of State, this IMO

    2. Wasn’t that quote, very real by the way, taken out of context when the bumbling Biden was talking about the anti-fraud campaign they had organized?

    3. You are correct on his quote. I actually heard him say that on TV before the election.
      They used this purposeful virus (which was brought here on purpose) to change the election laws to fit their cheating.

    4. every bit of this stinks like obama. this fool has his hand in this whole thing. this is obamas third term. god help us.

  2. Just like all of the lies about global warming. Never believe “good news” from Biden.
    Let’s go Brandon!!!

  3. When is anyone going to arrest that terrorist fake president of the united states? jeesh, we can only take so uch!

    1. How do you arrest a de facto (not de jure) president who hasn’t been impeached when Congress, however cowardly, verified the Electoral College votes? Unless his Cabinet invokes the 25th Amendment, he’s impeached and convicted, or something untowards befalls him happens to him we’re stuck, and cursed, with him.

      Sadly, we had courts unwilling to hear OUR Pres. Trump’s CIVIL lawsuits on fraudulent voting which would’ve allowed discovery to prove Trump’s claims.

      1. America has been RAPED by the democrat party along with key Elitists! None of those POS care about America nor Americans. We are just TOOLS to be used and thrown away as long as they are in Power!

        Anyone with half a brain could see that the entire 2020 Presidential Election was a FARCE, A SCAM, A CHARADE for several reasons:
        1). DJT had numerous Election Rallies full of thousands and thousands of people — many car parades coming and going before and after the rallies!
        2). Trump Supporters far outnumbered biddyboy supports, 100:1!!
        3). Biddyboy’s rallies were pathetic— hardly anyone attending! Lacking enthusiasm and excitement!

        Sorry, but the only way America will ever find itself again is via another CIVIL WAR II in which the present ruling idiots will be removed, incarcerated and a new ruling federal govt begun! Too much illicit corruption by clueless and idiot precincts being run by deluded democrats!

        DJT HAD TO LOSE BECAUSE PRESIDENT TRUMP IS TOO DHARP AND STRONG FOR THE ELITISTS TO MANIPULATE! They needed a Braindead puppet, AKA Biden, that they could use to fragment our Nation VIA COVID AND ITS VACCINES!!

        Why do you think Covid hit America so hard and all the mandates were issued? So the DEADHEAD Dems could use fearmongering to fragment the normal strong republic — which is exactly what happened! COVID WAS ALL A PART OF THE PLAN TO CHANGE UP OUR SOCIETY/GOVERNMENT!

        Yes, “DEMONIC” 👿👹😈 is the middle name of the DDD Party (Democrat DEMONIC DEADHEADS)! AND, yes, there is someone behind the curtain directing this pathetic deadhead party and IT IS NOT INCOMPETENT JOE BIDEN, but someone who wants the U.S. destroyed! SOROS? GATES? ZUCKERBERG? Who? You figure that out and we’ll all know who to track down and remove from our Nation!

        Can you figure out WHO that is? It’s the answer to our puzzle of why America is so divided and fragmented…they WANT US THAT WAY — EASIER TO CONTROL!! Figure this out people — and let’s do something about them!!

        1. don’t hold back, but there is are a lot of millennials, genZs and mentally unfit brainwashed Democraps like my 94 year old father in law that think you can only vote Democrap. when you live in a rural area you know how to get rid of vermin.

          1. True there are a lot of idiots who did vote for dimwit joe but not enough to sway the elections. Massive fraud has been discovered and thus far nothing has been done to decertify and get rid of old Joe. This is what bothers me. Not one state like AZ or Wisconsin has decertified and THEY now have the proof!

          2. Don’t forget Pennsylvania, they thought the attorneys for Trump, were funny, when they tried to show the evidence/affidavits signed by our poll watchers. I wonder how we can win when we have Crooks and Cowards in charge, just a thought

        2. I believe that the most dangerous part is the politizing of our Department of Justice and the use of the FBI, as fear perpetuators, this is based on the past practices of the treatment of non-violent and elderly conservatives, like Mr. Stone

    2. Or just decertify the 2020 elections by the states that have proven the fraud. Just one state or AZ and Wisconsin together decertifying the election can force the next step which the dimwit nitwits cannot do much meddling with. The states, each state gets a vote. Red states outnumber blue.

    Get him out of our White House…NOW!!! He was NOT VOTED INTO OFFICE BUT INSTALLED. Biddyboy’s record since he STOLE THE OFFICE has been complete and utter idiocy and his actions ARE TEARING OUR NATION APART!

    Is this how you want to live your lives Americans!? What more do you need to fight back against this democrat lunacy??

    FYI: COVID WAS CREATED TO FRAGMENT AMERICAN’S LIVES, TO MAKE PEOPLE AFRAID AND TO CONTROL AND CHANGE OUR SOCIETY!!! The sooner you WAKE UP to this realization, the sooner we can save our Country from the grips of a group of megliomaniacs who think they can tell us how to live our lives! They want to control you!
    .Those VAXXES are nothing but GENE MANIPULATING SHOTS WITH A SMALL AMOUNT OF COVID DESTROYING INGREDIENTS. That is why the “VAXXED” are getting Covid!! There isn’t enough anti-Covid ingredients to destroy any COVID virus so they get infected!!

