Report: DeSantis is the Leading Candidate Amongst Undecided Voters

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As Republicans maintain focus on winning back Congress this November more conservatives are looking even further ahead to the next presidential election and who might be the prime Republican to lead the GOP back to the White House. It’s no secret that Donald Trump is seriously considering a third presidential run in 2024 but after a heartbreaking loss in 2020 and a subsequent riot which Democrats now use as ammunition against the right, some conservatives say it’s time for the party to look forward–and beyond Trump.

The current favorite to become the 2024 Republican nominee if Trump doesn’t launch a campaign is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis–whose political popularity was boosted by Trump himself when the former President endorsed the then-Congressman to run for governor.

DeSantis’s bold leadership throughout the Covid-19 pandemic coupled with his conservative values have helped make him a household name and a figure impossible to ignore when discussing the next presidential election. The Florida Republican is one of the few presidential contenders that has said he has no intention of basing his political plans on Trump’s future and has even refused to ask Trump for an endorsement for his gubernatorial re-election campaign.

DeSantis has repeatedly said he is solely focused on his re-election campaign but his calculated decisions to seemingly distance himself from Trump could indicate his desire to set himself apart as a leader in his own right, as opposed to a politician piggy-backing on Trump’s success.

While Trump still remains the top Republican contender amongst a pool of hypothetical candidates according to nearly all polls a recent study shows that undecided Republicans are leaning towards DeSantis. Impact Social analyzed the online and social media discussion in relation to Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump among swing voters from June 1 to June 14, 2022.

“To them, he is the rightful heir and suggest the former president step aside and allow the younger man to run the gauntlet,” the analysis said of the majority of surveyed voters.

The report noted that while Trump’s name is undoubtedly more notorious and has a larger presence on social media than DeSantis, much of the content associated with Trump attracts more negative sentiments.

“[Trump’s] time has come and gone. He carries too much baggage, he’s too impulsive in his communication style. He would be 79 and so many still hate him, they would vote for anyone over him,” Tawn Ulbrich Otrhalek, a retired mom who describes herself as both Christian and conservative, told The Epoch Times.

“DeSantis, on the other hand is a rising star. He’s younger, and what he’s done and is doing for Florida pre- and post-pandemic is what he would do for the rest of the country if he were president,” she continued.

  1. Trump is the man. I like DeSantos but his business sense is NOT Trumps. He needs to do some training under Trump for a few years. Better yet someone already has (Donald Trump JR)

    1. I disagree…DeSantis has proven himself time and again…He’s Intelligent , a fast learner, and a true success story regarding hard work…He knows about socialism first hand …His business sense has brought big tech and successful entity’s to Florida….I believe he will be extremely hard to replace in Florida…The policy’s he has enacted here will work U.S. wide…Here is the problem for any good conservative that may be elected…He or she will be attacked a vilified from day one…It doesn’t have to be Trump…DeSantis already has a bullseye on his back…He’s painted has a bigot and gay basher…There laying the groundwork to attack….The great thing about DeSantis is he can keep his cool and make the others look like the fools…God bless DeSantis and his family…

      1. DeSantis will do everything that Trump would do with much less noise. He will also take on social issues that Trump would ignore. The biggest factor in his favor is that he can serve eight years while Trump is limited to one term. Eight years of conservative judges instead of four. It would take the Democrats fifty years to recover if ever.

  2. I’m a moderate conservative Republican who loves Ron DeSantis and would much prefer him to Trump. Trump’s personality including his ego are characteristics I don’t admire. I feel strongly that our party needs someone new and I firmly believe Ron DeSantis is that person judging by how he has handled the state of Florida. His strength, maturity and intelligence are badly needed.

    1. I want Trump to win the first four years just to stick it to the Democrats and their Jan 6 Inquisition. All the crap the Democrats put Trump through the since the day he was inaugurated, he deserves his revenge.

  3. Beware of Establishment Republicans who are pushing DeSantis just in order to get rid of Trump. DeSantis has never run a national campaign much less get the highest and second-highest number of votes as a Republican for President in American history.

  4. This is just fake news and dark money just trying to divide the GOP. The ticket is TRUMP-DeSantis 100%

  5. I LOVE Ron DeSantis – as Governor of my state of Florida. If we lose him to POTUS, Florida will go to hell. I don’t want Ron to stop being our Governor until he has to leave.

  6. Fact is if not for TRUMP! The government would be the same corrupt BS capital of the world! Where money goes to disappear! And lies will be fed to the brainwashed to swallow! And if anybody questions them ? Well the equally corrupt media will be quick to label it as CONSPIRACY! What we are seeing now is just another robbery of America! Biden is already missing 461 billion. Nobody believes he won anything as he can’t even draw a crowd today being the president! The Democrats spent millions to not allow anybody checking what they did! Really not the act of those claiming they didn’t cheat! And lets not forget their last DIABOLT voting machines that changed the count on command ! And who owns that corrupt company ???? Well DOMINION! What a surprise and they are doing their best to not let anybody check their machines and what they did! Again not the act of someone claiming they didn’t cheat! The problem is the corrupt courts don’t want anybody checking either! Maybe we shouldn’t ask! As those machines are our not theirs! Government seems to keep forgetting that fact and where they get their power from! One day they won’t ask and many in government will be exposed as the cheaters they are! And it won’t be the first time it happened in America! Check out the battle of Athens! When America didn’t listen to government and the people were right the government was cheating! THOSE THAT IGNORE HISTORY ARE DOMED TO REPEAT IT!

  7. Trump’s too old! And is radioactive to much of the population and could jeopardize the Rep majority to be gained in the mid-terms. He can serve only 1 term, but it will take 2 terms to clean up Joe’s mess he leaves behind. De Santis and Arizona’s Doug Ducey are just as conservative and are younger and have plenty of success in their histories. Trump, you’ve had your chance, now step aside and let someone else carry the message. Note: I voted for DJT twice, but only if I must, will I again vote for him

  8. I would vote for DeSantis.
    Trump should become Speaker of the house first and then after impeaching Biden Harris fill out the term as President

  9. I will vote for trump but I prefer DeSantis only because to many people hate trump bad press for six years republicans must win at al cost 12 years in the presidential elections to defeat the socialist Marxist corrupt anti America democrat party 🇺🇸👍🏻🙏

  10. Well, Trump backed 12 Candidates and they all won. 12-0 for Prez Trump. Not one Dem candidate asked JoeBama for his endorsement.

  11. Trump 2024/28, DeSantis the next eight years. He’s still young and has plenty of time. 12 years should be time enough for two experienced men to right the wrongs inflicted on the Republic by the Socialist Democrats and the Biden disaster.

  12. While some may consider a Trump-DeSantis ticket next to unbeatable (and it probably would be), there is just one small hitch. The Constitution requires that the president and vice president be from different states, thus making such a ticket impossible. But either one as Secretary of State or Attorney General, or even an appointee to the Supreme Court, would be possible.

  13. I see the story eventually gets around to saying, “If Trump Doesn’t run.” Tawn seems to be more RINO in nature. The 2020 election stole the Office from the People and Prez Trump. Trump should take his rightful place and serve his term to the end.


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