Democrat Rep: Seize Trucks From Protestors and Give Them to Growing Businesses

Maksim Sokolov (Maxergon), CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego was slammed on Twitter he called for seizing the trucks of protesters headed to Washington, D.C., and then handing the property over to businesses looking to grow.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Perfect time to impound and give the trucks to small trucking companies looking to expand their business,” Gallego tweeted in response to the following news headline: “Trucker convoy could shut down DC Beltway tomorrow.”

“Law enforcement agencies in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. are monitoring what could be a number of trucker convoys coming to D.C.,” the report said. “Truckers apparently spurred on by the recent protests in Canada want their voices heard, but the extent of the protests and how disruptive they may be is still unclear.”

Of course, it wasn’t long before the Twitter sharks went into a feeding frenzy over Rep. Gallego’s ridiculous and illegal offer.

Popular conservative radio host Dana Loesch replied, “Also known as theft.”

Conservative commentator Kurt Schlichter said, “Siding with foreign dictators.”


          1. You can’t be in someones way when you are hiding in your mommy’s basement.
            And my answer to your question to Will is 1972.

          2. President Trump did lock Hillary up…the Hillary you see is a double, the real Hillary was before a Military tribunal and has been hung. You are the one with the big mouth, who knows nothing. I know you are a puke and have no balls and probably has little shriveled up tiny winnie! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

          3. Are you volunteering to be a target? We are not restricted, we can shoot you first if you like

          1. You need to get back on your meds. Considering your buddy Pedo Joe is in that chair. Which he got because he had to cheat to do it.

          2. Joe was the second worse choice.
            How many voter fraud arrests?
            Weak pukes get cheated.
            If he had any balls Trump would never have left the White House.
            Would have laughed in Pedo Joe’s face if he dared to knock on the door.
            Meliania has more balls.

          3. As usual you are shooting your mouth off. Cant admin remove this pimple? President Trump is Commander in Chief and 19th President Of the Republic of America. Be careful as all traitors are being removed Our World is being cleansed and God is winning Amen

          4. How many traitors have you removed?
            How many traitors are in DC jails?
            God cleansed the White House on J20.
            It still smells bad but looks clean.
            Trump stink is so hard to get of.

          5. The stink is from Obama and that freak wife of his, Michael! This is how dumb you are….the traitors are not in DC jails, they are in jail at Gitmo. Some have already been sentenced and some are waiting for their Military Tribunals! Get with it, you puke, Albert!

          6. None, democrats let the traitors go Ray Epps & John Earle Sullivan, Pelosi for dereliction of duty.

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      1. Even criminals get due process. Additionally, your writing is difficult to read. I don’t know if you’re writing phonetically, or if you just can’t spell. Please make an effort to improve it for everyone’s sake. Thank you.

    1. Don’t get your hopes high. These idiotic Dems don’t have the balls or the stomach for a fight let alone a civil war. They are cowards. ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!

      1. The Democrats had the balls to lock up the J6 rioters.
        Trump did not have the balls to lock up the BLM/ANTIFA rioters.
        It al comes down to balls.
        Trump’s are not in the White House.l

      1. It started J6.
        Who lost the first battle?
        Who are your heroes.
        The leader of the Oath Keepers who tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the eye?
        The guy who teaches gun safety to kids?
        Heroes one and all.

    2. The civil war started in 2016.
      The revoloutionsts lost the Bear Spray Capitol Attack.
      Now they going to attack the Capitol with Trucks.
      Sleepy Old Joe is no wimp.
      He has tanks.
      Let the games begin.

      1. OMG! That is so funny, Albert…ole demented Joe wouldn’t know what the hell to do with a tank if it was sitting right in front of him….The only games ole demented Joe likes is with little girls, Joe is a pedophile, a real puke and a scumbag just like you and his puke of a son, Hunter! They will be going to Gitmo soon. There is testimony at a Grand Jury about Hunter…and his old girlfriends are happy to testify!

  2. So, for the democrats, theft is just business as usual. Maybe these lawless reps of ours should be sent to Siberia for a little R&R and learn the value of freedom.

      1. the republicans have to win the house so they can choose the speaker. the speaker does not have to be an elected rep. they can be anyone the party chooses.

          1. In 2010 and they will probably take it back in 2022 along with the Senate. You really need to learn your history and quit talking smack. It doesn’t suit you well sir. jeez

        1. Albert is too dense to know when Republicans held the House. Republicans held House in 2015, 2016,2017. In 2018 Dems cheated big time. No more Dominion, Diebold, or online voting. Disgraceful DNC wants to make Cheating easier.

