Trump Says House Select Committee Should Investigate Pence

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Former President Trump said in a statement that the House committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riot should investigate then-Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  

Background: The House Select Committee has been investigating the events surrounding the Capitol riot for months after being former by House Speaker Pelosi.  

Prior to protestors storming the Capitol, VP Pence and lawmakers were inside the Capitol certifying the election for Joe Biden.  

Former President Trump has claimed Pence, as president of the Senate and overseer of the Electoral College certification, had the authority to overturn the 2020 election results in their favor over claims of widespread voter fraud.  

What Happened: Former President Trump released a statement through his Save America PAC calling for the House Select Committee to investigate Pence’s role on Jan. 6th.  

“If it were sent back to the legislators, or if Nancy Pelosi, who is in charge of Capitol security, had taken my recommendation and substantially increased security, there would have been no ‘January 6’ as we know it!” Trump continued in his statement.  

“Therefore, the Unselect Committee should be investigating why Nancy Pelosi did such a poor job of overseeing security and why Mike Pence did not send back the votes for recertification or approval, in that it has now been shown that he clearly had the right to do so!” (per Newsmax)  

Key Details: Currently, some lawmakers are in discussion changing the Electoral Count Act to clarify the vice president’s role in the process of electoral certification.

  1. Always wondered why and if Pence had an ulterior motive to make the “non action” move he made. He had to know what he should do but DID NOT DO. He also had to know the terrible results of his “inaction”. Pence may be a moral man but he is also a man of questionable integrity and loyalty.

    1. When he sees the state of the affairs in this country, due to his failure to do his job, he should hang his head in shame.

      1. he should do like Judas, hang himself so all the guts just gush downward to the DC Potomac River.he will always have a huge red commie target on his back

      2. I like what I see.
        Except for the number of Covid deaths.
        My net worth has gone up 23% under Biden.
        Trump’s has gone down.
        Down like Stormy Daniels on a stink star.

        1. So what happens to your net worth under communist rule? In spite of criminal joe not handling any crisis Americans are facing, it all comes down to your wallet. What a pompous ass you are!

    2. Nothing moral about Pence….used his fake Christianity to cover his pedophilia! He is part of the Deep State! Trump has always known what Pence really is!

      1. Why did Trump select Pence for His Vice President?
        Has Trump always known that Pence is a pedophile?
        How many other pedophiles has Trump selected?

        1. Not as many as obama did! You must have seen the pedophilia of criminal joe, and snowflakes still voted for him

      1. That is why Trump picked him.
        As it turns out he wasn’t.
        It turns out that he had the backbone to defy the sitting President.
        Just like Trump’s greatest appointment, General Miley.

  2. Where was the other other 29 coins Judas?! Pence betrayed us and certified that demented troll knowing it was fraud!! I wouldn’t vote for that traitor if he was the only one running! No God will avenge us and take these ungodly trolls down!!

    1. “GOD Will rule against the wicked and Destroy them with The BREATH of HIS MOUTH. GOD Will be clothed with FAIRNESS AND TRUTH.” (ISAIAH 11) I send these WORDS OF ALMIGHTY GOD to Manifest throughout This January 6th Committee Investigation! I Trust And DEPEND on ALMIGHTY GOD’S Justice Fairness Honesty and Truth to continue to Expose and Destroy All involved. I Decree in JESUS NAME AND AUTHORITY

  3. Pence must train with Cheney and keep learning exactly how to say ‘Do you want fries with that?’ Best they are set for their next job.

    1. If you look back, there emails from pence to a sen making plans to eliminate Trump.
      Remember Pence got an envelope at 41 funeral, remember the video of a sheriff assembly and the black lady sheriff gave Pence a note? How about conservatives from Pence”s state calling him a pedo

        1. I hope that when your mother named you it wasn’t after Albert Einstein! That Albert would be rolling in his grave!!

    2. Trump should have declared marshall law, implemented military martial law right after this traitor yielded to the Demorat Party. he was still the legal Commander-in-Chief. two things he did not do: fire the sorcerer fauci and fire pence after his treason acts. he is still the POTUS until Jan 20th.

  4. Everyone in the house that day should be checked out as we know FBI agents were involved and why Pelosi turned down help from National guard! Pence shouldn’t have agreed to anything until it was checked as electorial college votes on key states were achieved by Biden from cheating ballots! If demorats didnt have something to hide it should have been totally redone! All of it. Would have Been easier than all the fake recounts and counters hiired by the clown Zuckerberg who has No business in our election process! Getting down to the point we will have to get the military to do it as you cant trust anyone anymore! Demorats overreach is way out of hand! Cure for this problem! Dont vote for demorats!

    1. Where are the voter fraud arrests?
      You don’t know squat.
      Why should it be redone?
      Show me the fraud.
      Trump had two and half months to expose it.
      Zero arrests.

  5. Funny how Democrat spread an out right lie and nothing ever happens? Even when the truth is released nothing happens! They will start a civil war! Then wonder why the people deport them from the country forever! But not before taking everything they stole first! They will be amazed it happened to them!

    1. GOD SAYS; “At The Time I Have Planned, I Will Bring JUSTICE AGAINST The Wicked… I Will Cut Off The Strength of The Wicked, But I Will Increase The Power of The Godly.” (Psalm 75) These WORDS OF ALMIGHTY GOD ARE Decreed And released-operating throughout The DncDemocrats, Biden-Harris-Regime, January 6th Committee Investigation, globalists And EVERYONE who’s connected-partnered. I Trust And DEPEND on ALMIGHTY GOD’S Justice Fairness Honesty and Truth To Continue to Expose and Destroy All involved. “From Eternity to Eternity I AM GOD. NO ONE CAN OPPOSE WHAT I DO. NO ONE CAN REVERSE MY ACTIONS.” (Isaiah 43) I Decree And Declare IN JESUS NAME AND AUTHORITY ♦️

  6. Well thanks to bat crap crazy Nancy! When Trump is elected! They all can be drug back and prosecuted! And I am sure Trump will televise it all!

  7. Many twists and turns – the game is far from over – not sure what is really happening but you can bet – Trump does – god has plans for this nation – not sure how long it will take but its happening

    1. God has plans for the world.
      God is fair.
      He treats all nations the same.
      He loves all His people.
      He does not discriminate.
      He even loves Obama.
      As hard as that is to believe…..

  8. Nobody is asking why they just didn’t lock down. These electronically locked doors can only be locked or unlocked from the inside control center. Find the answer to that question and you have your culprit.

    1. Quite frustrated situation my dear! Bet that if it happen today President Trump will be more prepared to deal with these human sharks! He was too trusted, including choosing Pence, and other double faced traitors!

      But then, we should remember the saying:

      ”Goodness is lax, but badness, is ferocious”!


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