Judge Rules Trump, Children Must Comply with NY AG’s Subpoena

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On Thursday, a New York state judge ruled that former President Trump and his two oldest children must comply with the New York attorney general’s subpoenas for their testimony in an investigation into the family’s business.

The Hill reports:

Judge Arthur Engoron denied the Trumps’ effort to quash the subpoenas, rejecting their arguments that New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) is conducting a politically motivated investigation that is depriving them of their constitutional rights.

“In the final analysis, a State Attorney General commences investigating a business entity, uncovers copious evidence of possible financial fraud, and wants to question, under oath, several of the entities’ principals, including its namesake. She has the clear right to do so,” Engoron wrote.

The judge dismissed Trump’s arguments that James’s various comments about the former president, including campaign vows to investigate him, undermine the legal basis for the investigation.

Engoron wrote in his eight-page ruling that his own “review of the thousands of documents responsive to OAG’s prior subpoenas demonstrates that OAG has a sufficient basis for continuing its investigation, which undercuts the notion that this ongoing investigation is based on personal animus, not fact and law,” referring to the Office of the Attorney General.

Donald Trump must comply with the subpoena within 14 days. Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump have 21 days to sit for a deposition.

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  1. This is disgusting that the Judge has already made his determination in this case that President Trump and his children are guilty. I would have expected better from a Judge except that he is a Liberal and is ruling his politics and not the law!

    1. The judge is a worthless biased looney tune and NY AG is a worthless heathen biased porchmonkee prosecutor who needs to be disbarred for abuse of process among other things

  2. He can comply when Hillary complies, when the officials accused of rigging the election comply with subpoenas, when the rest of the democrats who think they are above the law comply….

    1. This is what they are worrying about while the stock market numbers are BELOW NOVEMBER 2021 numbers and dropping like bricks. While thousands and thousands of illegals come into the US. While inflation is up by 8% now (?) and on and on and on. Why don’t they look into THEIR PRESENT PRESIDENT?

      1. Because the present President is beyond reproach, an honest upright man of unquestionable integrity and principle, a young Dem recently quoted.
        My view is that that could not be further from the truth.


  4. Why doesn’t Egor the moron, or is that Engo-moron or ‘whatever’ the ‘f#€k’ this judge’s name is…tell us, why L. James didn’t want to continue the “criminal-prosecution” of that “c#n+” grabber demo(n)©rat-A for “a-hole” Cuomo, in spite of so many witnesses, coming forward, and, then, assure us, that politics has nothing to do with it. Or is this what happens when ya have a 13/90 AG & a ‘social’-activist, judges in Albany, usually‼️

  5. If I’m Donald Trump I do like the fuckin liberals do. Don’t pay any attention to the laws and the judges ruling. Just like Biden doesn’t follow j the Supreme Court rulings. Tell that liberal judge to go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut . Piss on these railroading bastards!!!!!

  6. pure and simple political bullcrap by a corrupt baised judge to try and block a possiable run by President Trump against an attempted overthrow of our Constitutional Government this so called traitor judge has violated his oath of office for party politics an should be disbarred immediately.

  7. While one corrupt battalion of Socialists keep Trump in negative news, another corrupt battalion is creating a furor over Putin invading Ukraine. When Putin does not, Dems can point the “genius of diplomacy” OBiden as having prevented WW3. Given gas prices, open borders, killing babies, and federal mask mandates, it’s their only play. Except we see it right in front of us.

  8. So we must investigate Trumps’ business dealings as a private individual and ignore people holding office i.e. Cuomo’s integrity with the deaths of our seniors at his hand and unwanted sexual advances OR the corruption in the Clinton’s foundation NOT to mention Biden and his family’s illegal dealings while he was VP. But then they are dems and they have placed themselves above the law by the immunity they voted for themselves as politicians


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