RNC Officially Censures Rep. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger

Photo of the US Capitol / Photo by the US Capitol via Flickr

On Friday, the Republican National Committee (RNC) voted to censure two House Republicans.  

Background: On Thursday, the RNC unanimously passed a motion to censure Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger and Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney over their activity on the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.  

What Cheney Says: In a Tweet, Rep. Cheney accused leaders of the GOP of putting their loyalty to Donald Trump over their duty to uphold the Constitution. 

“I do not recognize those in my party who have abandoned the Constitution to embrace Donald Trump. History will be their judge. I will never stop fighting for our constitutional republic. No matter what.”  

What Kinzinger Says: “I have no regrets about my decision to uphold my oath of office and defend the Constitution. I will continue to focus my efforts on standing for truth and working to fight the political matrix that’s led us to where we find ourselves today,” Kinzinger tweeted.  

What Happened: During their winter meeting in Utah, the RNC officially passed a resolution to censure Reps. Kinzinger and Cheney.  

Only a smattering of “nos” were heard in the sea of “yes” votes, though it was unclear who precisely voted in support of and opposition to the package.  

The resolution that censured Cheney and Kinzinger said the two lawmakers are participating in “persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse” by sitting on the Jan. 6 panel, which was convened last year by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (per The Hill)

  1. How about these two lawmakers were censured because they refused to toe the party line and kowtow to the J6 committee’s goal of holding Trump accountable for the January 6 2021 staged so called ‘insurrection’. It is a political censure in disguise!

    1. Trump had nothing to do with Jan. 6. The FBI said he was still giving a speech, a mile away, The capitol police theink they hav Trump p eople in jail, but it is not so. BLM, Antifa, Proud Boys, Oath Keeprs all stormed the capitol and in jail now..

      1. Good. Those RINO’s need to be voted out this November! Romney needs to be voted out also. These RINO’s caving to democrat jungle rabbits are getting what they have coming. Everything the jungle rabbits touch goes to garbage, large cities are crime infested ghettos run by the jungle rabbits..

          1. Good idea ! Vote ALL incumbents out .>> Any new member of Congress will be better than what we are saddled with !

          2. They will be no better than you.
            You are responsible for the existing members.
            You are responsible for Trump being out of the White House.
            You did not fight like Hell.
            You are a weak puke looser.

        1. It was mainly instigated by Nancy…refusal to hire extra Guardsmen, Capitol police opening the doors and escorting the people in…instigated by the Dems.

          1. Trump was the Guardsmen Commander and Chief.
            They don’t answer Pelosi.
            Why did Trump fail order his Guardsman to protect the Capitol from his supporters that he ordered to march on the capitol and fight like hell.
            To Trump’s base fight like hell is code for smear your fecal matter.
            Remember the Maine!
            Remember the Fecal Matter!!!!

          2. Sorry but your wrong again, it is the Capital Police job to protect the capital,under the leadership of the Speaker of the House, {nancy Pigloosi} and Trump did on more than one occasion offer to have the National Guard come to help but she refused the offer. so you should stop posting those lies that are put put out by the lame stream media.

          3. It was Trump’s job to protect all of America.
            Trump was the Commander and Chief of the has no power over the National Guard.
            Trump failed to protect the Capitol.
            The Pig Lady has no military power.

          4. Go back to Uncle Rudolph. Understand the law before you pontificate. Trump could only offer National Guard. Pelosi had to then ask for deployment. Duh…

          5. So right! Had there not been a libtard plan in place, Pelosi would have had the guard there like flies on s–t!

    2. Really? Really? Do you have any idea what’s happening except what cnn tells you? The committee is sham. If they want the truth look at the facts and they will lead you to Pelosi.

      1. Was the Pelosi the President?
        Did she tell her supporters to march on the Capitol?
        Fight like Hell?
        Smear their fecal matter.
        That would be deplorable.

