Judge Spares Clinton Team in Sussmann Ruling

Hillary Clinton via Gage Skidmore Flickr

U.S. District Court Judge Christopher Cooper turned down a request from Special Counsel John Durham for a ruling that a lawyer facing trial on a false statement charge as part of a wide-ranging “joint venture” involving Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Democrat operatives, and Fusion GPS.

Judge Cooper’s ruling limits evidence and testimony prosecutors can offer against attorney Michael Sussmann at a jury trial scheduled to begin later this month.

Politico reports:

The ruling spares the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee the potential embarrassment of a federal judge finding they were part of a coordinated effort to level since-discredited allegations that candidate Donald Trump or his allies maintained a data link from Trump Tower to Russia’s Alfa Bank. The Clinton campaign disseminated that claim amid a broader effort to call out Trump’s ties to Russia at a time when U.S. intelligence agencies had revealed efforts by the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 election.

Sussmann whose firm at the time, Perkins Coie, represented Hillary’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee has been charged with lying to the FBI in September 2016, when he approached the bureau’s top lawyer James Baker with what he described as evidence of links between Trump Tower and Russia’s Alfa Bank.

Prosecutors say Sussmann presented his tip to Baker as simply a good-faith attempt to protect national security, when he was actually acting on behalf of the campaign and tech researchers he represented. Cooper said that permitting prosecutors to lay out evidence of such a broad, political conspiracy would amount to a “time-consuming and largely unnecessary mini-trial,” considering Durham has not charged Sussmann with conspiracy but only with a “narrow” false statement to the FBI.

In Sussmann’s case, prosecutors asked Cooper to rule in advance of trial that Sussmann was “acting in concert toward a common goal” with the pro-Clinton operatives, researchers and others. Such a ruling would have given the government attorneys more latitude to introduce emails against Sussmann, but the judge said the scope and membership of the alleged anti-Trump venture was too uncertain to make such a finding.

“The Court will exercise its discretion not to engage in the kind of extensive evidentiary analysis that would be required to find that such a joint venture existed, and who may have joined it,” wrote Cooper, an appointee of former President Barack Obama. “While the Special Counsel has proffered some evidence of a collective effort to disseminate the purported link between Trump and Alfa Bank to the press and others, the contours of this venture and its participants are not entirely obvious.”

He said attempting to link Sussmann to the conspiracy when he isn’t charged with it would “essentially amount to a second trial on a non-crime.”

Sussmann is one of three people charged by Durham since he began his probe. The others are Kevin Clinesmith, who pleaded guilty to doctoring emails used to justify a surveillance warrant against Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page, and Igor Danchenko, the primary source behind former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump “dossier.”

    1. Yes it is. Anyone surprised by his ruling???
      Not me. Look who appointed him?
      The left has these radical judges on speed dial.


  2. Again Teflon Clinton is beyond being accountable!!! When will this ever change so she
    IS held accountable & not always above the law?? Until this happens she will never
    be held accountable and she can do anything knowing she is Teflon!!! Sad state!!!!

    1. Until the gatekeepers(politicians) do their duty as they were hired to do by the PEOPLE of this country we will not see justice prevail. A quote,”where there is no law, there is no liberty, that issue is unavoidably obvious. We have the sanctity of our vote which has been defiled in various ways by the communists(foreign and domestic) and we have no outcry, no file of gatekeepers questioning how this happened. We have a small vanguard of politicians on the conservative side, MTG, Gaetz, Boebert,
      Cruz, Paul, etc….who will hold the line and bear the consequences of their words and actions. We have the communists in rank and file attacking all that is American and attempting to burn down the fabric of our society which has been woven at the great price of the lives of the sons and daughters of this great nation. It has always created a dilemma in my mind that if “you” are so miserable, so angry, so incapable of appreciating what exists within the borders of this United States, there are countries to the north and to the south of our borders that you can migrate to. Disturbing that Mexico has much more oppressive laws regarding your illegal immigration, and Canada is not quite standing there with open arms to allow your illegal migration. But, you can apply and wait in line in accordance to their laws. Should you have the wherewithal to journey further south you may run into the utopias of venezuela, peru, chili, and cuba
      The domestic communist can call for insurrection, for violence, for attacks against institutions of this country and the RINO politicians throw a cloak over their face and bury their head in the sand. I vividly recall, shumer, waters, pezlosi, …etc calling for destruction of the country and its institutions, yet no discussion is made by the rank and file of the gatekeepers. Crime is up, inflation is up, joblessness is going up, commodities we procure to feed and clothes our families is up, energy needs to fulfill our duties to employment and family are up, interest rates are going up and a dithering, liver spotted old guy that is being schooled as to what to say and do is the sock puppet of the domestic communists.
      God help and Bless this country

  3. An Obama Appointee … that’s when I stopped reading the article. The swamp wins another one.

  4. Really sick of the murdering sob’s getting away with there crap LOOK i am for the rule of law but it seems broken.. Like I been say we have been infiltrated on every dam level in this country

  5. I have ZERO faith in our judicial system. Justice appears to be how much you can pay. Guilty as sin, they walk away without even a slap on the hand. I can’t speak for everyone, but everyone I know is tired of the corruption in our government and all that influence it. Long story short, we’ll never see these people in prison because they are all corrupt with no exceptions.



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