Bongino Celebrates After YouTube Ban

Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia Commons

Dan Bongino, a popular conservative commentator and former Secret Service agent, is celebrating his victory over YouTube. The video-sharing giant recently suspended Bongino from posting content on the platform for one week and demonetized his videos for at least 30 days because he said in a video that masks are “useless” in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

However, while some would look at YouTube’s move as a hurtful setback Bongino says it clearly highlights the double standard between how platforms treat conservatives versus liberals. In the video, Bongino noted there were no randomized controlled trial studies that proved surgical or cloth masks were effective at reducing the spread of the coronavirus, although he admitted the N95 masks were effective at doing so. YouTube still labeled the video as “Covid-19 medical misinformation.”

The Washington Examiner reports:

“YouTube shut me down, which by the way I begged them to do, and is now the greatest moment of my life. We’re taking a victory lap,” said Bongino.

“YouTube is making us billions of dollars in the parallel economy at Rumble. We want to celebrate YouTube. I’m really hoping they do more to censor my account,” he added.

Bongino said YouTube has unfairly censored him because it is “anti-science,” claiming that there is no credible scientific evidence that wearing a surgical or cloth mask can protect people from contracting the coronavirus.

“I challenge you or anyone else to find one randomly controlled trial anywhere showing any statistically significant evidence that the masks people most people are wearing actually make a difference,” Bongino said.

Bongino also noted the double standard YouTube has taken with the Wuhan lab leak theory. In 2020, the theory was regarded as a conspiracy theory and was often subject to content moderation guidelines but now the theory is considered credible by a number of Democrats, including the Biden administration.

  1. Geat for Bongino. love his shows! Big Teck suck, they disinform, misinform, have a double standard and show their marxist ideoloogy every tme they can. so, Im rumbling it.!

    1. What do you use?
      Do they publish what ever anyone sends them?
      I understand that the new Trump Social Media Platform will.
      What have you heard?

    2. Never used it nor any of the other garbage. More lies more lies. It’s gotten ppl so screwed up they don’t know what to believe. And don’t believe the masses or the media.

      1. Will you believe Trumps’ social media?
        When you say you do not believe the masses does that you believe that the majority of Americans are liars.
        Is this the new face of American Exceptionalism?

  2. You Tube is a private company.
    They have no obligation to publish anyone.
    If you want to buy space to promote your narrative they will gladly take your money.
    The same as newspapers.
    You Tube does not give hucksters a free lunch

      1. They are a private company.
        They are free to pass out free lunches to ever they want.
        Will the Trump Social Platform publish all that is submitted?

      1. I had no idea.
        How did you find that out?
        Why is it important?
        Because they are the largest search engine on the planet?
        A fine example of American Capitalism?

  3. I think Dan should run for election! He calls a spade a spade and he’s always excited and revved up! Those are the kind of government officials we need again! If I lived in FL, I’d vote for him!!

  4. One day the people will go after these so called leaders of the media! And they are so brainwashed they will all wonder why it is happening to them! They just won’t get it! America might just take what they have and get rid of them! I am all for having them deported as they don’t deserve America

  5. You Tube is guilty of a big crime. Operating as a scientist without a license, playing doctor without a license. As guilty of treason as so called and fake Biden whose real name is Obama for pretending to be a President of the United States. The fake Biden, Dr. Birthing Person Biden, Fake Biden’s administration, Obama, Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Shumer plus many more from Congress all must be taken to Gitmo, prosecuted and hanged or shot for the treason after treason they have committed on the United States of America. They all were in on it!

    1. YouTube is guilty of being a fine example of American Exceptionalism.
      Making something out of nothing.
      Something that the majority of Americans use everyday.
      A very successful operation that took no tax money.

    1. Do you hold some kind of prejudice against nose rings?
      Ear rings too?
      Or just for men?
      What color does your wife dye her hair?
      Or does she prefer the washed out gray look?


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