Here Are The Democrats Who Could Replace Biden in 2024

President Biden has not been doing all that well as of late. Poll numbers are down, gas is $5 a gallon, and many DEMOCRATS fail to point out any accomplishments. Republicans are poised to win big not just this year, but in 2024 so long as things keep up at this pace. With all that in mind, it might not be hard to understand that some Democrats want to see Biden replaced with a better candidate.

A poll conducted by Hill-HarrisX ran back in November gave us some interesting insights into who Democrats would pick over Biden. Sadly, things might have actually grown worse for Biden since then and experts say that issues like the economy are not going to help Biden’s cause anytime soon. 

Here are just a handful of options that Democrats think would do better than Biden:

  1. WOW that was all the dumbocraps had that’s why we got stuck with the bottom of the barrel obiden and the dumbos can’t understand why their losers AGAIN! INFLATION INFLATION INFLATION is obiden!

  2. No one has said anything about going long form. The Feds & States taxes get 25 % of whatever I do. Right now I can take the costs of business trips and gas off my taxes. Wouldnt this create a storm so big? The political squirrels would be chasing their own nuts. Ask your tax consultant or a friend who has one. Wouldnt this be great if the price of fuel gets blown back in their faces? This is all for show and the Saudis are laughing at Brainless Beseeched Beserk Biden.


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