        1. Richard the Moron.
          Your Party has to win the House for your Parties choice to be Speaker of the House.
          That has never happened.

          1. There are two Speakers in the House FYI. A speaker is appointed dumbazz. It doesn’t have to be a Congressman.

        2. Who appoints the Speaker of the House?
          The President?
          Does half the House have to approve?
          And 2/3 of Senate?
          Politics is so complex.
          Can’t we just pick one good guy and have him in total control of everything?

        3. Who appoints the House Speaker?
          The President?
          Does the Senate approve the appointment?
          Does the House Speaker serve at the pleasure of the President?
          Can be fired by Tweet?

  3. When is enough finally enough? The Demo RATS and their steal all you can steal agenda need to be tried for TREASON and done away with once and for all! Anyone can wear a suit, because you are wearing a suit it doesn’t make you any better than anyone else! Grow the F up Demo RAT low lifes!!!!!

      1. Your cheating demonrat friends kept her safe with the fake probe led by Mueller which went nowhere but a couple of convictions for lying. The Deep State has thrown up roadblocks but that might be coming to an end with the Durham investigation. A lot of wrongdoing is finally being exposed. There are still big QUESTIONS as to Biden really winning. Evidence is slowly coming out about some of the illegal practices that happened. There is still a BIG ASTERIK by Biden’s name! So Mr. Hess, your arguments really just leak a lot of water. Jeez

        1. Trump, the weak puke could nothing about Hillary. He will never lock her up.
          The asterisk belongs Trump.
          It looks just like his stink star, complete with fecal matter tidbits.

        1. He got beat because he is an amateur.
          Because he is a weak puke that could not arrest vote cheaters.
          There is professional in the White House now.
          He arrests insurrectionists.
          Trump couldn’t arrest Hillary

          1. HAHAHAHAHA! Who would that professional in the White House be, Albert, Ole demented sleepy pedo Joe????? What a joke ole Joe is…his poll numbers are in the tank. That is why the Dems will lose the Senate and the House and the President will be Trump!

      2. You know, Albert, you don’t and can’t win an election by cheating! So, ole Joe is not a president of anything. There are already 5 states who will be decertify their 2020 state elections and many other states will follow. So, Trump did beat the ole puke demented Joe!

    1. You know-the “growing” businesses they got minority funds from taxpayers to start. Wouldn’t it be nice for them to get free trucks to go along with that free taxpayer money?

      1. Mr. Hess, are you a White Supremecist? With all your comments I have read here so far leads me to believe you are a racist in sheeps clothing. Jeez

      1. Cheating wins elections. As Biden is quoted saying, ” We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud Organization in American History!”

    1. There is a democracy problem with that.
      The Democrats are the majority.
      God Damn Democracy
      We need one strong leader to make all the decisions.
      There is one God.
      There is one Jesus Christ.
      One man chosen by God and approved by Christ shall rule the world.
      A true Globalist.

      1. Your right again Hess, Legal protesters are not Criminals. The Black Lies Matter and the Antifa protesters committed crimes. Their protests were not Legal. They were and are criminal. All their assets should be seized as you claim. The oweners of the business and properties they destroyed should be allowed to sue them in court and take their assets.

        1. Their protests were legal.
          Some of the things they did are not illegal.
          Just like some of the things the J6 protesters did are legal.
          Blocking roadways is illegal.
          Sieze the assets used in a criminal activity. .

          1. Trespassing, smashing things, hitting people, spraying people with bear spray is not legal.
            Taking Nancy’s laptop is not legal.
            Threatening to hang the Vice President is not legal.
            They make burning and looting minor.

        1. BLM & Antifa blocked roadways, stopped cars, terrorized passengers, broke windows, popped tires, dragged out passengers, assaulted passengers. I live in a city where that went on nightly and Police stood back because they were ordered to do so by Commie Mayors.

          1. I want to make sure that I have this right.
            Because of what BLM and Antifa did it gives truckers the right to do the same?
            Only then will be truly free?

    1. But… none of them has yet been convicted of any crime! Leftists need to wake up and realize that the 14th Amendment protects against depriving anyone of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. Leftists are not above the law.

      1. If you are referring to the J6 protesters they are rolling over at the rate of two or three a week. They don’t dare face a jury of their peers where they will be prosecuted to fullest extent of the law.
        Sleepy Old Joe is a law and order President!