      1. This puts them right in the public eye.
        Republicans should have just ignored them.
        The censure just bumped their political contributions.
        I just sent them $500 each.
        I want our country to have at least two strong political parties.
        I have never voted a straight ticket.

  2. Time for Leader McCarthy to throw them out of the Republican Party. And when they vote on the measure, no more voice votes – we need to see supports these treasonous RINOs.
    McCarthy needs to prove that he will be a true REPUBLICAN Speaker of the House. At this point he talks the talk, but he ain’t walking the walk.
    Let’s Go Brandon
    Impeach 46
    Defund the FBI

    1. McCarthy, like Trump, can not throw them out of the Republican party.
      Each person determines their party when they register to vote.
      They can change it as often as they like.
      Political parties are not like country clubs where members can be ejected.
      I am usually a Republican.
      But not for Trump.

        1. I voted for McCain and Romeny.
          I didn’t want Obama to win by too much.
          You have to be careful with his kind, they can get uppity.
          At least they are not deplorable.

        2. No, he is a damn idiot (related to the Idiot-In-Charge in the WH. Look up the history of his Uncle Rudolph..
          Albert has diarrhea of the brain today

  3. Cheney has lost all reason. With all the treason being committed by Biden and his followers she picks Trump following the Constitutional guarantees of free speach and offering his opinions on an ekectiin that more and more been determined to have been fixed. It is beyond unreasonable for her to be so fixated on Trump’s Constitutional use of free speach and let the border crisis, unscientific handling of the Covid epidemic and Bidens very visible multiple treasonous acts go unquestioned!

  4. I really appreciate the advice coming from the kommiecrats on who is a good republican. The kommiecrats always have republican interests at heart. Cheney and Kinzinger are more loved by the kommiecrats than Sinema and Manchin.
    Republicans better listen to the kommiecrats if they want to appeal to kommiecrats.

    1. A Republican is anyone who registered to vote that way.
      Trump was pro-abortion Democrat for a long time.
      What day did Cheney become Commie?
      The day she failed to say ‘you’re absolutely right Donald’?

  5. How about kicking them out of the party. They’re helping the left take political prisoners. They have videos showing the ANTIFA getting off 3 buses and the Capitol police escorting them inside. Come on people. These are all trumped up charges and Pelosi and ALL the rest should be in GITMO.

    1. You must be new here.
      This is America.
      We are a free people.
      People can not be kicked out of a Party.
      Anyone can be a member of any party and vote in their primaries.
      City/Town Clerks is the place where Party selections are made.
      What country are you from?

  6. Kinsinger and Cheney ought to be ashamed of themselves for the despicable representation of their party!!! I see an exit door open with no reentry in the political world!!! Shame and Disgrace is all I can think of with these two political hacks!!!! GOODBYE 👋

  7. well all those who called for people to go out and get into republican faces and challegne them and attack in the streets and burn and rape and kill. Did 10 times worse then anyone did at the state capital on January 6th All those who rioted and assaulted people left and right and not a fucking thing happened to any of them? Are guilty of worse crimes but when the right called this out it was trying to overthrow the Government by the right and half the people at that Jan 6 issue are from BLM and Antifa a long with many others and more so Pelosi aoc schummer democrates chenney and Klinzinger i just wish they would’ve taken over and killed all democtates? ooops now I did it

    1. People can not be expelled from a party.
      If you want to be a Republican all you have to do is have your City/Town Clerk
      register to vote that way.
      The Republican and Democrat parties have no control over your party affiliation.
      Trump supporters knowledge of how are political system works is deplorable.
      They are as dumb as Biden.

  8. I don’t know Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, the two people who were just censured by the RNC, but I’m quite certain that their unacceptable behaviour showed that what they did was well deserved!

    1. All you need to know is that they went against Trump.
      Trump is the Republican Party.
      If you don’t like it get out.

