Juan Williams Blames the Republican Party for Massive Increase in Crime

Screenshot via Fox News on YouTube

Crime is on the rise in America, hence why so many Americans now feel the need to start packing, and everyone’s favorite Fox News Commentator Juan Williams has the answer to why.

Juan Williams recently wrote an op-ed for The Hill where he goes on to explain that yes, the murder rate is up, but Republicans and lax gun control laws are to blame.

Williams opens his op-ed saying that Republicans are going to use the nationwide rise in violent crime against Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, which in his view is a strange thing to do. Williams points out that some of the states with the highest murder rates in the country are run by Republicans and have relaxed gun control laws. Williams goes on to say that these murders involve guns and he alludes to guns being the problem in these areas.

Williams’ piece then goes into how it is strange that Republicans would want to bring up crime considering the points he has brought up.

As a matter of fairness, Williams is correct in his assertion that Republican states in the south have been hit the hardest by the rise in violent crime. Nothing Williams says in the opening part of his article is incorrect, the Southern States are in fact run by Republicans and they do in fact lack gun control laws. The issue is how we look at these facts.

Most of the violent crimes and homicides being committed are being committed in major metropolitan areas, and this is not unique to the south. Across the countries, criminals have become emboldened in major metropolitan areas of the country as many criminals are now able to get off scot-free and new reforms enacted by liberal District Attorneys are the cause of that.

While Republicans may hold power at the state level, the local level is where meaningful policy that has an impact on crime is being created and Democrats have a firm grasp on many of these cities and counties.

As for Williams’ suggestion that guns may have something to do with the problem, the old adage still rings true; guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

There is an ideological schism in America about this adage. Many on the American left believe that if firearms are removed from the picture then crime rates will plummet, many on the American right think this would have a negligible effect on crime or might even cause crime rates to soar. This massive schism is irreparable, the debate has raged on for decades and there is no hope to be had when it comes to reaching across the aisle.

Williams’ op-ed should serve as a reminder that the debate on guns and the 2nd Amendment is one that will never end, the perspective of some people in America simply can not be changed.

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    1. globalists don’t hire globalist puppets; demonrats and rinos unless they are utter fools, if they weren’t utter fools they would refuse globalists to make them globalist puppets .

    2. RIGHT On dslady! Defunding the police with AGs that book the crime and then let the criminal walk is the problem. Check out the political party and AGs that run the northern (Chicago), western (LA) and eastern (NY) cities with massive criminal problems… did you find DEMOCRATS? Give us a break, Juan. You are indeed an utter fool!

  1. Do you remember, Juan, when your Democratic Party threw you away and the GOP honored your opinion and supported you? Do you remember?

    1. Like NPR fired him and Bill O;Reilly gave him a job on Fox. That was a big mistake on Bill’s part. Should have let Juan sink to the bottom of the pond, like where he is today!

  2. As long as there are minimal or no consequences for the crimes, there will be crimes. The weapon used is beside the point. Being robbed at knife point is no different than being robbed at gun point. If you defund the police and take away a law abiding citizen’s ability to defend themselves, you encourage crime.

  3. What a liberal jackass! The dumbocraps like u are the reason for the crime surge, not repukes.U are still a loser where ever they stuffed u.

    1. globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and chester biden and williams are just as stupid as their imbred demonrat voters .

  4. Juan Williams is an IDIOT!!!
    that’s why you don’t see much of him anymore. He just says stupid things just to be heard. Typical.

  5. This is why you lost your job at Fox on the five etc, radical non objectivity,forget about the Democrat battle cry for the last two years,defund the police,Get a kick out of Mike Wallace also another thinker like yourself, and how great Biden is, CNN why
    did you not end up with them also?WTF IS THE ENERGY POLICY FOR THE UNITED STATES ON THE WORLD STAGE? Joe can’t talk about China or Russia Why because he and his family took money from both, Sanctions, the world trembles under the biden lack of leadership, more than three dozen Congressional Republicans have written a letter demanding President Joe Biden submit to a cognitive test.The searing letter outlined their concerns about his fitness for office. Thirty-seven Republican lawmakers signed the letter, authored by former White House physician Rep. Ronny Jackson. Recent examples of 79-year-old Biden’s ‘mental decline,’ including forgetting names and numbers and his recent hot mic moments, are all cited in the letter. “The American people should have absolute confidence in their President. They deserve to know that he or she can perform the duties of Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,” the letter states.

