Top Dem Senator Says Biden’s SCOTUS Nominees ‘More Controversial’ Than Expected

Even some Democrats are raising their eyebrows at President Biden’s Supreme Court nominees. Senate Majority Whip and Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin says that the President’s choices are “more controversial” than he expected.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Asked if he thinks it’s gonna be harder for GOPers to criticize/oppose a Black woman for SCOTUS, Durbin notes some of Biden’s other court picks have been ‘more controversial than I anticipated,’” Bendery tweeted on Monday evening. “Me: ‘Is there a theme to them?’ Durbin: ‘Assertive women of color.’”

Bendery added that, according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, President Biden plans to invite Durbin and Judiciary Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley (R-IA) to meet with him at the White House to discuss his choice on Tuesday.

While a number of possible choices to replace Breyer have been floated, Biden has made it clear that he intends to follow through on his campaign promise to nominate the first black woman to the Supreme Court — a promise that has sparked reactions on both sides of the aisle.

Critics have decried Biden’s decision to only consider Black females to the bench as racist and sexist.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway explained: “President Biden pledging to be both racist and sexist, and discriminating against people who aren’t the preferred sex and race — something that, if any of the rest of us did that in our hiring decisions, would be not allowed. And yet he openly pledged it. I think people should strongly speak against such sexism and racism.”

Sen. Durbin will preside over the first committee hearings for any potential Supreme Court nominee.

  1. The silent majority will wait until the midterms. If Leftist element funded by the Deep State Elite retain their stranglehold on America, all bets are off! That’s my opinion!

  2. Might be the only campaign promise he keeps. I am a southern girl and a life-long Republican and I have no quarrel with putting a black woman forward for the Supreme Court as long as she is the best qualified candidate.

  3. Biden is incapable of thinking in terms of “most intelligent or best qualified” for the job. He sees everything in terms of politics. Race, gender & sexual orientation all trump the “MOST QUALIFIED“.

      1. The fact that you’re too stupid to see what is going on around you indicates that it would be a total waste of my time to try to educate you.

      2. Idiot! Unemployment down……Haha
        People went back to work, minus the ones sitting on the sidelines waiting for joe to send them their checks, which is our money.
        Why are you posting here anyway???
        No one cares about your opinions!


  4. Truth is that it isn’t Biden giving any orders for anything. He was executed in late November if 2019. Obama is giving all orders to an actor and you people better wise up to this and start sending this information to everyone you can!

  5. Joe Biden should be removed from Congress entirely! He is not at all suitable for the posiltion and worse than that, he is not at all a useful person to be in Congress!

  6. Biden has painted himself into a corner with his runaway mouth. Now, because he made a really stupid, racist, sexist promise to left wing progressive voters, he is going to nominate someone who may be a bit too controversial to the highest court in the land. Not that he cares, or any Socialist/Democrat cares, but it is just a bit too obvious what his goal is. And it is not to follow the Construction. He may limit himself to a judge, who may, or may not be qualified on the merits, but meets the criterial he has set in his nomination. And this has to be done before the mid-terms, while there is a split in the Senate. And depending on who is nominated, it is no guarantee, that nominee will pass. There are several Socialist/Democrat Senators who are up for reelection this year, and will have to face the voters, who many of whom are disgusted with the direction the administration and members of Congress are leading us. This could really cause even more problems for the Socialist/Democrats this year.

  7. This whole Supreme Court thing is a non starter for me. It’s a LIBTURD for a LIBTURD.
    As for it being a black woman, that’s a joke. Everyone knows they’re just checking boxes. It’s not going to be someone who follows the laws according to the constitution. It’s going to be a radical just like Sotomayor and the Chicana.
    This is not a proud moment for the BLACKS.
    Since joe is concentrating on skin color and not brain power. He’s the biggest racist in WA and has been all the centuries he’s been up there.

    1. With the Democraps that can identify as any thing they want to be, they can put obozo in there as a black woman.

  8. Don’t worry Old decrepit Sleepy Joe hasn’t kept any campaign promises yet. In the event of a tie vote Kamala can’t vote on this according to the laws put in place by our founding fathers. Merit is primary as to selection. Think a black conservative woman will make the selection by the racist dems.

  9. It just shows that Biden does not take any of this seriously, it is all a game to him. Biden does not care about this country or its citizens as evidenced by his first year as President and his 40+ years of grifting in DC prior to that.

  10. First off — durbin is a POS and will do anything that goes against America. Secondly — I believe we all ******* knew what a scumbag dirtbag corrupt moronic lying idiot the pedophile biden was before we allowed the demonRATS to steal an election and put him in office so this action should surprise no one. Everyone should know by now that he thinks he can do “ANYTHING” he wants and will get away with it because the demonRAT party is totally corrupt and the republicans are a bunch of cowardly mice and the American people whine and cry about it but do nothing(I know I know — what can we do). biden is low-life sewer dwelling bottom-feeding scum with almost 50 years of grifting. Anyone who expected anything good to come out of his being placed in the Oval office has to be as big a moron as biden himself.


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