  9. I’m not sure what Cheney & Kinzinger are thinking! Trump believes in the Constitution also & he followed it in office. As for Jan 6, Trump wasn’t involved – he was involved to try to stop the count of the electoral voted but he didn’t know about Jan 6; however, the FBI did. At the time, there were many videos circulating – I watched & kept all of them but I find now some of them are refusing to let me see them again. Amazing – but one I saw was the Capitol Police escorting BLM & Antifa on the grounds of the Capitol & opening the doors for them. An Antifa person got before a video & said we are dressing like Trump Supporters with hats & flags – this was a planned event but not by Trump! You both are so full of hate you can’t see the truth in front of you!

  10. What Liz. Says about Trump is wrong and very stupid. Former President Trump has by far always respectfully and honorably promoted the constitution more than any president before and currently. To push this narrative is so far from the truth. The real reason Trump is so respected and admired by so many is his humble but assertiveness to truly represent the American people’s interests and well being.

    1. It is not all Democrats.
      Republicans were welcome to join.
      Some Republicans did.
      It says so their Voter Registration Cards.
      Censure is meaningless, they are still members of Republican Party.
      They will continue to be as long as they do not change their Voter Registration

      1. Your full of it. The Republican party choose members to be on the committee but Democrats would not except them !! Instead they picked the two Rep that they knew they could count on to vote with them. Unconstitutional how they handled it !!

        1. Which Republicans did the Democrats reject?
          Names are so important.
          The Republicans rejected any investigation of the events of J6.
          That did not stop the investigation.
          The Republicans lost control of the Presidency, the Senate, the House and the J6 Committee.
          Trump and “His” Republicans are WEAK PUKE LOSERS.

  11. This GOP “backlash” has more to do with the fact that Nancy Pelosi selected these two Republicans for that committee. Her action was completely contrary to longstanding precedent where GOP Leader selects the GOP committee members and the Democrat leader selects the Democrat members. Plus, Reps. Kinzinger and Cheney had stated strong opposition to everything Trump long before the committee existed and thus, they were biased to begin with.

    1. The GOP could have have selected almost half of the J6 Committee.
      They chose not to.
      They thought they could stonewall it.
      They failed.
      They could not stop the formation of the J6 Committee.
      They were stupid.
      They lost control.
      Like they lost control of the Presidency, the House and the Senate.
      Trifecta losers.

  12. Lizzie and Tears On My Pillow Kinzinger deserve more punishment than a slap on the wrist. Drum them put of the party along with Ben Sass and Mittens Romney.

    1. You can not drum people out of a party.
      Each voter determines which party they want to be a member of.
      They can also choose none.

  13. Since these 2 RINO’s are so concerned about the Constitution, how about the right to a speedy trial and cruel and unusual punishment or did they delete that recently

  14. Seems to me that almost every politician could be tried for failing to uphold their Oath, to preserve, protect & defend the constitution just from the fact they all want to control people’s lives and pass laws to do just that.

  15. The RNC also officially called the 2020 election for Trump.
    So what!
    Biden is 46, he always will be.
    He does not want Trump to be 47.
    I don’t think that he wants a second term.
    But will step up to keep Trump out.

  16. These 2 members of the GOP need to be taken to task however the Bush /Cheney actions which paved the way for the Patriot’ ACT ( which the Congress passed without reading ) is an example of our governments actions .>>

  17. I wonder if Liz and Adam, think the Jan. 6 jailed without benefit of bail, are getting our constitutional treatment. What a waste of our time and money on this investigation that these two were so happy to be a part of.

  18. Party membership is determined by the individual not the Party.
    You can be a member of any Party you want.
    I Remember When America Was Great!!!
    Trump was a pro aboration Democrat…..
    Make America Great Again Again
    Dump Trump

  19. Rather ironic that Liz talks about abusing/undermining the Constitution! She chose to participate and prostitute her Republican status to Pelosi in her unconstitutional act of conducting another partisan attack on the American people! I am not a Republican, but I am surely not a Socialist hiding in the Democratic Party! Hate Trump all you want Liz, but stop being a Democratic Socialist “Ho” at America’s expense!!



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