Flip-Flop: Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder Calls for Trump to be Indicted

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Former Attorney General Eric Holder shocked Face the Nation Sunday host Margaret Brennan when he said AG Merrick Garland should indict former President Trump over his role in the Jan. 6th Capitol riot.

Holder’s comments are a stark reversal from his previous statements on the subject where he’s cautioned AG Garland against filing criminal charges against the former president.

Mediaite reports:

“There have been critics of him who say that he isn’t being aggressive enough around the prosecutions regarding January the 6th.” Brennan said. “Do you think that’s right?”

“No one knows,” Holder said. “I have great faith in Merrick and in the people at the Justice Department. We won’t really know how aggressive they have been until they are before a camera in announcing a decision either to indict certain people or not indict certain people.”

“At some point, people at the Justice Department, perhaps that prosecutor in Atlanta, are going to have to make a determination about whether or not they want to indict Donald Trump,” Holder said.

Brennan then asked the former AG if the decision were his if he would choose to indict the former President.

“Well, I think there’s going to be sufficient factual information,” Holder said. “And I think that there’s going to be sufficient proof of intent. And then the question becomes, what’s the impact of- of such an indictment? I’m an institutionalist. My initial thought was not to indict the former president out of concern of what- how divisive it would be. But given what we have learned, I think that he probably has to be held accountable.

So far, AG Garland has remained tight-lipped over plans to indict the former president.

  1. This from the worst AG in history even worse than Garland who is a corrupt idiot. Hey Eric, why don’t you go to Mexico and get our guns back. Why aren’t you in prison for aiding and abetting in the murder of a ICE officer. You’re just another Deep State Anti American Socialist.

  2. Indict for what?? January 6 was an actual peaceful protest. How about going after the insurrection of the Supreme Court after not getting their way about Roe v Wade?

  3. and yet everyone is fine with pelosi calling for supreme court judges to be attacked over the leaked memo.

  4. Some one should tell holder that his wanting to bring gitmo terrorist to conus. That’s the continent of the United States was a bigger crime then his IMAGINARY CRIME SUPPOSEDLY DONE BY TRUMP. One, Trump was speaking while with nancy pelosi and bowsers blessing, Jerry nadlers antifa squad were rioting. The so called second impeachment was ” the dems wanting ability to punish Trump for the nancy bowers orchestrated riot”. Trump was found INNOCENT. Most of the people with Trump gear on put that clothing on while squatting in the bushes. There is video they showed up and retrieved the clothing hidden under bush’s. Just like they hid weapons during the riots. And lets not forget that the dems literally have 100s of americans locked up in unsanitary and dangerous jail cells 24/7 litereally causing some to suffer life threatening illnesses over this. And yet that’s okay. But the terrorists who hit us on 9/11 who’s only wanting needs was to stand on our soil and look us in the eye while they kill us. Holder in his arrogant treasonous way says “ok”. bring them to NY. And worse. The dems want to and have been secretly closing gitmo forcing our people to keep arresting and releasing the enemy. We had intel on Bush watch that showed. Clinton and dems knew 9/11 was coming and said nothing. Dems knew that radicals were in south american learning out to look, act and sound like latinos so they can infiltrate for their next hit. And since dems have literally allowed millions thru the southern border. It’s only shear luck we having been. But to make sure we don’t stop the next one. Biden literally used a military plane to fly thousands here, praising his ability to flood the nation with radicals. And now he wants cities like mine whom have been recieving thousands of TOTALLY UNWANTED ILLEGAL INVADERS. WE ARE FLOODED WITH THEM AND THEY ARE UPSETTING OUR SCHOOLS WITH DEMANDS THE TEACHER TEACH THEM WHAT THEY WANT. THEIR LANGUAGE TO OUR KIDS AND THEIR WANTS AND NEEDS, NO ASSIMILATION. BIDEN WANTS TO FORCE THROUGH THOSE TALIBAN SUPPORTERS INTO THE CITIZENSHIP ROLE SO THEY CAN BE DUMPED NATIONWIDE TO SET UP THE NEXT CELLS AND AFFECT VOTING. HELP THE ANTI AMERICAN SQUAD AND THEIR DNC MARFIA GROUP TO DESTROY OUR NATION. IT WONT GET BETTER UNTIL WE RID THE NATION OF THE DNC. DEMS HAVEN’T BEEN A POLITICAL PARTY SINCE CLINTONS. THEY ARE NOTHING MORE THEN A GROUP OF CORRUPTED BAD LAWYERS DOING THE BIDING OF TERRORISTS FACIST GROUPS LIKE JERRY NADLERS ANTIFA, AND THE BLACK LYING MARXISTS THAT USED THE BLACK COMMUNITY TO MAKE THEMSELVES RICH ELITE VOICES OF HATE.

  5. I’d say that both Holder and Obama should be indicted for “Accessory to Murder of an LEO”, since they are responsible for the murderer of a Border Patrol Officer getting the weapon. Anyone else that supplied a weapon to a murderer would be charged, why not these two? (Oh, ya, they are Democrats.)

    Besides there was no “insurrection” in Jan 2021, that happened in Nov 2020.

  6. If anyone should be indicted it is Holder himself. He was the Bum’s errand boy. Corrupt as hell. Lied numerous times to congress. Politicized all 3 letter government agencies. The list is too numerous to mention. He is even more crooked than Crooked Hillary Clinton!


  8. Prior to any of that type of evil wishful thinking, Holder needs to be reminded that his participation and formation of the “Fast and Furious” was, in fact, outright Treason against the US. Treason has no statute of limitations. His part in that evil plan is clear and easily proven crime for which Holder should still be INDICITED and held accountable. President Trump did not take part in the peoples march on the capitol, and in fact there is no grounds to call it an insurrection or attempt to take over the government. It was a peaceful protest that turned violent when after Capitol police invited people in, and then stated beating them and shooting them without provocation.

  9. There is only one problem with this story! Eric holder is in Gitmo or busy fertilizing the ground!

  10. Eric Holder is a disgraced gun runner. He should be indicted for treason and executed. This organized Obama Crime Family member should be showed the same treatment as the law enforcement members that were slain due to his criminal activity.

  11. That ugly murdering pig Holder should be in prison and he is the one who will be going down! How nervy these democrat mongrels are!! That thing is dirty criminal that Obama who is another P0S criminal pardoned him in order to engage in more criminal activity!! He can go pound sand because Almighty God will stop him and all the others, and the real president who is DONALD J TRUMP will be reinstated and all the rest will be charged with treason!!!!!


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