Point and Laugh! These Democrats Are Melting Down Over The Removal of the Mask Mandate

Flyers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport wearing facemasks on March 6th, 2020 as the COVID-19 coronavirus spreads throughout the United States via Wikimedia Commons

Valerie Jarrett  

Former Senior Advisor to former President Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, wanted to make sure that everyone knew she was still going to be wearing masks. Many were quick to point out that her mask was not on correctly as the mask showed some fairly large gaps on the sides, so much for science I guess?

  1. These Liberal Idiots fail to understand that nobody is taking their rights to wear a mask away from them. They are mad that everybody isn’t being forced to wear masks that don’t really work anyways. They are mad that their dream of Socialism is being halted…. COVID-19 is really nothing but a seasonal flu and the death rate is very much the same as the annual flu.

  2. Insanely ignorant. Masks do nothing but make the wearer fell better is all, but the Demonrats will continue their fearmongering because they have nothing else besides “racism”.

  3. I appreciate your journalism. I personally do not like that you make ‘us’ have to click on next page over and over. I don’t continue after page one. I also couldn’t reply to your email so I’m commenting here. If it stays the same, I will unsubscribe.

  4. fear is a disease and these people are afraid of living -so be it -let-em wear face dipper’s until they die

  5. Let me give you nothing. If I have no Covid19. I can’t give you Covid19.
    Maybe Airlines should demand a mental test before flying. Since most airlines had demanded that people be vaccinated before flying, everyone on the plane is protected from Covid, supposedly.


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