Tulsi Gabbard Hits Mitt Romney, Keith Olbermann With Cease And Desist Letters

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

On Thursday, Tulsi Gabbard announced she would take legal action against two critics who have accused her of “treasonous” activities and other defamatory comments regarding Russia and the war in Ukraine.

Gabbard, a former presidential Democrat primary candidate, announced on Wednesday afternoon that she and her attorney, Harmeet K. Dhillon, have sent Sen. Mitt Romney and liberal pundit Keith Olbermann cease and desist letters due to tweets posted by the two individuals that potentially damage her reputation with what she says are baseless claims.

Gabbard tweeted, “When powerful, influential people make baseless accusations of treason, a crime punishable by death, in order to intimidate, silence and censor those who speak the truth, it has a chilling effect on our democracy,” Gabbard tweeted. “This cannot go unchecked.”

The Daily Wire reports:

In the letter sent by Dhillon, Romney was advised, “Your accusation that Representative Gabbard, a combat veteran and current military officer, has engaged in ‘treasonous’ activity is completely false, a fact of which you were well aware when you made your claim. And as explained below, your accusation that Representative Gabbard lied also has no basis in fact.”

“Your allegation that Representative Gabbard spoke ‘treasonous lies’ is clear-cut defamation,” Dhillon added. Romney’s tweet appears to be in response to a video Gabbard released that discussed U.S.-funded biological laboratories in Ukraine.

“In her video, Representative Gabbard made the factual claim that there were American-funded biological laboratories in Ukraine,” Dhillon said. “The existence of biological laboratories in Ukraine is beyond dispute,” she added before providing evidence for such a claim.

Dhillon’s letter to Olbermann noted that on March 14, “the Twitter account @LibWatchDog posted a video in which hosts of the View made outlandish statements suggesting that the Department of Justice should investigate Representative Gabbard, along with Fox News Host Tucker Carlson.”

Gabbard’s attorney informed the former MSNBC host that he “acted with actual malice when you defamed Representative Gabbard.”

  1. Mitt Romney should be sued for libel for his remarks that he has already made and hasn’t repudiated. Tulsi is showing amazing restraint by just telling him to cease and desist.

    Perhaps Tulsi is just giving Mitt enough rope to hang himself with. If he doesn’t reply in timely fashion, but merely ceases and desists and acts as though he had never seen her message, the kid gloves need to come off.

    1. Romney is a fool of gigantic proportion. Only way he could get elected was to move to Utah and being a Mormon would be elected. That is a definite carpetbagger by definition.
      He is and always has been a RINO and a Democrat at heart.
      If the good people of Utah have any sense they will not reelect him the next go around.
      He is not good for Utah and definitely not good for the Republic.

  2. Sadly the GOP has to cope with the likes of Romney who never was a Republican at heart. Now no one really knows where he stands. How can anyone vote for this man to remain in office. All of the GOP should have been aware of the U.S. Funded bio labs in Ukraine – why weren’t they? Why didn’t the public know either? Who agreed to fund them besides Pelosi that heads up the House that funds everything ?

    1. If there was congress authorized funding that took place, it’s very possible the Wicked Witch of the West Coast didn’t know about it. I’m not giving her a pass. But judging from past behavior when it comes to oversight, I am not surprised it slipped under the radar. When the oversight committee brings in witnesses they usually appear to be grossly unprepared or incompetent. Either case is unacceptable.
      Send them to jail or fire them on the spot. They work for us, we can’t fire them directly. But our representatives can do the job.

    2. Sounds like something shady is going on, why should we fund other countries to do dirty deals? For an open country, the Demos or republicans are sure hiding something.

  3. Willard had one set of values while he lived in MA and a different set when he “carpetbagged” into Utah. Who knows what his real values are? He’s like a windmill in a hurricane!

  4. Maybe this will put him, he is one of those who think, he can say anything without a bit of proof. This is not a charge to be taken likely. Maybe someone should investigate him for a few things. Wasn’t he the governor of one of the New England states? When they got tired of him screwing over people, he moved out west and got close to his church. Don’t know for sure.

  5. Romney is a total disgrace and needs to be removed from Congress!! Who in their right
    mind would keep voting for this nowhere man??? A Rino of the worse kind!!!

  6. Poor Mittens, nobody wants him around anymore. He turned traitor to the Republicans to cuddle up to the Democrats and they used him up a bit and threw him overboard. Maybe next he will try the Independents?
    He’s been hanging around Washington for too long a time, he’s overripe and recognized for what he has become, just another slug. When members see him coming down the halls they take the first exit.

  7. Romney is a disgrace and needs to be removed from office – his personal attack on Tulsi a standing military member for her opinion about going into combat in Ukraine – knowing Mr. Romney did all he could to avoid going to Viet-Nam shows his true colors \- he needs to remember we see him for what he is –

  8. Romney comes from a long line of corupt politicians. like all will say anything to be on the side of the majority. long is his list of people he gets the contracts for to keep him in office he is best defined as a Republcrat.——-Grampa

  9. So many politicians and mainstream media ‘personalities’ are using words like ‘treason’ or ‘insurrection’ or ‘traitor’ solely to vilify their targets in the minds of their viewers/readers. Words like these have SPECIFIC meanings and specific consequences if a person is charged and convicted based on the definitions of those terms. The use of them has become a political tactic, just as calling all members of one group ‘ra-cist’ has.
    Right now we have a left-wing group, Free Speech For People (look up their history and funding) in court trying to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from the ballot by using section three of the 14th amendment. This group is claiming that Greene participated in and conspired to facilitate an ‘insurrection’ on Jan. 6.
    NO PERSON among the over 800 already charged in relation to the Jan. 6 riot has had the term ‘insurrection’ appear in their charging documents. Neither Gabbard nor Greene have been charged by ANY officer of any court for anything, let alone the charges Romney and FSFP have publicly levied against them.
    When we read these kind of public but unproven allegations, suspect the reasons, and the people, behind them.

  10. The cease and desist order demanded a response from Mitt Romney by April 27. I have searched in vain for news of developments after the order was sent.

    I hope someone reading this has the means to look into it, e.g. contacting someone who has direct contact with Tulsi from time to time.

    Another thing that needs attention: the Wikipedia entry for Tulsi Gabbard does not even mention Mitt Romney’s attack on her nor anything that hints at Tulsi having said anything about biolabs in Ukraine.


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