Romney Notes Possible Trump Win While Warning Democrats Against Filibuster Changes

Utah Senator Mitt Romney. Photo/Mark Taylor ( [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Senator Mitt Romney is no friend of former President Trump’s but he made sure to acknowledge the very real possibility he could return to the White House in 2024. Romney issued a warning to Democrats against changing Senate filibuster rules noting the consequences the left will likely feel once they lose their power in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and possibly the White House.

The Hill reports:

“The United States Senate is one of our vital democratic institutions, and the power given to the minority in the Senate and the resulting requirement for political consensus are among the Senate’s defining features,” Romney said while speaking on the Senate floor.

“Note that in the federal government, empowerment of the minority is established through only one institution: the Senate,” he said. “The majority decides in the House; the majority decides in the Supreme Court; and the president, of course, is a majority of one. Only in the Senate does the minority restrain the power of the majority.”

Romney asserted that the power afforded to the minority was “critical” because it helped to ensure that laws passed in the Senate appealed to both political parties and did not “originate from the extreme wing of either one.” Without the filibuster, measures on taxes, safety net programs and national security would change every time another party gained the majority, Romney said.

“There is also a reasonable chance Republicans will win both houses in Congress, and that Donald Trump himself could once again be elected president in 2024,” he continued. “Have Democrats thought what it would mean for them — for the Democrat minority — to have no power whatsoever?

However, Romney’s somewhat friendly tone didn’t last long when he accused Biden of taking the “same tragic road taken by President Trump” by attempting to “cast doubt” on the reliability and integrity of U.S. elections.

  1. Anyone who is aware of the numerous voting “irregularities” that occurred particularly in swing states would have to be otherwise brain dead to not suspect that something very untoward happened in 2016.

    1. 133 million Americans registered to Vote, 159 million voted In my book, that’s 26 Million fraudulent ballots, printed on Bamboo paper that arrived by ship from China. They only had Biden’s name on them , no down votes. And they came in at 4am in trucks, suitcases etc. Military were counting at the same time as all Official ballots had Blockchain (Watermark with tracing agent, unseen by the human eye) Oh boy I see many rats trying to escape

    2. Irregularities have been happening for decades in all states. The Voter Fraud machine has been in the testing stages. We have two dimwit nitwit senators in AZ because of it and we did not vote for old Joe in AZ either.
      Fraud is rampant and should be made a serious felony in every state! And get rid of the roulette voting machine. The dimwit nitwits have to cheat, without cheating in the votes and letting illegal aliens to vote and those infamous mail in votes, the dimwit nitwits would never be elected in most states especially now after fraud has been proven in several swing states, massive fraud. And the conservative in this country do outnumber the liberals so cheating in national elections is their go to fix since an honest election is never gonna get them elected!

    3. Throughout the mess that ensued after Election Night (Month??), (when lawsuits were filed, testimony given by countless witnesses, outright proof of underhanded ballots snuck from under tables in the middle of the night, dead votes, non-resident votes, rigged voting machines, millions of Biden ballots with no down votes, not to mention how Trump managed to get 16 million more votes than in 2016, and Biden’s statement that he had the best voter fraud team, etc.), I could only think of one thing….why didn’t we demand proof that there WASN’T fraud?? THAT would have given them something to chew on! Of course, there was NO way whatsoever the Democrats could have proven that the election wasn’t tampered with in any way. They can’t prove it wasn’t, and even with the insurmountable evidence to the contrary, they insist that it was a fair election. And Republicans, especially, piss me off when they insist that there was no rigging going on!!
      I’ll wager that if/when the Democrats cheat (again) this November and somehow end up victorious, voters will THEN see that with the Democrat party going down the toilet, no way could they possibly have such a sudden, sweeping win!
      And then we can make them try to prove that there was no cheating.

      1. Angie, from your mouth to the people in charge’s ears..the reason they can say there was no evidence of fraud, is because they would not even look at the signed affidavits of the poll watchers, and also many other involved persons who saw these ballots with their own eyes

  2. I throw myself upon the mercy of the court. Yes, I voted for this man at one time. In my defense, the alternative was not something I could stomach. I should have written in Captain Kangaroo. Wait, I think he’s dead. Oh, well, so were many of Biden’s voters in 2020.


    2. Yeah, I voted for him also, but, as you said, the alternative was sickening. I thought about voting for Snoopy but I like him too much to foist that job on him.

  3. He’s right, of course, but I would not bet that those democrats are bright enough to understand that or that have anytthing resembling a long term view. they don’t project any image of adequate inttelligence to understand what the long tterm outcome would become. The founders and designers of our wonderful constitution were much brighter than today’s current crop of democrats.


  4. I’m not a big fan of Senator Romney, and I disagree with the premise of his shot at President Trump, but I must admit it was well-calculated to get their attention. I don’t think they would have listened otherwise. If they ignore his advice, they have nobody but themselves to blame – not even President Trump.

  5. Why do we even need a Congress” They are trying to by Senate, Congress, Vice President and President. Congress is nothing but Domestic Terrorists. We cannot allow them to do this.


  7. Smutt Romney is the worst piece of crap to ever get to WAshington. Get rid of him pronto…even those in Utah think he is worthless and a turncoat!

  8. For once I agree with Mitt. It completely baffles me that the Dems are ignoring how they used the 1964 filibuster to prevent passage of the Civil Rights Act. It took Sen. Everett Dirksen, Rep., to convince the Senate to pass the act. Richard Russell, Dem, in 1935 wanted to preserve the legality of lynching and filibustered the Senate. Strom Thurmond, a SC. “Dixiecrat”, filibustered in 1957 against Civil Rights. Historically, filibuster has been an extremely powerful tool to both sides of the aisle. Elimination of it would be a sad loss regardless of which side you are on.

    1. Today, the DNC are pretending they are no longer the KKK. But they are letting in their new plantation carpet of voters as we watch and NY is already giving them ballots. The plantation is alive and well with the dimwit nitwits. And without the new carpet of plantation newbies that dimwits will fill out their ballots for them, the dimwit nitwits are DOA for political futures.

    2. Thanks Mason, I knew this, but decided our country couldn’t take the truth of how democrats fought against equal rights for all Americans

  9. Utah, please do something about this jerk. It’s amazing that a guy who made millions using the free enterprise system that would now turn in to a socialist. What a jerk…..

  10. Romney,how do you think Biden won the election? By a fair election? NO! He won because of mass voter fraud, but the Republicans did nothing about it. Accordingly, since nothing has been done about the fraud the chances are great that there will be voter fraud in November and in 2024. Wake up.

  11. I think Romney is in Gitmo Thank God because e ahs done everything in his power to undermine President Trump. The Rats dont like their little nest egg being shaken. They were doing so nicely thank you until horror of horrors, an HONEST PERSON SHOWED UP. No fun having an honest person, who could detect their money laundering, Pedophilia,, empty promises, drug and human trafficking, big Pharma paying them to sell the fake Pandemic (Sorry Scamdemic)

  12. Is anyone surprised that Romney would go against the man he is so jealous of? Never saw someone with Romney’s history of bad ideas get so much press. Hmmmm

  13. Instead of getting rid of the filibuster … First, get rid of all the PORK that is in every bill… that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the bills original intent!… Next, OUTLAW LOBBYISTS!


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