‘Too Broad’ Democrat Senator to Oppose Bill Ensuring Abortion Access

Joe Manchin Speaks at Governor Hogan's Press Conference about infrastructure by Steve Kwak via Wikimedia Commons

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin signaled he would vote against Democrats’ bill to guarantee abortion access nationwide. The West Virginia Democrat, who is no stranger to opposing his own party’s wishes, indicated the bill is too broad for him to vote yes.

The Hill reports:

“We’re going to be voting for a piece of legislation that I will not be voting for today,” Manchin told reporters.

The revised bill would still prevent governments from limiting a healthcare provider’s ability to prescribe certain drugs or from providing immediate abortion services if a delay would risk a patient’s health, according to the Congressional Research Service.

The bill also prevents governments from being able to require that a patient make “medically unnecessary in-person visits” before an abortion, and would also prevent the government from requiring patients to disclose why they are seeking an abortion.

The bill also broadly would prevent governments from enacting laws that would create similar limits or that “singles out the provision of abortion services, health care providers who provide abortion services, or facilities in which abortion services are provided” and “impedes access to abortion services.”

“But I would vote for a Roe v. Wade codification if it was today. I was hopeful for that but I found out yesterday in caucus that that wasn’t going to be,” Manchin added.


  2. The fact that it won’t pass will allow a bunch of pandering spaghetti spines to cast a totally meaningless vote so Chuck can say he tried. He tried to not discuss the extreme measures that would be empowered.

    1. 70+++ million unborn babies were/are murdered on his watch. he will be watching those precious souls looking down on him while tormenting in the eternal fire and brimstones along with this Palefaceloser and the rest of the demorat party butchers hired by Planned Parenthood butcher shops.

    1. Well, he DOES still support the killing of babies; just with some restrictions. Compared to 99% of dems he’s got common sense and integrity, but he’s not opposed to baby murder.

  3. Well pin a rose on his nose but he is still defying God’s commandment Thou shalt no kill. No place in our Constitution allows you to kill a child you don’t want. Roe verses Wade will go back to the states and they will make up the laws as we the people see fit but I hope they will make some law to call it murder after the child
    Is born.

  4. So, I want to know what they hell the last 40 year some years were about over Roe Vs Wade if the Senate today just decides we are making aborting legal? Why didn’t they do that years ago? What fucking Kabuki show!!! It never was about the “womans right to chos”. Roe V Wade was about pandering and votes and division.. Americans are getting played all the time. STOP BEING PLAYED!

  5. The problem with the Senate and Congress is that Planned Parenthood, bribe, threaten , cajole members to do as they please. Planned Parenthood pays them off as do other special interest groups The system stinks 🙂

  6. When is someone going to find enough courage to propose a “Heels in the Air” Policy to prevent another 62 million babies to be murdered?


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