These Lawmakers Voted Against the Russian Oil Ban

Lorie Shaull / CC BY-SA

Several lawmakers came out against the ban on Russian oil and voted to keep imports from the county going. 

Congress wanted to continue punishing Russia for invading Ukraine by banning the import of Russian Oil, several Republicans and a handful of Democrats did not think this was the best thing to do. Some voted against the measure because of the current cost of energy in America and others voted against it for other more minor reasons. 

Here are the lawmakers who voted against banning Russian Oil: 

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  1. So what else is new. The straw man created this mess with his war on American Energy. The Marxist left fantasy of the corrupt green deal supports illegal immigration and the globalist economy to bankrupt America!

  2. Ban Biden is what should be done!!! He got us in this mess!!! Yea everyone go to your bank and withdraw about $56,000 and go find and buy an electric car!!! Put a wind mill in
    your yard for your power and problem solved !!!!! This sorry excuse in the White House
    tore everything down Trump had done ( energy independent ) Biden could not stand the
    thought of that so….soon as he got in he started tearing all our good stuff down ( his
    hatred for our President Trump.) He did not care who it hurt….does not affect him all his
    stuff is free down to his ice cream and gas and meals, and overheard, housing, etc so to
    hell with the rest of us we can suffer…he can hold out forever……he needs to make like
    a tree and leave……no demo’s should survive mid terms, other Manchin & Sinema!!!!
    New song …Bye Bye Biden….

  3. there was no plan in place toreplace the oil from russia from cho-mo-joe is why all the voted against the bill and it would male life harder on we the people!

  4. These supposed lawmakers who to their oath of office should be EXPELLED FROM THE HOUSE, IMMEDIATELY! They violated their oath, and if the speaker of the house was doing her job, this would not happen. I truly hope America wakes up and get rid of these non American idiots

    1. They are doing their job that is why we are in the mess we are in today. Remember 81 million voted for Joe and Kamala into office. Just think 81 million people want Joe in office who hardly step out of his house to campaign, but Joe tell the American people he would do and he did it. So what is the compliant?

  5. This is why we are not able to buy explosives,and weapons of war.Only the deep state,and nazis can have this ordinance to use against the Patriots,

  6. I’m trying to understand what our President, and his cabinet, has against the American people! I see nothing in favor of even the democrat voter. Are they actually afraid of the earth being destroyed, because we get energy from our own land. Russia, Iran, China and other countries who drill, harm the climate just as much as the USA does, that is if you even accept their theory of global warming..just a thought!!

    1. I’m trying to understand what our President, and his cabinet, has against the American people!” Nothing, Joe told you what he would do if elected, so why the surprise? 81 million people wanted what Joe offered. If you voted for Joe because you wanted Trump out you got your wish.

  7. we need to get rid of the assholes who support the ban you clowns or you yo-yos can pay for my fuel

      1. There is some question as to whether the number was 81 million distinct voters, or a smaller number including some who voted more than once under different names. See “2020 election fraud controversy.”


    1. The democrat party is not the same party Tip O’Neil was running. The democrat party took a big swing to the left when Obama took office.

    1. Now that is one of the most idiotic statements today. I would suggest you not miss your next appointment with your mental conciliar. You need the help.

      1. 81 million people wanted what Joe and Kamala was offering. Sound like you might be one of that 81 million people?

  9. This article doesn’t say why most of these servants of the people voted against banning Russian oil imports. Even without that information, I would call them out for what must be another example of “compromise” where there is something in the “chef’s salad” legislation they want or don’t want so they voted against a ban. Our “servants” need to take a position where there may be things in a bill they feel they can overlook and compromise on and instead stand up and say NO to the bad issues. They other concerns can be debated later in other legislation. We’ve gotten a lot of bad legislation passed in the past because of these huge “chef’s salad” bills, some thousands of pages of everything on the politician’s wish lists. There should be a law limiting legislation bills to single issues and single issues only.

    1. It’s rather obvious that the Republicans who voted against the bill did so because there is no plan to make up the difference other than buying the oil from other dictators who also should not be getting our money.

      It would be nice to know if anybody offered an amendment requiring the President to reinstate the Keystone XL pipeline permit and take other actions to undo his anti-energy-independence measures.


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