Biden Says American Will Suffer at the Gas Pump for ‘As Long as It Takes’

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Hoping those record gas prices will go down soon? Don’t hold your breath.

On Thursday, President Biden said that it was fair for Americans to expect to have to pay record-high gas prices for “as long as it takes” for Russia to be defeated in Ukraine, ignoring the fact gas prices were steadily climbing prior to the invasion.

The President made the remarks to reporters during a brief question and answer session while in Madrid at a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit.

The Daily Wire reports:

“The war has pushed prices up,” a reporter said. “They could go as high as $200 a barrel, some analysts think.”

“How long is it fair to expect American drivers and drivers around the world to pay that premium for this war?” the reporter asked.

“As long as it takes,” Biden responded, “so Russia cannot in fact defeat Ukraine and move beyond Ukraine. This is a critical, critical position for the world. Here we are. Why do we have NATO? I told Putin that in fact, if he were to move, we would move to strengthen NATO. We would move to strengthen NATO across the board.”

  1. So sick of Joe Biden, The American people need to drag Joe Biden out of our White House and let real winner of the 2020 eletion Donald J Trump be our president

  2. Why don’t you just resign…that would not take any time at all!!! This country would be
    much better off!!! Back to the basement creating many happy Americans!!! Short and
    to the point…..

  3. This man, our illegal president of the United States Joe Biden, is scary and mentally brain dead. He has no understanding of what the heck is going on and is being manipulated by unknown persons in the white house. If this continues, we will no longer be a country and we will enter into a civil war unless his handlers are deleted. This is not the American president he is a Trojan horse who, so far has managed to destroy this country. We need to have this man removed from office before we end up with a world War again.

  4. White House adviser claims high gas prices necessary for ‘future of the liberal world order’ The WW 11 german high command talked like that, America does not need these anti-American people in near or around our government,this is not free speech in action but the power crazed democrats trying to hold on to power even thou they fxxx everythig up and can’t control their greed or corruption. Democrats can’t govern, look no further then biden and that team of total fxxx ups he has in office.Reply

  5. Since Putin has little to do with the price of gas amd Biden’s desire to make gas as expensive as possible for his new world order what will his excuse be six mo after the war in Ukraine is over and the price is still high?

  6. Maybe I am wrong, but I was always under the impression that insider trading was against the law! Does no one remember the Biden family, Hunter, and Joe making multi-million deals with Ukraine, Russia, and China oil companies? But then I guess the Biden criminal family would not shut down domestic oil for financial gain! Or would they?

  7. “As long as it takes,” Biden responded. Actually this agenda was started long before Russia invade Ukraine with the idea of “forcing” citizens to buy into his electric cars plan. Hey, there’s billions to be made to help pay for very important charity work being done by others.
    Personally, I think I will leave the rat race, find 5 to 1o acres and go back to riding a horse. I would sell to the government what horses do best but they are already full of it.

  8. It was because you stopped the Keystone pipeline immediately upon taking office. Not Russia. Idiocy reigns supreme in the White House.

  9. Or the new liberal world order takes hold or Americans, except for the privileged libs, decide to longer own cars that use gas


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