Report: 66% of Democrats Want Hillary Clinton Investigated

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking with supporters at a town hall meeting at Hillside Middle School in Manchester, New Hampshire. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Nearly two-thirds of Democrats want to see Hillary Clinton investigated for any role she might have had in trying to manufacture former President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. According to a new poll by TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics (TIPP) 66% of Democrats want to see Clinton investigated.

According to Newsmax:

The figure marks a 20-point increase from last October, when TIPP asked the same question about Clinton.

The most recent court documentsreveal that special counsel John Durham’s investigation is ready to prove that the Clinton campaign and another individual identified as “Tech Executive 1” tried to infiltrate computer servers at Trump Tower and a Trump-owned apartment building in New York.

The team also tried to get into servers at the White House once Trump took office to try to get data that would create the impression that Trump had nefarious ties to Russia in an effort to deflect attention from Hillary Clinton’s missing email scandal during the 2016 campaign.

These are the results of the poll:

91% of Republicans called for Clinton to be investigated.

65% of independents said they want Clinton investigated.

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  1. Frankly I do t blame them when he admits his appointments are based on racist ideology. He should appoint the most qualified person regardless of race, gender or religious affiliation. Seems Biden never read the Bill of Rights.

    1. He should appoint people that represent the diversity of America.
      Did Trump nominate the very best Americans to the Supreme Court.
      Without regard to their politics?
      There were no woman good enough until 1981.
      No Blacks until 1967 (Marshall was actually a high yeller with a thin nose and lips that didn’t talk Black).
      Supreme Court Judges are first and foremost politicians.
      In case you hadn’t noticed they are always appointed and approved by politicians.
      They even change parties.
      Roberts went from Republican to RINO.

    2. I hope Biden nominates Stacey Abrams. I will grab a beer and some popcorn to watch as she gets roasted in Senate confirmation hearings. I want to see how much of her dirty laundry they can dig up. If she were to get approved, no worries. She would be replacing a liberal with a liberal, and I don’t expect she would be in that job very long before she had a stroke, a heart attack, or just exploded from ‘food poisoning’.

  2. Hillary Clinton and her daughter are openly admit being satanic cult members and after that cult on Epstein island was raided and exposed by the FBI I wouldn’t t a point her to anything but a mental health institution. Both Michelle and Barack Obama are also members of that same cult. When Obama posted photographs of his mansion it was clearly visible that he had numerous statues of satan on his furniture. Many people wouldn’t recognize them unless they’d seen them before.

    1. When were Hillary and her daughter on an Epstein’s island?
      Which one?
      When did the FBI raid an Epstein island?
      When was Obama on an Epstein island?
      What statues of Satan did Obama have.
      Where were the photographs published?
      Where is Obama’s mansion?
      Is it bigger than Trump’s smallest?

  3. Investigate away as we all know what happens NOTHING She has committed treason against this country, obstructed justice not to mention all the tragic deaths and suicides that are linked back to her

    1. The long infamy death list sign by the Clinton clan. This clan family shuld be shot on sight. The sooner the better. Include the man from planet of the ape.

      1. Albert, Biden is a murdering, lying, traitorous coward. We were prosperous and happy under Trump, under Biden we are a third-world dump and losing traction daily, so Phuck you Albert you delusional snowflake.

        1. I am happy and prosperous under Biden.
          I own rental real estate.
          Inflation is a wonderful thing.
          Rents just keep going up.
          I know it’s hard on poor people but Buck them, I got mine.
          I worked hard, my first couple of years
          Now the money just keeps rolling in.
          The joy of evictions and doubling the rents!

      1. You really have a sick mind when it comes to father daughter incest. Have you tried to talk to a therapist about it? I sure hope you don’t have any children of your own. Did something happen to you as a child? Hope you get help soon.

        1. What is your Bucking problem?
          You don’t want Joe to Buck your daughter in her Butt Hole?
          Thomas does.
          He loves using Buck words.
          And Bucking his pre pubescent daughter.
          The smell is to die for!
          The joy of pedophilea.

      1. They are and TTN needs to give us the power to block them like other blogs. They’re nothing but a nuisance who’ve lost their pacifiers.

  4. While I believe an investigation should’ve occurred a long time ago, I see it as nothing more than a CYA move by them because their numbers are crashing.


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