  4. The government re-distributes our taxpayer money to whom they deem “worthy” and now they want to confiscate your property if you don’t do as you’re told.

    1. Trump re-distributed our taxpayer money to whom he deemed “worthy”.
      He deemed that the rich were paying too much in the way of taxes.

  5. Not one word from any of these clowns about the riots tearing apart businesses…Robbing and burning them to the ground…A peaceful demonstration is a constitutional right…These dirt bags want to know why we hate them and they are picking a fight that will be fought….

  6. Joe can’t talk about China or Russia Why because he and his family took money from both, Sanctions, the world trembles under the biden lack of leadership, more than three dozen Congressional Republicans have written a letter demanding President Joe Biden submit to a cognitive test.The searing letter outlined their concerns about his fitness for office. Thirty-seven Republican lawmakers signed the letter, authored by former White House physician Rep. Ronny Jackson. Recent examples of 79-year-old Biden’s ‘mental decline,’ including forgetting names and numbers and his recent hot mic moments, are all cited in the letter. “The American people should have absolute confidence in their President. They deserve to know that he or she can perform the duties of Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,” the letter states.

  7. What better way to demonstrate the Democrat fixation upon “spreading the hard-earned wealth around” to those who have yet to become citizens, much less earn any?

  8. Every driver I have ever met would never give up his truck. You’d have to beat them senseless or kill them before they’d let you take the rig.
    Add a thousand or so of their like minded buddies around and you’d see pure mayhem should law enforcement or the government TRY.
    I’d love to see them try, the truckers could make a fortune on pay per view.
    Let’s Go Brandon!

  9. Our idiot Democrat friend says the “Trucker Freedom Convoy” should be shut down and their trucks confiscated and donated to small companies to help them grow. I’ll bet a lot that this Democrat criminal also has a brother-in-law who would nicely fill that small growing business slot and he’s just trying to help out. I say what’s the point of assisting a small business when at some future date cronies of (read BLM and antifa) will only com e and burn the businesses down anyway. In this moron’s upside down world, driving a truck across the country is an unspeakable abomination, but looting a store and burning it down is called “a mostly peaceful demonstration”.

  10. NAZI Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego was slammed on Twitter he called for seizing the trucks of protesters headed to Washington, D.C., and then handing the property over to businesses looking to grow.

    MOre stealing form the Communist Nazi demo-shit

  11. So they hand you a truck. With government nothing is free, well for the common citizen anyway. They always have strings attached. What kind? well first they will tax it. then you must claim its value the company has. It will put you into a new tax bracket. but wait they will now tell you who you can hire as a driver. doesn’t matter if they are skilled or have a bad driving record you owe them a favor. So they wreck that free truck that sends your insurance rates sky high. Then you have the lawyer costs for the permanent disability lawsuit filed because the claim the truck wasn’t properly maintained. We won’t mention the grief that comes from the state from the fines that look at this and your other trucks from officials that want to show their boss their job is justified. Can things like this happen? Well as a contractor that had to have trucks on the road I found out quickly. I was lucky to have listened to another contractor who went through it. I started replacing brakes every thirty thousand miles. A new employee had an accident and blamed it on faulty brakes. having all the documents of service for all the trucks and the one he had the accident had less than 5 thousand miles on the brakes the judge dismissed the case. The democrat rep. exhibits the mindset of the left. in this case to punish because they chose to protest the Truckers view. showing what happens when they oppose them. I hope if they try this that if government will do this to Truckers they will do it to you. Many will laugh and say it can’t happen. Well look back ween we were in WW 2. Government shipped the Japanese to internment camps. many born here, citizens and patriots confiscated all there property. Some had sons fighting for America. Each day government makes a new law or executive order that takes more of our rights. Each in itself, by itself has little power. Combine them all and they become a formidable power. Left unopposed, unquestioned become the tyrannical government that no longer serves but rules. It is time to oppose, and question. time before their powers become too great to oppose peacefully ——-Grampa

  12. Empty headed brainless, brainwashed dummy of the Globalists. Those truckers are your lifeblood and they work very hard unlike Democrats who only understand cheating, stealing and lying

    1. God is a Globalist.
      He recognizes no borders.
      We are all his special children.
      Driving a truck is not hard work, even little woman do it.
      Thanks to Big Tech trucks no longer need drivers, they are just along for the ride.
      Like airplane pilots.


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