Feds Seize Data From Retired Four Star General Working in Liberal Think Tank

André Gustavo Stumpf via(https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/) Flickr

The FBI reportedly seized the electronic data from a retired four-star U.S. general who now works at a leftist think tank for allegedly making false statements to authorities and withholding documents that implicated himself in an illegal Qatari foreign lobbying scheme.

The Daily Wire reports:

“New federal court filings obtained Tuesday outlined a potential criminal case against former Marine Gen. John R. Allen, who led U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan before being tapped in 2017 to lead the influential Brookings Institution,” the Associated Press reported. “It’s part of an expanding investigation that has ensnared Richard G. Olson, a former ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan who pleaded guilty to federal charges last week, and Imaad Zuberi, a prolific political donor now serving a 12-year prison sentence on corruption charges.”

FBI agent Babak Adib wrote in the application to obtain a search warrant that there was “substantial evidence” that Allen, who spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2016, made “willful” “violations” of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Feds say that Allen gave a “false version of events” about his work for Qatar and that he failed to turn over relevant documents after he was subpoenaed by a grand jury.

“Allen declined to comment on the new filings,” the report said. “He has previously denied ever working as a Qatari agent and said his efforts on Qatar in 2017 were motivated to prevent a war from breaking out in the Gulf that would put U.S. troops at risk.”

  1. Great Excuse. I did it to save US military lives.
    I think that 25 years is just about enough. For every lie they prove it is multiple years in prison. About time a liberal puke gets arrested. Must be VERY SERIOUS for one of the Dems agents to get arrested. Lets see if he is actually prosecuted and sentenced.
    No plea deals PLEASE!

  2. Brookings has been involved in anti-Trump behavior in the past yet they are considered “experts” by some “conservative” commentators.

  3. Why are there so many Muslim name associated in American Government, and some are serving prison terms, we need to ” mass deport”!!!

  4. He’s a “progressive” Democrat, so it is likely the charges will be dropped or he will only have to pay a small fine. The swamp is deep.

  5. Hmm, he must be a lower level treasonist, if the FBI is after him. It’s just the FBI trying to save face and make us think they are doing their job for freedom and law. There must be far worse players in the military if they choose this one to sacrifice for their communist cause.


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