Poll: Trump is More Popular with GOP Than When He Left Office

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New polls are showing former President Trump is more popular among conservatives now than he was a year ago when he left the White House.

According to The Washington Examiner:

In dual surveys on Thursday showing Trump’s rise and successor President Joe Biden’s fall, 52% of voters told Rasmussen Reports that they have a favorable impression of the former president. Some 47% don’t.

Among Republicans, 85% have a favorable view, with 63% declaring a “very favorable” opinion. Even 23% of Democrats and 51% of independents agree.

When he left office on Jan. 20, 2021, Trump’s Rasmussen approval rating was 51%. And his GOP approval was 84%, so he has actually increased support.

The poll’s results show that despite Trump’s 2020 election loss many Re[ublicans still view him as the clear leader of the party. In the past months, Trump has hinted at launching a third presidential campaign. President Biden is currently planning to run for a second term as long as he remains in good health.

However, another poll by Rasmussen shows that most Americans don’t think Biden will win re-election.

In that survey, just 28% of voters predicted Biden’s reelection. “Voter confidence in President Joe Biden’s ability to do the job remains low and most don’t expect a second term for the oldest president in U.S. history,” said the polling outfit.

  1. The Democrats should know that Biden is not capable enough to run the country and with their socialist bills what do you expect they need to listen to the people of America

    1. Democratic Party history shows they are more interested in power and control than listening to the people.

      1. globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and chester biden and demonrats and rinos don’t even try to attract American voters, they only steal elections and appoint/reappoint globalist puppets; demonrats an rinos .

    2. globalist puppet chester biden don’t need to be capable enough to run the country, globalists and their puppet $oro$ order globalist puppet chester biden to run/ruin the country .

  2. President Trump is the best President of America in my lifetime – AND I’M OLD!

    And Joe Biden has now passed Jimmy “Peanuts” Carter as the worst president in my lifetime – AND IT ISN’T EVEN CLOSE!

    1. Me too Casey.
      Joe is crazy, old, senile, corrupt and not smart enough for a job as dog catcher.
      People see it clearly, but the media is covering for him.

    2. Carter made a lot of mistakes but he wasn’t and isn’t evil. He was a good REAL Christian. Biden is evil in ways few have seen, and dumb as a rock. There is much more under the rock he crawled from. Most polple have no idea ofd himself.
      Too much more for here..

    1. Obama’s puppet Joe Biden is quickly taking America past the point of no Return. The mid terms next november is far to late to salvage America.

  3. Bides only pre-requisite for running again is that he still be alive, as he knows by election rigging he will win despite polls supporting Trump.
    Biden need only return to his basement and ensure his double does no debate, and 2024 is a guarantee.

  4. I don’t think that it’s Joe Biden’s age that makes him an unsuitable Pres. He is definitly incapable of doing the job and should be removed from Congress and the Presidency ASAP!

    1. He’s just simply not smart enough!
      Been in WA for 50 years, accomplished zero.
      Got elected and reelected. The machine at work in DE. It’s that simple.


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