Take a Look at Which Politicians are Making Money off the War

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Many in Washington saw what was going on in Ukraine and saw an opportunity to make a quick buck instead of helping Americans. The swamp has been back in business ever since Trump left office, let’s hope he returns and shuts down this corruption sooner rather than later. 

Many in Congress have been buying energy plays, they just happened to buy them prior to the massive run up and huge payout. Many of these congressmen and congresswomen were on committees that discussed the ban on Russian oil before anyone else in America got to hear about it. 

Here are the members of Congress who chose to make a quick buck amid literal war and rising gas prices and the trades that made them so much: 

  1. its terrible that these people are making money off of some stock,,lets pretend it is Pelosi then it would be fine,,and Hillary also,,hypocrites to the core!!!!

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  2. With Obiden in office, those stocks would be expected to go up, thus they would be good investments. Most have little to do with war profiteering. More like a hit list on Republicans. any good stock advisor would have suggested these stocks, unlike Nasty Nancy’s insider trading.

  3. Of course no mention of Democrats even though they’ve always been the first to grab the big bucks when any disaster makes it possible. You can bet Pelosi and her crew are diving right in.

  4. No offense, but I hope they all rot in hell, which soon will be right here in this country. The majority of politicians do not give a damn about you, And until we all wake the fk up they will continue!! Go after them. Like Maxine Waters said, Get up in their faces!! See how they like their own tactics!

  5. FAke NEWS, how buying an American Stock company is profiting from the war11…., they just hate her and want her out of Congress while Liz Cheney, and the biden crime family organization are the ones making millions with the Russian collusion to take down Ukraine to cover up Hunter biden Burisma dirty dealings.


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