RNC Sues Jan. 6 Panel

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The Republican National Committee (RNC) has filed a lawsuit against the Jan. 6th House Select Committee to stop one of its vendors from turning over records.

Background: As part of the House panel’s investigation into the events of Jan. 6th Capitol a number of Trump allies, rally officials, media pundits, and administration officials have been subpoenaed by the committee to provide records or testimony.

The House panel had subpoenaed records related to the GOP’s fundraising and donor efforts from Salesforce. com Inc, a commercial marketing platform the party used to manage communications with donors.

What Happened: On Wednesday, the RNC filed the suit in federal court in Washington, D.C.

The suit alleges that the committee’s subpoena violates the RNC’s constitutional rights and is overly broad.

The RNC further argues that the panel itself was invalidly formed and therefore lacks the authority to demand such records.

“The Salesforce Subpoena demands production of sensitive and proprietary data over more than a two-month period, which would give the Select Committee unprecedented access to the RNC’s internal political strategies and to private, personal information regarding its supporters,” the committee wrote in its lawsuit. (per The Wall Street Journal)

The lawsuit names House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a defendant, along with the other panel members.

What the RNC Says: The RNC has shared concerns that private donor data could accidentally be shared with the House panel which could violate federal election law.

What The House Panel Says: The House panel says it is not seeking records on individual donors

“The Select Committee issued a subpoena to an email fundraising vendor in order to help investigators understand the impact of false, inflammatory messages in the weeks before January 6th, the flow of funds, and whether contributions were actually directed to the purpose indicated,”’ said Tim Mulvey, a spokesman for the committee. “This action has absolutely nothing to do with getting the private information of voters or donors.” (per The Wall Street Journal)

Why It Matters: The RNC’s lawsuit joins more than a dozen other legal efforts to avoid the panel’s records requests.

However, the questions regarding the protection of the RNC’s political speech and donor privacy that the RNC has raised in its lawsuit haven’t yet been considered by courts in other Jan. 6 litigation.

  1. The two most corrupt segments of the population are; LAWYERS AND POLITICIANS.

    The world would be a much better place with all of them gone.

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    1. Actually, we could use more statesmen/women, that are in government to really do their job and serve the national good, and also we do need lawyers, unless we all want to go to law school and study the monumental rules of law in our wonderful capitalistic government

  2. This Jan 6th panel is another political hit job! How about investigating all the Federal Laws being broken @ our Southern Border!

    1. It most definitely is. Totally skewed to the left.
      Old Lizzie forgot how much the dems and the left hated her father. Now, she’s become one of them and pledges allegiance to the Constitution.
      What a farce. Can’t wait to hear that she’s been voted out at the end of the year.

  3. Another attempt of Pelosi trying to destroy Trump from running. When are you going to let it go, Nancy? He’s Bigger and Better than you—I pray he runs for speaker and takes it away from her then goes after her and her criminal partners and hangs them all.

    1. Vile Nancy worried her corruption is going to come out. In a just world the old drunkin hag would be in prison along with the rest of the swamp and that nasty HRC.

  4. It’s about time someone hit Nancy where it hurts. Instead of her going to the Dentist to get her Denture tightened, she is messing with someone who is not at fault. Did you see how she was playing with her Dentures during the State of the Union speech, how disgusting, it almost made me throw up. Anyway, eight more months and she is GONE. Hallelujah.

    1. Yeah she will be gone AND we the tax payers get the ‘privilege’ of paying for her retirement benefits for the remainder of her lifetime. As well as all the other politicians that are choosing to not risk loosing a re-election bid.

      Now if she had run for re-election and lost then we wouldn’t be on the hook for those nice benefits that are available to politicians that choose retirement over the risk of loosing their re-election bid.

      I don’t think that I would mind paying for their retirement so much if only their benefits were exactly like what We The People retirement benefits are. OR if We The People got the same retirement benefits that the politicians gat….but that will never happen 😐

      1. I honestly think retirement income should be based on how well you did your job over your lifetime. If your job performance is tainted with graft, lies and corruption, you should have NO retirement. And anything in between full retirement and no retirement should be weighted as well.

  5. Most lawyers are democrat. When in office they pass laws that will benefit them and other lawyers in private practice. Think about it, the more complex and convoluted a law can be the more a lawyer can churn out of a legal process. Never vote for anyone that is a lawyer by profession, just asking for more trouble.

    1. Ridfor, some do many do not! your statement is too general, what we do need is more constitutionalist..

  6. We need term limits and limits as to how many lawyers can be voted into office. I know we can limit lawyers but at least if we had term limits the lobbyists would have to start over as to who they buy.
    Look at all the worst Presidents we have had recently and they have all been lawyers, Obama, Bush(he turned out to be a RINO), and O’Biden.

    1. I’m against a broad “term limit”, but all in favor of every term being closely examined for lies, corruption, graft, whatever, and if any term shows up with any of those points, that is the END of their time in office. Permanently. In this way, the honest politicians get to stay on as long as they are honest. But once they take a bribe, deal against the nation and ESPECIALLY if they deal against their constituents, there time is OVER.

  7. Nancy Pelosi needs to get on her broomstick and fly away she probably had more to do with the January 6th issue than anyone else she is the biggest hypocrite there is

  8. Hmmm let’s investigate why Pelosi talked to some of those in the riot the day b4 and why she refused Trumps request for more security before the rally – what did she know that she’s not telling anyone ? And why was she in that location in congress with all the crowds so close by and not call security which was her job and hers alone !

    1. That is not what the committee is there for. Their only job is to stop Trump from running and they are failing. It is Trump they are after not the truth.

      1. Good old Lizzie said that her purpose is to make sure that President Trump never gets near the oval office again. But she’s all about the Constitution. Riiiight….

  9. What is going on today. Over one year after the Jan 6th and no indictment against Trump. Where is all this so call evidence that should put Trump i jail? 9 anti Trump panel and no indictment sure sounds fishy to me?

  10. Democrats have been preoccupied with these snoop-suits because they’re working as planned. The public is focused away from the failures of our Coprolite in Chief as well as the democrat flimflam that streams at us every day. The primary problem is nobody has the authority to force these charlatans to perform as intended.


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