These 6 Republicans Voted Against Getting Rid of Fauci

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

Mitt Romney

Hentschel / MSC / CC BY 3.0 DE

Utah Senator Mitt Romney did not support Dr. Paul’s amendment to eliminate the NIAID position.

  1. It was a bad decision to not eliminate Fauci from any position. In my opinion he should not just be removed but arrested for crimes against humanity. What else would describe what he has done and continues to do by still promoting the dangerous and deadly mRNA vaccines that aren’t even affective in protecting the vaxed from Covid also, we now know the vaccines decrease an individuals immune systems ability to fight off pathogens including Covid! Besides being criminal, it is truly evil to promote or mandate the use of these drugs. It is passed time to pull them off the market!

    1. Ummm… the vaccines are not deadly (to any greater degree than other vaccines required for every child attending school) and are in fact effective in reducing severity of infection. Where on earth do you get your misinformation???

      1. Get your head out from under the rocks! Do research. Ask around… Dam shots are killing people. Or renders them sterile… Do your research before popping off…

  2. These Republicans have been RINOS consistently in their voting record. Never on the side of “We the People”. Essentially their vote for Dr. Fauci is a vote for death to America and depopulation efforts of WEF. These RINOS need to be removed from office for their compliance to “crimes against humanity” perpetuated by Dr. Fauci.

  3. Why is it anyone should support the republicans? They cannot purge their rolls of the RINOS that consistently act and vote the socialist democrats agenda.

  4. This is why the Republican Party will need win in 22 or 24 and why I’m feed up the party. We can’t get together and do what’s right for the American people. These Damn people have held back the party from achieving greatness for the American people with Trump. I believe you can lay the demise of America at the feet of these foolish people, and why, who in the hell knows, just plain selfishness and some type of payoff that we don’t know. I hope they are never elected again and that they will be removed from office.


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