San Fransisco Votes to Recall Soft-on-Crime District Attorney

Ryan Johnson via Wikipedia Commons

On Tuesday, San Fransisco voters recalled George Soros-backed district attorney Chesa Boudin.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Voters strongly endorsed ousting the reform-minded D.A. as partial returns showed about 60% of voters supporting the recall,” The Wall Street Journal reported. Since Boudin took office in January 2020 “burglaries have risen 45%” and “homicides have increased 37%.”

Boudin, who was backed by far-Left billionaire George Soros, claimed that he embarrassing defeat was really a victory, saying, “We have already won because we have redefined the way people think about the role of the district attorney’s office.”

After the vote was officially tallied, Boundin released a bitter message blaming “right-wing billionaires” for the recall effort.

“People are angry, they’re frustrated, and I want to be very clear about what happened tonight: The right-wing billionaires outspent us three to one, they exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset, and they created an electoral dynamic where we were literally shadowboxing,” Boudin said. “Voters were not given an opportunity to choose between criminal justice reform and something else. They were given an opportunity to voice their frustrations and their outrage and they took that opportunity.”

One of Boudin’s first moves after being elected with just over 50% of the vote was to eliminate cash bail for suspects. He also had directed his department to refuse to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, prosecuted fewer shoplifters, and in March of 2021, he dismissed the killing of an 84-year-old Thai immigrant as a “sort of temper tantrum” gone bad.


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