Mike Lindell to Parachute Supplies to Freedom Convoy After Hitting Initial Roadblock

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell said he plans to parachute in free pillows to Canadians protesting Covid-19 mandates.

The Daily Mail reports:

Lindell, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, confirmed that a truck loaded with My Pillows had been denied entry into Canada at the Michigan border on Tuesday, so he intends to drop his products to Freedom Convoy protesters from a helicopter, the Daily Beast reported.

‘We need to get the My Pillows to the people,’ Lindell said, explaining that the pillows will be equipped with ‘little parachutes’ to ensure their safe delivery.

Lindell did not specify when or where the delivery would take place, saying: ‘I can not give the location out, and it is no joke! I just confirmed with them [the helicopter company], and yes, this is the plan.’

The My Pillow CEO told Newsweek that his truck drivers were denied entry because they were not vaccinated. RSBN, who were documenting the pillow’s trip, were also denied entry because the correspondents and crew were not vaccinated.

Per Canadian law, travelers can enter or exit Canada only if they are fully vaccinated.

    1. He is a great person, but his company sucks. Or the people running it sucks.
      I ordered a pillow from them over a year ago, got the wrong one, so they said they would send what I needed to send the pillow back. To this day I have not received anything to send the pillow back. I have written to them twice, never heard nothing from them, so I am out the money for the pillow since it is not usable.

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  1. Attach maybe a 36 inch plastic parachute to a cheap pillowcase and drop them from 500 to 750 feet in a low wind situation so they don’t drift very far. Go for it Mr. Lindell

  2. As much as I admire the conviction of Mike Lindell, this will start to look like shameless self promotion. Pillows are nice, but that’s not what they need.

  3. Questioning the motives of charity is an argument and practice that is bankrupt. Every person alive self promotes and for Mike Lindell I say TRUCKING !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well, is a nice, crazy gesture that Mike Lindell is famous for. If he’s doing it by helicopter, do you really need parachutes on all these? How about just find a group of protesters (better move quickly on this) and just dump out the pillows in their factory packing wrap? By the time he gets this arranged, the cops may have broken up most of the protesters.

  5. He is like the Energizer Bunny he keeps going and going and going! He gives so much
    of his products away for causes like this how does he make enough to eat? Good guy

  6. I hope he will be safe, don’t think he should have said anything but spread the word another way so they can know when to receive the pillows but better bet they will be
    on the lookout for him in the air.

  7. If you watched LindellTV , you would know that Mike punked his favorite Daily Beast liberal “journalist “, Zach, and apparently, TTN, also. He got the idea from an old WKRP in Cincinnati tv show.


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