Jan. 6 Panel Says It Has More on Trump Than ‘Incitement’

Gage Skidmore via Flickr

House Select Committee member Jamie Raskin says the panel has found evidence on former President Trump that supports “a lot more than incitement.” Raskin’s comments come days ahead of the panel’s first scheduled public hearing on Thursday which members say will lay out information regarding individuals who played a role in the Capitol attack — including President Trump.

The Hill reports:

“The select committee has found evidence about a lot more than incitement here, and we’re gonna be laying out the evidence about all of the actors who were pivotal to what took place on Jan. 6,” Raskin said during an interview with Washington Post Live.

The Thursday hearing will reportedly reveal new material and witness testimony from the investigation which has largely taken part behind the scenes.

Raskin on Monday told The Washington Post Live that this week’s hearing will “tell the story of a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 presidential election and block the transfer of power.”

Asked if Trump is at the center of that conspiracy, Raskin said “I think that Donald Trump and the White House were at the center of these events.”

“That’s the only way really of making sense of them all,” he added.

However, Raskin noted that “people are going to have to make judgments themselves about the relative role that different people played.”

  1. I would’t trust Raskin, or most of the other witch-hunt members, with my dog. They are wasting their time hating Trump.

  2. When Pelosi loses her Speaker’s position and the Democrats lose their seats, the Republican needs to began and continue to start dwelling in her reign as to all the shenanigans she has pulled off and also how she has become a multi millionaire while she was in office. Surely I would believe that she had information on stocks before they were opened to the people. She is a sorry human being and needs to be ex-communicated from the Catholic Church and be jailed for her under the table stock market trading.

    1. pelosi= the hairy one, (thats the translation of her name in italian) and she is a hairy demon, needs to be emovd and buried as speaker. together with many other azzparty and rino followers.

  3. Right, these low class jerks lie so much they would not know the truth if it bit them on the butt. They have a habit of changing things to suit their brain dead daydreams. Hoping and praying the REAL Republicans take everything in the 2022 election. Hope Trump sues these classless DEMs for everything they have for the hell they have put him through. Dear President Trump stand tall and don’t back down. You are about all we have between America and Democratic HELL! God bless you and keep you safe.

  4. I’m sure it will be eaten up by a chosen judge and jury just like the Durham trial. Is there every a just trial in the Federal Courts in DC?

  5. A crock if Shiite!! Two years of investigation and you had Nill, unless you’re talking about Pelosi’s involvement with the Creatures of Aunt Teefa.😂😂

  6. because after nov it is our turn to headhunt the crooked demorat party investigation into this whole mess of joe being installed

  7. Once these ass holes lose their power in Jan 23 then the shoe will be on the other foot, and they will be investigated for their roles on Jan 6.

    1. It hasn’t worked that way in the past. Did we hold Obama and Hillary accountable in 2016? No. Did we hold Eric Holder or Mueller accountable for the Uranium 1 scandal? No.

      If the GOP takes both houses of Congress, Democrats will immediately begin singing the “Let’s Get Along (by doing what we want)” mantra — and Republicans “wishing to show good faith” will go right along. I’m 74 and sick of watching this cycle for decades. Democrats mess things up (Carter, Clinton, Obama) and then Republicans have to work hard to clean up their mess (Reagan, Gingrich and then Bush, Trump) while being attacked 24/7 by Democrats who **never go along to get along**. Things improve under the GOP and then the nation elects Democrats (for drug using, kinky sex, and baby killing) who (as in Biden’s case) destroy in months what Trump put in place.

      I can only hope the “new” Republicans will hold Schiff, Nadler, Raskin, et al accountable for their endless lies — but I will not hold my breath. The Socialists have infected the media, entertainment, education, and the Deep State with their allies. It will take a Trump to change things, but Republicans are too afraid of his mean tweets to fully support him.

  8. marxist propaganda wth the intention to smear, dscredit and destroy the greatest president in US history!


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