Sen. Mike Braun Says Biden Approval Rating Reveals Key Shift with Independent Voters

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

President Biden’s sinking approval rating reflects how Independent voters are moving away from the flailing Democrat. According to Independent Sen. Mike Braun, Independent voters are quickly abandoning their plans to support President Biden and more are aligning with Republicans.

Fox News reports:

MIKE BRAUN: I’m surprised it took this long and for those poll numbers to reflect what I see when I travel to Indiana. When I got here a little over three years ago and I look at pre-Covid, and look at the reasons I ran because we are trying to maybe do some things with government to make it more effective. There is buyers remorse out there. And you just mentioned all the reasons. And any one or two of these… could get you down into poll numbers that are not good when you have a midterm looming. We have been dished up a menu of deplorables in terms of what is going on currently. 

My point is, what are we going to do with it as Republicans? I think that is the key variable. Independents are almost in lockstep with this in all these issues. That’s important. Normally, they are in the middle. Finally, the truth comes out – just like it does when you have bad policies on vaccinations and some of the things they have been trying to ram through based upon not science but their political science. I think it is just all coming home to roost.

    1. We have all known what a Democrat was in the last 40 years, and idiots still voted for them. What is wrong with American People!

  1. The time for impeacment is nearing, all those responsible for allowing this to continue should end of in jail. Weak indecision in our Country leadership has lead to the turmoil that now exist on the world stage. The major power brokers in Russia and China now see the United States void of leadership with Biden and his band of misfits at the helm, they are correct in their thinking. Here we have a family who has taken money from these adversaries and promised what in return? They have compromised the world peace structure for personal gain. Think, Biden is hoping for war, to avoid resolving issues they created, which are now above his capability to resolve. He has surrounded his office with like minded in affected creatures who lack the brains and ability to compete on the world stage. These people have lied to Congress, broken’s established laws, spent money with out the approval of Congress, left lives and material on the battlefields which was not theirs to waste, and today have avoided any responsibility for their actions, but guess what 2022 midterms are just around the corner and the American people will have they say, impeachment and jail will be in the cards for their abuse of power and neglect to honor their oaths.

    1. He’s dumber than a box of rocks.
      Was never smart to begin with, however it’s plain obvious he absolutely cannot do the job!

  2. How on Earth can any true American patriot for for CCP Biden? Its beyond reason to think this idiot is caring for the people. Politicians lining their own pockets and doing Chinas bidding


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