Republican Senators to Boycott Vote on Biden’s Fed Picks

Republicans on the Senate Banking Committee will block votes on five Federal Reserve nominees. In a Tuesday announcement, Sen. Pat Toomey, the top Republican on the Banking Committee, said GOP members of the Banking panel will not show up for scheduled votes on Biden’s choices to serve on the Fed board, including Fed Chair Jerome Powell.

Fox Business reports:

Republicans are accusing Fed vice chair of supervision nominee Sarah Bloom Raskin of influence peddling after leaving a post in the Obama administration. Raskin, the White House, the Kansas City Fed the company she’s accused of using her influence to assist all strenuously deny the allegation.

A boycott could also affect Federal Reserve Chairman Pro Tempore Jerome Powell, who is up for another term in his post. Other nominees who were expected to get votes were Fed vice chair nominee Lael Brainard, Fed governor nominee Phillip Jefferson, and Fed governor nominee Lisa Cook.

“Committee Republicans aren’t seeking to delay her vote. We’re seeking answers,” Banking Committee Ranking Member Pat Toomey, R-Pa., said Tuesday. “Until basic questions have been adequately addressed, I do not think the Committee should proceed with a vote on Ms. Raskin.”

Brown Tuesday said in boycotting the markup, “Toomey chose to abdicate his duty to the American people and put our economic recovery at risk, instead of doing his job and showing up to vote on Ms. Bloom Raskin, Dr. Cook, Dr. Jefferson, Gov. Brainard, and Chair Powell’s nominations.”

A Senate committee needs at least two members from the minority party to be able to conduct official business, including the approval of presidential nominees.

  1. Who is paying the biden’s salary ? if it’s America, the United States why were they taking in so much money from Russia and China?Trudeau trying to turn Canada into a dictatorship much like biden is trying in the USA but the court systems will curb his power grabs much like biden, they can still ignore the courts like biden does, but then there is impeachment, jail, special councils to have the final say, there lust for power stops them from doing the right thing, just like Trudeu did not have the balls to discuss the issues with the truckers in person, biden did not have the balls to confront Putin even on the phone over stop gap measures. How do these weak leaders remain in power, when they jack the balls and brains to govern ?.


    1. When will Biden be impeached?
      When the Republicans take the House?
      When will Biden be convicted?
      When the Republicans take 2/3 of the Senate?
      Impeachments are so boring.

      1. When will Biden be impeached?” Never

        “When the Republicans take the House?” Nov 2022

        “When will Biden be convicted?” Never

        “When the Republicans take 2/3 of the Senate?” Never To many socialist in the country to get that many republican senators elected.

        “Yawn.” Getting tired so soon?

        “Impeachments are so boring.” yesit is when all you got are only lies and made up facts like the last two impeachments.

  2. I think Biden should be forbidden to make any laws, or pass any bills until he has been examined for adequate cognizance by an experienced neurologist who is not in any way affiliated with our government. We want the truth.

    1. The truth is that Biden is an incompetent fool with dementia. He is a terrible liability to the country and is hurting the United States every day he is in office.

      1. We the people did not vote for Biden, we voted against Trump.
        That is what you have to do when you have to such really bad candidates.
        You have vote against one of them.
        You just can’t be for either.

        1. dare say there are 80 million people who voted for a candidate that stayed in basement, cannot carry on conversation, done nothing but wrong things for 40
          + years in Congress and is one very corrupt and immoral guy.
          Nothing to see here, no nothing.
          BTW, lets ask the question another way, how do you know there was not enough election fraud to turn the 2020 election?

    2. Who has the power to make that happen?
      Trump after he has been examined for adequate cognizance by an experienced neurologist who is not in any way affiliated with our government. We want the truth.

  3. I’m so frustrated that I don’t even know what to say. However, our only hope is to take back the house and the Senate. Period!
    If we don’t, we’re majorly screwed and we lose our country.

      1. ballotpedia: Democrats flipped three seats and Republicans flipped fifteen, meaning Republicans gained twelve seats in the House. Republicans lost a total of three Senate seats leaving them with fifty, Democrats hold 48 and Independents who caucus with Democrats hold two.
        nyt 11-28-2020; How Democrats Suffered Crushing Down-Ballot Losses Across America
        politico 11-4-2020; ‘A decade of power’: Statehouse wins position GOP to dominate…
        Democrats made their House and Senate gains in 2018 only because of two years of Russia-Russia-Russia and the manufactured Mueller investigation. Conservative voters won’t be fooled again with phony investigations. 2022 will be about mandates, students, crime, record inflation and the destructive policies of a wholly Democrat controlled government.

  4. We must do everything we can to destroy the government.
    It is the only way to get Biden out of the White House.
    The military refuses to do it.

  5. OMG! Who is “Brown”? The writer includes comments from this person without ever mentioning his/her name anywhere else in the report. I take it he must be another member of the Banking Committee but at least identify persons you’re referencing in your articles. And good for Toomey; we do not need any more corrupt bureaucrats in the LGB administration.

    1. Likely the author’s referring to Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown who is a ranking member. He is also a totally useless Pelosi clone. He won against the Republican candidate in 2018 because he spent over $27 million on his campaign versus $7 million by his opponent and because his statewide ads lied about tax filings by Renacci.


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