16 Red States Demand Biden Reopen Keystone XL Pipeline

[Public Domain]

President Joe Biden and his administration are feeling the heat from Americans left unsatisfied at the pump. 16 key state legal officials have joined forces to demand that the Biden administration allow the Keystone XL pipeline to go forward with construction so that Americans can both get back to work and save a little at the pump. 

On his first day in office, President Biden revoked the permit for the $9 billion pipeline that was designed to safely transport thousands of barrels of oil from Canada to the United States. Ever since this the price Americans have paid at the pump has constantly gone up at a steady rate until a recent spike as a result of the conflict in Eastern Europe. 

Here are the officials leading the charge against Biden’s gas price hike: 

    1. True. But auto engines are not designed to burn pure alcohol at a high concentration, and cannot develop the same power or emission standards with it. Natural Gas would work much, much better.

  1. If opening the Keystone Pipeline would help the American people and the world, you can bet he won’t do it. He is all about our total destruction. He has convinced me of that.

  2. Sorry folks, but the KXL will have NO effect on the oil supply in the USA. The sandy sludge was intended to go directly to export (some say to China). Currently, the US has plenty enough fuel, we are not running low, in fact we are exporting it. The cost problem is coming from the OPEC states and the Russian supply restrictions. Opening the XL would not help any at all. Red politicians are going for it as a political game only. Canada refuses to pipeline it to Vancouver. Canada refuses to refine it in Calgary or Edmonton. Canada refuses to pipeline it to Alaska’s hub. Blame Canada, no one else. Either way it won’t affect prices, employment, economy, or Biden’s admin. Saying this as a GOP voter because it’s true.


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