    WAKE UP AMERICANS!! YOU ARE BEING “PLAYED” “SCAMMED” “CONNED” by Big PHARMA, the NIH, the WHO, Bill Gates, Fraudci and anyone else who has been pushing those HUMAN BODY CHANGING VAXXES!
    FACT: the VAXXES ARE NOT to stop you from getting Covid!


    FACT: the VAXXES are the tool the elitists are using to change your body so the Elitists can control you easier!

    FACT: there are BOOSTERS which these people will keep pushing on you to get more and more gene manipulating ingredients inside your system.

    👉MAJOR FACT:👈 the VAXXES WILL NOT STOP YOU FROM GETTING COVID — EVER!! The VAXXES are NOT classified as vaccinations, but just shots of “Gene Manipulating Ingredients”.

    🖐🏽DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THOSE POISONOUS SHOTS NO MATTER WHAT ANY GOVERNMENT LEADER TELLS YOU — they are lying and telling you fabrications to get you to get the jab!🖐🏽
    PLEASE UNDERSTAND: It’s NOT about protecting you from COVID, but about getting gene manipulating ingredients inside your body to control you or kill you!

  5. This is just one of a multitude of “things” that the Biden administration is hiding or trying to hide from We the People in their lack of ”
    “”TRANSPARENCY”””. These clowns are only fooling themselves at this point!!

  6. It’s too late for the oval office occupant to be embarrassed. If such an emotion was possible, it would have installed in him a tittle of character the first time he was exposed as a plagiarist. Instead, he simply added the technique to his growing facade and moved on to the next instrument of deceit. He’s hoping his voting base will forgive him as they always have. But the fact is conservatives find it unforgivable for both him and his socialist base.

  7. Three Jays for Biden joke jerk and most of all jackass. Ripped one off in the presents of Britain’s royalty. Poor ole demented Joe when going gets rough he gets dummer.

  8. Did anyone expect honest behavior from Joe Biden?? Really?? He’s a lying, dishonest, clueless and incompetent a$$hole democrat! HONESTY DOESN’t exist for n their vocabulary!!

    Besides, biddyboy gave that responsibility to Harris, the Black Barbie Doll V.P. and probably thought she handled it! NEWSFLASH!! She didn’t and now Arizona, Texas, and parts of Calif are CRAWLING WITH TEO-LEGGED ILLEGAL VARMINTS AND TERRORISTS!

    A huge “BITCH SLAP” goes out to both Harris AND BIDDYBOY for being absolutely the dumbest pair of democrats ever!!

    Hey Biden! Give ICE back their arresting orders for “ANYONE” crossing our borders illegally!! Give them back that ability or we Americans will put you on our border wall for the illegals to have a pi$$ing contest to see who can drench you the fastest! Yeah, that’s how much Americans respect you dudhead!

  9. Not too long ago Ole Joe said it’s not the votes that matter it’s the vote counters that matter and that’s how it was done ignore the rest of the media’s rhetoric.

    1. The quote is most often attributed to Stalin, but that’s doubtful. It could’ve well been Chicago’s Mayor Daily or NYC’s Boss Tweed who first said it, but certainly not Biden.

      1. Like Ciceros quote on the Enemy Within. The fact is Stalin did say that when he took over Russia. Apparently the vote and vote counters are a weakness and the dimwit nitwits just proved that with a certainty in 2020. And two states have enough evidence to decertify that election. But they have not done it.
        Also the penalties for voter fraud are miniscule, a slap on the wrist. Voter fraud is serious and the dimwit nitwits do it with no consequences even when caught in the act. Voter Fraud should be raised to a serious felony with jail time as a consequence.
        Another issue is politicians knowingly lying about issues and papers doing the same. There are idiots out there who still believe these lies. I think the first amendment right should be removed for politicians and news sources who state lies like truth and have no proof of their BS. Suing these liars should be a way to stop this lying like it is a fact.
        Just presenting lies like facts needs to be wide open lawsuits. And on the other side if lawsuits are just to shut anyone up the penalties for fake lawsuits should be high too.
        Facts that are verifiable are all we should be seeing in our news or coming out of politician’s mouths. Russia, Russia, Russia comes to mind. Politicians, fake news, all of the fake media ran with it for at least two years. It was quite a brain washing campaign.
        Time to remove the gloves and strike this BS down. Serious penalties, serious sanctions, serious jail time for those who are this nasty. I am sick of the continuous attempts to brainwash everyone including kids in this country. It has to stop!
        Take the drama queens and kings down.
        Vote em out and make some state laws with teeth to punish those who lie about issues in the news.
        Punish those who commit voter fraud including the voters. Change laws at state level to punish anyone not a legal citizen who votes in any elections.

  10. It’s too late for the oval office occupant to be embarrassed. If such an emotion was possible, it would have installed in him a tittle of character the first time he was exposed as a plagiarist. Instead, he simply added the technique to his growing facade and moved on to the next instrument of deceit. He’s hoping his voting base will forgive him as they always have. But the fact is conservatives find it unforgivable for both him and his socialist base.

  11. I watched Biden say it on tv. Remember Trump said before the election he expected there to be fraud, & of course the military knew it too. They have it all & Trump is still our president. Things had to come to past for all eyes to see.

    1. I just wish they’d do something for this inflation, a person can’t even budget, from week to week

  12. It’s the old, OLD Democrats story. They are out for themselves, no matter who else it hurts. Americans have to face the fact that Democrats are “no damn good”! The party should be outlawed in the United States.


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