    ………………………………………..DEMOCRATS ARE INSANE?………………………….
    They start blaming Republicans for the increase in crimes in the Socialist Communist Democrat lead cities and states.

  7. Juan has been deluded on many issues for the entirety of his career. Fact is he wouldn’t still have a career if not for the charity of Fox. They saved him from an early demise at CNN. He still labors under the delusion that firearms are self-directed and work alone, without human will to carry out criminal acts. I’ve never heard him address the millions of times firearms are used by peaceable, lawful individuals to defend themselves. He’s the radical lefty on Fox.

  8. Williams ought to read John Lott’s book, “More Guns, Less Crime” if he wants to know the relationship between guns and crime. Some may suggest Lott was a conservative and therefore, his research is flawed. But, most of the people who spread this manure probably aren’t aware of the report the CDC did for Obama on the relationship between guns and crime. The report confirmed that Lott was 100% correct-of course, Obama buried this report, because it screwed up the narrative (guns=crime) which the left has accepted as gospel for years and years. Democrats would rather live their lives stupid than to take a little time to study an issue.

  9. The minute I saw this FOOLS name, I didn’t need to go any further.
    I’m sorry for the vulgarity, but juan can kiss my behind on a really good day!!! FOOL!!!

  10. Can this clueless buffoon get any dumber? We all know they only reason you have a voice is because you’re a hardcore black leftist. This is a typical Democrat strategy; accuse the other side of exactly what you’re doing, and attempt to deflect everything bad you’re responsible for back on Republicans. Sorry Juan, the vast majority of people that vote legally are too smart and see right through your pathetic, disingenuous efforts to shift blame for the massive crime wave our country is experiencing. We all know the Democrats are soft on criminals, want to defund the police, and were the one’s encouraging violent acts of terrorism committed by BLM and bailing out these criminal thugs during the violent riots of 2020.

    1. Oh don’t say that!! The Demonrats take it as a challenge and work hard to raise their bar on stupid. Little whiny Juan is at the peak.

  11. I am concerned about Juan Williams ability to reason logically. He blames inanimate objects i.e. guns for commission of crimes. He must be mentally challenged to continue to think the way he does, because the evidence is very clear, the latest example being the verdict in the Trial of Rittenhouse that he was not guilty because the prosecutor blamed Kyle Rittenhouse for what the “Gun” he was carrying did. LOL that is an example of the screwed up way of thinking of poor Juan Williams. Of course, we know Kyle protected himself from being killed by using the gun he had for protection, a clear exercise of his 2nd Amendment Right. Juan Williams needs a Course in Logic. Otherwise, keep him off TV until he figures it out.

  12. I am concerned about Juan Williams ability to reason logically. He blames inanimate objects i.e. guns for commission of crimes. He must be mentally challenged to continue to think the way he does, because the evidence is very clear, the latest example being the verdict in the Trial of Kyle Rittenhouse that he was not guilty because the prosecutor blamed Kyle Rittenhouse for what the “Gun” he was carrying did. LOL that is an example of the screwed-up way of thinking of poor Juan Williams. Of course, we know Kyle protected himself from being killed by using the gun he had for protection, a clear exercise of his 2nd Amendment Right. The inalienable right of Self Defense. Juan Williams needs a Course in Logic. Otherwise, keep him off TV until he figures it out.

  13. Juan is an idiot with blinders on. Criminals will always have guns. Where is that going to leave ordinary law-abiding citizens when the shooting starts?

  14. Isn’t the cities with the highest crime rate and murder rate ran and controlled by communist socialist dem-o-rat (KKK) like nyc, la, chicago, portland and sf, and with the strongest gun control laws?

  15. Juan should join Chris Wallace wherever it was he went. Rush Limbaugh would say if you tell the lie often enough people will begin to believe it. Throw Jaun in the trash heap of current day journalists!

  16. if we had ‘gun control’ then how would some defend themselves against viscious criminals who are let off from being prosecuted, and, I am pretty sure they do not have a permit to carry…nor do they buy them at gun stores…they are bought off the street. some of these career criminals have 44+ arrests and are let off without even a fine. what does Juan say about the above?? whether you blame it on a republican run state or democrat state-it is no different-criminals would love to see gun control since they don’t have to register theirs!! btw, last time I heard, chicago and new york (democrat run states) have some of the highest rates of murder and attacks on citizens.

