Six Years Later and Democrats Still Claim Trump Stole the Election from Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking with supporters at a town hall meeting at Hillside Middle School in Manchester, New Hampshire. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Democrats still say Trump stole the 2016 election from Hillary.

The latest Rasmussen Report revealed that 72% of Democrats said that “Russia succeeded” in changing the outcome of the election that vaulted former President Donald Trump into the White House.

According to The Washington Examiner:

In findings that largely mirror surveys of Republican doubt of the 2020 election that Democrats mock, more than a majority of liberals told Rasmussen that they feel very strongly that Russia won 2016 for Trump.

“Fears of Russian interference in U.S. politics remain widespread, and Democratic voters overwhelmingly agree with Hillary Clinton that Russia is to blame for her defeat in 2016,” said the analysis of the poll shared with Secrets.

The report added that Democrats largely fear Russia will try again in the fall congressional midterm elections.

“A majority (53%) of Democrats believe it is very likely that Russia will try to interfere in the midterm elections, an opinion shared by 33% of Republicans and 27% of unaffiliated voters,” Rasmussen said.

“President Joe Biden’s strongest supporters are most certain that Russian interference changed the 2016 election, and to fear future interference,” the analysis said. “Among voters who strongly approve of Biden’s job performance as president, 86% believe it’s at least somewhat likely Russian interference changed the outcome of the 2016 presidential election and 75% think it is very likely that Russia will try to interfere in this year’s congressional midterm elections. By contrast, among voters who strongly disapprove of Biden’s performance, only 18% think the 2016 election was changed by Russian interference, and just 20% say Russian interference in this year’s midterms is very likely.”

Hillary Clinton has been named as a possible contender in 2024 and has recently seemingly taken steps to re-enter the political arena.

However, Donald Trump recently filed a lawsuit against Clinton and several other Democrats over their involvement in propagating false claims about Trump and Russia in connection with the 2016 presidential race.

  1. If the democrat is blaming anybody for anything they need to be investigated for the same! Look how much Pelosi has wasted to frame Trump! So if he gets back in . Lets hope he drags Pelosi back and wastes her money trying to defend herself for crime she might have done . We don’t have to have proof just accusations! And a hand picked comity of Pelosi haters. I wonder what she would have to say then?

  2. The deep state just didn’t put enough fake ballots for Hillary to win they made up for it in 2020 if you really think Biden won your a moron

  3. The mentally retarded will never admit to their failure. Not one adult wanted that criminal witch in office.

  4. As usual, Dumokrats are wrong again. The only thing Donald J. Trump stole was the hearts of millions of Americans who hoped he could fix our country. And he nearly did in spite of the scheming swamp creatures who tried their best to take him down. They lost and are still losing.

  5. I find it hard to believe that the Russians even wanted Trump to win. They really wanted Hillary because she did more for them as Secretary of State than anybody else ever did. They were beholden to her and owed her. The Democrats are failing to look at the history and records of her tenure under the Obama Presidency. They are upset because she was promised the Presidency when she let Obama go on to be the Democratic Candidate in 2008. When Trump actually ran and then beat her in 2008, it threw all their plans and promises out the window….. Then they fixed it so Biden won in 2020 as revenge but America is really paying the price for it now with rampant inflation and illegal immigration sadly….

  6. No one votes for a shrew. Hillary stole votes but put them in states she already won. It was a dry run for the 2020 election theft

  7. Yes because it is true and there is plenty of evidence to prove it.Unforthnately our court system isn’t interested in rearing it and why do you think that is.

  8. Duh…. You just can’t fix stupid. I’m sure the Dumocrats still believe the Steele dossier is accurate.
    Just like they can’t believe that Incompetent Biden is compromised by China, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, etc.
    Let’s Go Brandon
    Defund the FBI & CIA


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