Biden’s Job Approval Is Underwater In All But Four States

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Things have gone from bad to worse for President Joe Biden. A new Civiqs poll showed that Biden’s job approval sits at just 36%, compared to 54% who disapprove. The poll also found that Biden is seeing a positive net approval rating in just four states: Vermont, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Hawaii.

The Daily Wire reports:

Biden’s approval is underwater among every age group as well, the poll found. Among 18-34 year-olds, Biden’s approval is underwater by a massive 29 percentage points. His approval rating sits at just 27%, compared to 56% who disapprove. Among 35-48 year-olds, Biden faces a net disapproval of 20 points; just 34% of voters approve of Biden, while 54% disapprove. Biden is 16 points behind with 50-64 year-olds, at 39% approval and 55% disapproval. Biden fares best among 65+ voters, but is still 11 points underwater, with 42% approval compared to 53% disapproval.

Biden is also at a net disapproval rating with every education category in Civiqs’s poll. Non-college graduate voters disapprove of Biden by a 21-point margin: 34% approval, 55% disapproval. College graduates disapprove by a slightly lower 18-point margin: 37% approval, 55% disapproval. Voters with postgraduate degrees disapproved of Biden by just 5 points, 43%-48%.

Breaking down by race and gender, Biden is also in trouble. A massive 62% of male voters disapprove of Biden, while just 30% approve. Biden is also underwater with women, with 40% of women approving and 48% disapproving. White voters also overwhelmingly disapprove of Biden’s job performance: 63% of white voters disapproved, while just 29% approved. Biden’s approval was strong among black voters, with 65% approval and 18% disapproval. At the same time, he was barely above water with Hispanics, who approved of Biden by a razor-thin 2-point margin, 45%-43%. Voters of “other” races disapproved of Biden by 11 points, 39%-50%

Biden’s approval is in the 40s in 11 states, in the 30s in another 17 states, and all the way down in the 20s in 16 states. In two states, West Virginia and Wyoming, Biden’s approval sits at an abysmal 19%. Just four states approve of Biden. In Hawaii, 51% of voters approve of Biden, while 38% disapprove; in Maryland, Biden is barely above water, 45%-43%; in Massachusetts, Biden is ahead 47%-41%; and in Vermont, Biden is ahead 49%-38%. Critically, Biden is underwater in battleground states with competitive elections that may determine the fate of the U.S. Senate: his approval in Arizona is 24 points in the negative, 34% approval to 58% disapproval; 24 points negative in Georgia, 32%-57%; 26 points in Nevada, 33%-58%; 4 points in New Hampshire, 44%-48%; 20 points in Pennsylvania, 35%-55%; and 17 points in Wisconsin, 38%-55%.

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14 days ago

Biden deserves every bit of the blame for trying to destroy our nation but you should include Obama, its obvious to see his finger prints all over the moves made. . .He had 8 long unbearable years to destroy the US, Donald Trump corrected the move back up in 6 months and had us really working again. Now Obama, having Biden to hide behind, is trying to do even more to kill our country than he did before. But we are awake and rapidly learning the Dems. cannot be trusted and need to be eliminated as a party !

Leo Grenier
Leo Grenier
13 days ago
Reply to  Bill

But have voters really woken up? It seems like every time we seem to have learned our lesson, we fall back into the liberal trap. Although, I really believe the last election was actually stolen.

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