Trump Endorses Former Top Official Considering Congressional Bid

White House [Public Domain]

Former President Donald Trump broke the news and exuberantly endorsed Morgan Ortagus, his administration’s former State Department spokesman, for a Congressional run she is reportedly mulling over. 

“I am told the very strong and impressive Morgan Ortagus is exploring a run for Congress in Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District,” he remarked in a statement on Tuesday. “I couldn’t be happier because she’s an absolute warrior for America First and MAGA!”

He said Ortagus, who was an intelligence analyst and Deputy Treasury Attaché at the Department of Treasury prior to joining the State Department from 2019 to 2021, was “fantastic in her role” when she worked with Secretary Mike Pompeo.

Trump commended Ortagus for understanding “the threats posed by China, Russia,” and insisted she would “be tough, not just roll over like the Democrats and RINOs.”

The John Hopkins University graduate currently serves as an officer in the U.S. Navy Reserves, and “will fight for our Military” according to Trump.  

“She won’t bow to the Woke Mob or the Leftist LameStream Media,” he insisted. “Morgan Ortagus will have my Complete and Total Endorsement if she decides to run!”

U.S. Department of State from United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

If the former Fox News contributor chooses to run, she will be seeking the seat that Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper is stepping down from after 30 years, when he became the 29th Democrat to announce he wouldn’t be seeking reelection in the fall.

Cooper announced his retirement a day after the GOP-controlled Tennessee General Assembly rezoned the congressional map to split liberal Nashville three ways. He said there was “no way” to keep his seat during this election cycle.

The only Republican who has officially declared their candidacy is music video producer Robbie Starbuck, who has been endorsed by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

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