  17. An armed society is a polite society….as to gun violence, just how many gun crimes are committed by those who “legally” own a firearm…

  18. Williams conveniently fails to mention, although he knows, that MOST of the crimes are committed by members of his own ethnic group, you know, the ethnic group that is about 13% of the total population, but tend to live in inner and large cities and commit over 66% of all crimes in the US. But would that be racist on my part to even mention that? Just asking…

  19. This is a perfect example of projection, liberals projecting on conservatives the very things of which they are guilty.

  20. “Screwface” Williams also has some, if not all, screws in his ugly head loose! These “wokes” fake journalists grab on to stats without doing proper research and come out looking like a proverbial bafoon or baboon depending on the personal prospective!
    Juan Williams should be canceled by Fox and picked up by MSNBC, that viewing audience just accepts what woke journalists tell them as gospel truth without a single question or research…… EVER!

  21. Juan Williams took out his brain to play with it and forgot to put it back!
    He is a moron or worse. Nobody really likes him and no one pays any attentin to his liberal remblinggs. Fox should get rid of him. In fact I thought they had. He was a disaster on The Five. Put him in the same category as Whoopie and Joy Behar. In the trash heap!

  22. Even disregarding this latest example of his stupidity, Juan Williams has CONSISTENTLY demonstrated his utter ignorance on almost every topic he talks about. It makes me wonder how he continues to have a job at Fox News. Don’t they realize that he makes them look dumb?

  23. First of all, who is claiming Juan Williams is Fox’s FAVORITE news commentator! You must be kidding! A liberal buffoon. He left NYC, let him come back and walk those streets now with the filth and crime at it’s highest rate.

  24. Well of course Juan Williams would blame the Republicans….Ever known a DemocRAT to admit blame for their own parties’ actions (or lack thereof)?
    An idiot at worst and a useless DemocRAT tool at his best!

  25. So defunding the police, Liberal AG’s not arresting criminals for the crimes they commit, and moronic mayors controlled by Democrats have nothing to do with it?
    Thanks Juan, for confirming you are still a moron. You are intellectually bankrupt.

  26. Even the writer of this article is incorrect on numerous statements. The states and cities with the highest crime rates have a democrat governor and democrat mayors. Additionally, the state and federal judges are predominately liberal democrats too. These same judges along with mayors and city councils continue to release the criminals back into society without even a slap on the wrist for most and no accountability whatsoever. The democrats always blame the republicans for the things that they, the democrats, are doing or causing, Crime, racism, etc. etc. The democrat voters never research anything their politicians say or do. They believe it as gospel just the same way sheep do with their herder.

  27. Could someone please explain to me how someone juan’s age just refuses to see things as they are? Being a black man, how can he not see the DEMONKRAP party for what it is and what it stands for? It really boggles my mind…

  28. Juan doesn’t have the brains God gave a duck. Apologies to the ducks. It’s not gun control you bozo it’s criminal control. Thanks to the democrat’s for no criminal control, Yes defund the police, eliminate bail, put killers back on the streets the same day their arrested, It’s a no-brainer Juan and you have no brains.

  29. Juan has been a Dem shill from his first day at Fox. He’s perfect in his role! His persona as a wimpy, whining wimp is exactly how the Progressives sound like when they are not in a position to tell you how to live your life! Yet, he stays with FOX rather than be unemployed.

  30. When you see the headline read… “Drunk Driver kills family of 4” … Why doesn’t it read … “F150 pickup kills family of 4” ? … cause the truck is totally harmless until some IDIOT puts the key in the ignition!!! Its a matter of proper focus!

  31. Needless to say, but I will, “laws on the books, and we have many”, do not keep killers from killing. Wonder how ole Juan explains all the vehicle accidents, that are happening as we write??

  32. Just another VERMIN idiot wearing rose colored glasses, spewing total CRAP, where DOES this IDIOT get his news???

  33. juan is a ugly black racist thats why he got fired from the 5 he wont last long at fox just brett bair martha have him as pundit hes done

  34. Why would anyone with any sense at all; listen to this moronic buffoon? I’m still trying to figure out how this …….. Juan that lost his job at NPR; why would FOX news even hire him?!?!


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