Twitter Silences Jan. 6 Attorney With No Warning

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Twitter and big tech will keep working to silence conservatives until they are stopped. Recently, Twitter suddenly locked the account for Marina Medvin, an attorney who happens to be defending January 6th protestors.

Medvin was notified that her account had been locked but wasn’t given a chance to appeal or even know what exactly triggered the lockdown, all Twitter would reveal was that the attorney violated its rules.

The Post Millennial reports:

“We have determined that you have violated the Twitter Rules, so you’ll need to wait some time before using Twitter again.” The message stated that Medvin might “need to complete some additional tasks to resume using Twitter.”

“There is no suitable substitute for Twitter,” Medvin told The Post Millennial. “All of the conservative spin-off apps are echo chambers. That’s not fun, not my cup of tea. Without media engagement and without opposing viewpoints, the apps are simply uninteresting. That means that we need to keep fighting to keep Twitter open to all.”

Prior to the sudden ban, Medvin tweeted about the Texas hostage situation. The man who took hostages during Sabbath services at gunpoint is suspected to have been an Islamic jihadist, who was advocating for the release of Aafia Siddiqui, who has been called “Lady al Qaeda” and is serving time in a Texas prison.

Medvin fired back at Daily Beast reporter Wajahat Ali who wrote on Twitter that “You’re about to hear some ugly & vicious Islamophobia & anti-Muslim bigotry this weekend from elected officials, commentators and even mainstream media. Hope I’m wrong. People will use it to divide Jewish and Muslim communities for their political agenda. Don’t fall for it.”

Medvin quickly replied, “When a Muslim takes Jews hostage in a synagogue and threatens ti kill them, just remember folks, the true victims are the Muslims.”

This wasn’t Medvin’s first Twitter ban. She was also banned in August 2020 for saying that then candidate Joe Biden, who is Catholic and sued nuns over their unwillingness to provide contraception as part of their health plans, was a “creep.”

Twitter has since reinstated her account and claimed the account lock was an “error” but the account remain inaccessible.

    1. exactly right,,,this crap has to stop and stop now,,,Putin said the reason for socialism it is a step to communism ,its time to wake up and now

  1. Look upon being censored as a badge of honor. It usually means you’re effective and on the right track. The socialist media know they can’t allow a free flow of information, it puts their narratives in peril.

  2. How long will the congress continue to allow this subjective totalitarian woke left abuse by twitter, yahoo, google, apple, microsoft etc.? Their exception must be revoked.

  3. Hidenbiden and big tech,twitter,facebook,google, are all the enemy of the American people.Their dictator, censorship of conservatives, and those who don’t agree with them. need to be reigned in,there total commies.

  4. Twitter is a piece of filth. Facebook is a cesspool. Google is the bottom of a sewage farm. You Tube is the fires of hell. Google is Hell, itself. There are better websites to be on than these anti-American treasonist criminals.

  5. Seems they censor mostly conservative posts. I’d like to see a pair of side-by-side columns comparing Republicans and Democrats who have been censored.

  6. If you are on Facebook, Twitter or any of the social media platforms you are a fool. Keep putting your business on the street by showing your opinions or showing your business you will regret it when they come after you. Agencies like the FBI or ATF are told what to do and who to go after by people like Zuckerberg and his bought congressman and swamp monsters. Just say or do something they don’t like and you will wind up like the 6 people illegally jailed in DC jail for Jan 6th.

  7. Attorney Marina Medvin should immediately file a motion in the court handling her J6 cases, seeking an injunction be immediately issued to Twitter, effectively lifting the denial of facilities, and explain to the court the basis on which it ascertained as to how she violated their policy, and what the policy is. The Court should also investigate the internal process and personnel (qualifications) utilized in making the decision.


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