‘The View’ Host Says She Considered Suing Trump

Barack_Obama_guests_on_The_View.jpg: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza from Washington, DCderivative work: Bdell555, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

“The View” host Sunny Hostin said that her family considered suing former President Donald Trump after both parent in-laws passed away from Covid-19.

The Daily Wire reports:

Joy Behar then asked whether the former president and his administration could potentially face a class-action lawsuit from those who had lost loved ones during the pandemic.

“If all these people who got Covid because of the lies and misinformation, isn’t there a class action suit that they can sue that administration and all those people who took her words and changed them or took them out?” she asked.

Hostin mentioned her husband, Emmanuel Hostin, who lost both of his parents to COVID-19. “My family has thought about this a lot, especially because Manny’s parents died from COVID, and I blame the Trump administration for that,” she said.

Behar asked again if Hostin could sue.

“We’ve explored it. We’ve explored it. We’ve thought about it,” Hostin, a former prosecuting attorney herself, did not say why she ultimately has not pursued legal action against Trump and his administration.

  1. It’s funny. Black people accuse white people, of treating them like they are really, really stupid. Then you read this, and you understand why! Some of them really, really are!

    1. No, she is not stupid or a prostitute. She is a brainwashed leftist who has been lied to by the press and the democrats. In fact, given the likelihood of Obama and Fauci funding the gain-of-function virus from the Wuhan, China laboratory, the fault lies with the dems. Hostin has not sued because she could not win. It was NOT Trump’s fault that the virus was released, either accidentally or by order. It IS the fault of Fauci and Obama who helped pay for the disease’s development. I still say that those two should be tried for crimes against humanity in the World Court.

    1. Ahh, but he is a Democrapp and Hostin and the other bimbos of The View never go after a Democrap. Oh by the way the virus would have come anyways if Democrappic Hillary has won the election.

  2. Yeah, right, Hostin (and the entire View menagerie) are such a valuable asset to the country, their contributions to the American citizen deserve every consideration!  Possibly even “The Presidential Medal of Freedom?”  Maybe they can receive that from President Trump, himself, when he once again is properly seated as our 47th President!

  3. Why not suit Biden for his allowing illegal into the country without being tested for covid?
    You people are always blaming someone else for your stupidity.

  4. 😂🤣 Stupid B! Too bad she hasn’t died from it yet. Trump didn’t create the China virus, the liberals & China did. Please sue him so you can be the latest laughingstock of the libtards. Oh, & hurry up & get that virus yourself, along with all the other libtards.

    1. Better yet, be like me and not watch it. It is known as must not see TV. Advertisers are wasting their money buying ads on this trash show.

  5. How stupid can one be they new to protect themselves from the flu then they should have been protecting themselves from other virus when one hears there’s a virus out we don’t understand then u take it upon yourself to be protective about where u go and who your around Trump couldn’t go around hold everyone’s hands your supposed to take careof your family not Trump. I lost member s of my own family but I’m not blaming someone else I blame it on the stupid virus and what laboratory invented it. They are at fault not Trump let’s use common sense people. Don’t be a deranged democrat I’m an independent and even I’m not that stupid.

  6. It would be alot cheaper to fire them old hags . Their nasty and way out of touch to be on tv . The fact that the channel their on is ran by delusional democrats is the only reason these old c#nts are still on tv . Just looking at them you can see why their so nasty in life . Pray for any man willing to be with them . They will need your prays to survive another day in the old hags life . Nothing but a bunch of racist bitchs that only care for what they think . Are you willing to be that stupid as to follow behind them so blindly ???

    1. Why would anyone want to watch this trash and advertise on it. All from ABC ( Always Broadcasting Communism) network.

    1. I would think so. Does anyone recall that two things happened in January 2020? Trump wanted all people returning on flights or ships from China to quarantine for 14 days and he got laughed at by all the libtards; also Nancy Peelosi (spelling intended) mocking Trump by walking through San Francisco’s Chinatown telling people to come on down–there’s no problem here. So sue them!!!!!!!

  7. Hosting didn’t sue because their is no basis for it as no one has ever been sued for any of the other diseases that they naturally got. Unless they can prove that President Trump was involved in DEVELOPING it & DELIBERATELY releasing it they would have no case

    1. Fauchi;s Wohan lab was responsible for developing the virus, but he does not get sued because he is with the Democrapps.

  8. Trump did not cause the virus, He is one that pushed for the vaccine. It Biden. Taking only finished the plan Trump left for him to follow.

    1. Biden did NOT use Trump’s plan even though he tried to take the credit for developing the vaccine that Trump pushed for. What Creepy Joe did do was violate everyone’s rights by attempting to Executive Order it into everyone’s arms. NO THANK YOU! I got the disease and my natural immunity is protecting me better than any vaccine.

  9. I wonder if she realizes that her audience has just about disappeared recently.
    Just about all entertainers have forgotten the very fundamentals of life and freedom.
    I call them bubble people.

  10. Every person on the View should be sued for slander, you people have done nothing but talk your trash about all the Trump’s from day one . You all are a bunch of dead beat ignorant inhuman bunch of low life’s

    1. I just want to comment that I have not watched this show but once or twice and that was in the past. What I know about them is what appears on sites like Yahoo and others. And they all seem to be slanted in favor of the liberals. Not one of them has a brain that knows how to dissect the facts and tell the truth.

  11. If you want to sue someone then how about the Chinese who gave it to us in the first place or the quack doctor Fauci whose Wohan lab was responsible in the first place and he covered it up.
    Then President Trump like anyone else was helpless when the virus came in and was upon us. He had to do what he could to remedy the situation. He did the best he could. A virus that could have killed tens of millions killed less than 1% of the population. You were going to have some deaths no matter what. Pretty good job that Donald Trump did here.
    This would have occurred if corrupt Hillary was elected. Except it would have been worse as she and the corrupt Dems would have tried to cover this up and go into spin mode protecting China.

    Another cheap shot from The View which I never watch. It is known as must not see TV.

  12. Go for it, you silly cow. Let’s get it out to the public how many have died from the genocidal actionof CDC, Fauci, Biden, Gates, Wuhan, and all the other blackhearts who put this scam together. Too dumb for TV.

  13. Sunny better just stay on that stupid talk show. She is making more money than a lawyer, and does not have abide by the tough code of ethics as lawyers do. If she had, the whole cast of “The View” would be sued for liable.

  14. I don’t understand how anybody can claim that Pres. Trump had anything to do with
    Covid 19! It stricks me as more than ridiculous than anybody can blame anyone for Covid 19!

  15. Stupidity knows no bounds. Why are these cackling hens still on the air and even getting any notoriety. I guess wven negative press is something for these worthless “Cs”

  16. No one cares about any of you big, fat, ugly c*nts or your extreme far left opinions. Trump should sue all of you and your show for slander. Now, go do something that really matters like picking the lice off each other, you stupid bitches


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