Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s Enacts 11 Executive Orders on Day 1

Glenn Youngkin from Virginia, United States, via Wikimedia Commons

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin was finally put into office after winning the election this past November and just hours into his administration he has done what many thought would take years to accomplish. Glenn Youngkin brought forward 9 Executive Orders and 2 Executive Directives on day one of his administration. While this is something that is typically done by political leaders as they take office, what makes this instance different is that these executive orders are all pretty meaningful. Here is what Va Governor Glenn Youngkin did on day one at the Governor’s mansion:

  1. No one needs Jen Psaki telling them what to do fact no one needs Jen Psaki doing anything for them ..very toxic person

    1. I’ll say one thing for Psaki – she’s the perfect companion for Biden – it’s a tossup which one of them is more dislikeable.


  2. Sounds like we have someone who works for the people in his state and has their best interest at hand. I hope other leaders will follow in these positive steps to keep our freedoms and in working towards a positive today for a better tomorrow. Thank You!


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