Antifa Mob Causes Chaos at GOP Candidate’s Portland Rally

Old White Truck from USA via ( Wikipedia Commons

An alleged Antifa group caused a rally for a Republican candidate in Portland, Oregon to spin out into chaos over the weekend. A rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Stan Pulliam was cut short when Antifa supporters started throwing firecrackers and defacing property.

Pulliam slammed the group during a Monday interview with “Fox & Friends.”

Fox News reports:

“The city of Portland – from roses to riots. As a statewide candidate for governor, we should be able to go to the largest metropolitan community of our state and have a peaceful campaign rally,” he said.

“Of course, less than 15 minutes in, we’re greeted by Antifa, showing up with firecrackers that they’re throwing at us, paint, feces all over our campaign [signs], our campaign bus completely destroyed…”

He also weighed in on claims that Antifa is fictitious, saying that certain naysayers denied that the development took place.

“It’s unbelievable. We have video footage evidence that’s all over Twitter, all over social media, the local news has picked it up, and just like you say, they’re claiming it didn’t even happen,” he said.

Pulliam pointed to the wave of violent crime, including riots and homicides, and to a shortage of law enforcement which prompted a 20-minute wait for a 911 operator after attendees attempted to call the police.

Despite the chaotic rally, Pulliam said it serves as a prime example of why he should be elected as Oregon’s next governor.


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