Ted Cruz Mulling 2024 Presidential Campaign

Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is mulling launching a second presidential campaign if former President Trump doesn’t run in 2024.

According to reports from The Daily Mail:

‘The race in ’24 will very much hinge on whatever President Trump decides to do,’ Cruz told NBC News for a profile that came out Monday about the Texas Republican’s presidential ambitions. ‘President Trump is going to make his decision whether or not he runs, or nobody else is going to make that decision for him. And I expect that everyone else will react accordingly when he does make that decision.’

Last month, he answered, ‘absolutely, in a heartbeat,’ when asked by the Truth Gazette if he’d run for president in 2024.

‘There’s a reason historically that the runner-up is almost always the next nominee,’ Cruz said, calling the 2016 campaign ‘the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.’

Cruz noted that the runner-up typically heads into the next election with a huge base of support. However, recent polls have typically put Cruz behind Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

‘I don’t think he would run against Trump,’ a person close to Cruz told NBC News. ‘I don’t know that Trump’s going to run. But if Trump doesn’t run, I’m quite certain he will run.’

Ultimately, if Trump decides not to run his endorsement will be highly sought after by what will surely be a crowded field of primary contenders. Cruz has already lined himself up nicely to receive the Trump seal of approval after serving as a close confidant to the President during his term.

    1. I’m with you. I was a Cruz supporter until he made those comments and then went on Tucker and tried to worm out of what he said.

  1. He’s not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and therefore ineligible. Natural born citizens do not have to renounce their Canadian citizenship, they have no other citizenship encumbrances.

  2. Ted Cruz is acting like a flake. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He backed down 1000% about the voter fraud in 2020. He’s trying to score points with the Democraps.

  3. Ted Cruz was born in Canada. He is NOT eligible to be president, regardless of his current US citizenship or his parent’s US citizenship. His mother was Canadian.

    1. Obama is from Kenya so only depends on who the media wants elected. Biden did not campaign, he was hold up in his basement. He was pushed through by corrupt politicians and media.

  4. Definitely NO to Mike Pence. As far as I am concerned, Pence is a traitor to Trump.

    I would love to see a Trump and DeSantis ticket for 2024. THAT is a winning presidential ticket.

  5. Such a shame that Cruz made that politically-suicidal statement. He would have been a Number One contender otherwise. He is passionate in his love for America, and would be a staunch fighter for the freedoms we have always held dear. But boy did he blow it!! That one statement really “did him in”.

  6. “Cruz has already lined himself up nicely to receive the Trump seal of approval after serving as a close confidant to the President during his term.”
    I seriously doubt this. Not after Cruz suggesting that Patriots committed a “terrorist act”. My money is on Trump supporting DeSantis if Trump himself doesn’t run.


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