Sidney Powell Sues Verizon in Attempt to Block Jan. 6 Subpoena

Screen Shot via Sidney Powell Twitter

President Trump’s former attorney, Sidney Powell is suing Verizon phone company in an attempt to block a subpoena from the House Select Committee.

Powell’s attorney Bob Holmes noted multiple reasons why Verizon should be prevented from releasing records of Powell’s communications subpoenaed by the committee.

The Hill reports:

The lawsuit argues the records are protected by attorney-client privilege and that the committee has not demonstrated a “valid legislative purpose” for the request.

It further claims that the subpoena violates multiple laws, as well as Powell’s constitutional rights, according to CBS 11.

The lawsuit argues that the subpoena violates the Telecommunications Act of 1996 because it seeks “contents of a communication while in electronic storage” without authorization from Powell or the law, and that it violates Powell’s First Amendment right to freedom of association because, the lawsuit claims, it is overly broad and does not “advance a sufficiently important governmental interest to permit its enforcement.”

The lawsuit also alleges, based on claims that the subpoena lacks valid legislative purpose, that it violates Powell’s Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures and her right to privacy.

Powell’s lawsuit also argues enforcement of the subpoena would violate federal and state laws concerning evidence and enforcement of the subpoena could also cause “irreparable harm.”

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        Read all about it here…

  1. I pray that God is on your side with this lawsuit, Sidney! This January 6 madness the vacuous, demented Democrats have perpetuated, just may be the biggest witch hunt of all time. No surprise, of course, since we know their one and only goal is to try and destroy our good President Trump because they are scared to death of the strong possibility that he will be occupying the White House again — where he should still be at this moment!! Rather than the White House squatter and his puppeteers who are destroying our country day by day! And P.S., want to talk insurrection? How about the recent Durham confirmation that mz Clinton’s technially spied on President Trump before, during, and ongoing after he was elected? That is insurrection!!! And that woman (I use the term lightly!) belongs in federal prison if anyone ever did!!

  2. We don’t know how the dinosaurs became extinct but they are except for a few in the oceans. We will know how the democrats become extinct and it doesn’t take rocket science.

  3. Verizon can be accused of Crimes Against Humanity for giving out private information designed to hurt a real human being. They have stepped into tyranny and possibly treason because of the Constitution. Maybe we should all get their background information and spread it all over the net like they are trying to do to Sydney Powell. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Problem is, will we be guilty of those crimes, too?

  4. Interesting development: Canada’s leftist government just announced they will freeze the bank accounts of the freedom fighter AND they will freeze the accounts of those pro-Trump contributors. Wow. This is telling. They therefore equate Trump with Freedom, and oppose both.
    Pray for the restoration of Trump. Pray for the restoration of freedom.

  5. The Democrat Political Party is so disgusting. The amount of people’s money they waste in their quest for power is reprehensible. I find it hard to believe that there are actually people stupid enough to actually support this political party.

    Would one of you Democrats out there be willing to tell me WHY you support that political party? My guess is that you won’t do that because you know how dumb you sound.

  6. I would like this select committee to get us all back to energy independence, that the one who got us this, is the one they are supposedly investigatioing, what a farce

  7. Retired grandmother, registered independent, so virtually a no one, but AT&T, I noticed, deleted a personal photo attached to a personal text of a post that FB censored me for from a private group on facebook. So the government is already “spying” on all of us

  8. I’ve just about had my limit on this trump train news censoring my comments! They are beginning to make me think that they are liberals. Quit censoring my damn comments…


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