Mayoral Candidate Targeted in Assassination Attempt

An FN509 Midsize with ammo and a spare magazine / Photo by Jack Shepherd-FullMagNews

On Monday, Louisville Democrat mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg survived a shooting attempt after a local activist reportedly pulled a handgun on him and began firing in what some are calling an “assassination attempt.”

The Daily Wire reports:

“We are shaken, but safe,” Greenberg told reporters following the incident.

“He said someone walked up to his campaign HQ, they greeted them, then the person started shooting. He says a bullet grazed his sweater,” according to David Williams with Spectrum News 1.

Greenberg released a statement following the incident.

“This morning, I was gathered for a brief meeting with four of my incredible team members in our campaign office. A man walked into our office. When we greeted him, he pulled out a gun, aimed directly at me and began shooting,” he said in the statement.

The suspected shooter, 21-year-old Quintez Brown, was taken into custody by Louisville Metro Police.

“The 21-year-old was identified as ‘a former intern and editorial columnist’ of the Louisville Courier-Journal by the paper itself, where he wrote that he had studied philosophy and Pan-Africanism while studying at the University of Louisville, where he’d previously served as the opinion editor of the school’s newspaper, the Cardinal,” the Daily Beast reported.

Brown previously advocated for a number of progressive social justice programs, including stricter gun control laws.

According to reports from Fox News:

In a Feb. 1 post on Instagram, Brown, using the handle “tez4liberation,” shared a post celebrating “Black Radical Month” and a list of names that included convicted cop killer Assata Shakur.

Last month, Brown published a piece on on Jan. 10 titled, “A Revolutionary Love Letter.”

“During our short stay on this glorious planet we all have been collectively dehumanized and reduced to political talking points — Black, white, liberal, conservative, Christian, criminal, boss, worker, activist, etc.,” Brown wrote in the letter. “Our sick, manipulated brethren will weaponize common sense and tell us to ‘face to facts’ — as if facts are something outside of us as if life were something we encounter as foreigners*. They will tell us that communism and collectivism has never and will never work and refuse to even explore these “childish” (or inferior) ideas.”

Screenshots shared online show Brown wrote one piece for the Courier-Journal published on July 2, 2019, titled, “Kentucky’s concealed carry law shows your life doesn’t matter to gun-loving Republicans.”

  1. Another black thug attempting to murder a white man. Because the target is a Democrat, calling him a “man” is most likely a stretch, but does anyone believe the black perp will be indicted as a hate crime?

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        1. Who is “Barry Soetoro”? Or don’t you know the LEGAL name of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.?

          Barry was a nickname, just as I go by Bob to avoid red neck harassment. Soetoro was his ADOPTED last name when he was adopted as a child.

          Also, please learn how to write grammatically correctly.

    1. Hopefully the black civil rights leftist activist and BLM member running for local office will be indicted for a hate crime. But I won’t bet on it.

      1. Those 2 rented girls were finally returned to their biological parents AND will collect a paycheck from the government for the rest of their life .

  2. Must be lots of openings for work with a background in philosophy and Pan-Africanism!! WTF is that!! Welcome to the REAL WORLD snowflake!

  3. Funny how easy it is to spot race in an article such as this because of the lack of race in an article such as this.

  4. globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and chester biden and demonrats and rinos and media aren’t controlling their libby snow flake sheep from shooting their globalist puppets . . . . .

  5. Why was it possible to know the ethnic origin of Quintez Brown before we even saw his name? Blacks are totally and completely ok with murdering anyone, but if a police officer ever kills a Black while in the commission of a crime, cities will burn, property will be stolen and destroyed, and innocent people will die because of it.

    1. SOLUTION: When black people burn, loot, riot and attack innocent people after a LEGAL police action towards a black criminal takes place, I would suggest that after the rioters and looters are arrested, we give them two choices:
      1) 20 years hard labor
      2) their freedom . . . . IN AFRICA and never allowed to return!

      Personally, I hope they choose Number 2. Tired of hearing how the crackers are making their lives too difficult.

  6. One crazy libturd, trying a kill another crazy libturd, probably not crazy enough for the shooter. The media barely mentioned it. If it was a Republican, it would be on a loop 24/7.

    1. globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and chester biden and demonrats and rinos and media only want to defund the police that are not imbred demonrats and actually do police work, they want to keep their imbred demonrat police that obey the orders not to arrest their imbred demonrat criminal voters . .

  7. globalist puppet brown must have done something that globalists and their puppet $oro$ and their imbred demonrat voters didn’t like or globalists or their imbred demonrat voters wouldn’t have shot at him .

  8. If only more of these ‘progressives’ loser-screw-ups, could actually, take-out the demo(n)©rats…and, themselves, like frickking ninjas. 🤣

  9. The Louisville Democrat mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg who was almost murdered, should walk into the judge’s chambers and fire off a few rounds close to the judge’s robe. WHO WANTS TO BET THIS GUY doesn’t get the same treatment as Quintez Brown??????

  10. Isn’t this the second time this has happened, and mysteriously at point blank range they miss. Is this kinda suspicious that since the democratic party has dribbled down that drain pipe, and in its desperation to regain something, or anything they once had.
    The democrats have made the whole country a living hell, and they still blame
    Everyone else for it.

  11. I had to wait to get my comment approved.
    Way to many rules, regulations, approvals,
    investigations, accusations, just tired of all of the “let big brother see if it’s alright”
    I do and say whatever I want as long as it’s within reason, and it’s the truth, and I don’t need a approval from anybody, and whoever
    doesn’t like that well guess what, you are expressing your opinions, and that’s fine with me.


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