It’s Official: Key Results from Tuesdays Primaries

Carl Mikoy from New York, USA, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Alabama, Virginia, and Georgia all had their primaries yesterday and there were some interesting results from America’s biggest races. Some incumbents lost their primaries and some races have offered new insight into national trends. These were tough battles for some and walks in the park for others. 

Here are the results from the major races yesterday: 

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3 months ago

False statement all Pro Trump candidates lost.

Michael Reisig
Michael Reisig
3 months ago

Up to just recently I have considered this news venue one of my favorites for solid, timely information. But, if you continue to use this aggravating news/advertising approach (Forcing your readers to go “THE NEXT PAGE” for simple information that should be all on one or two pages), I will find another news venue. When advertising becomes more important that timely information, you are no longer doing your customers a service. You’re just a billboard.

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